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Using TCM to treat eczema


Using TCM to treat eczema

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Eczema is caused by skin diseases characterized by various skin lesions.

Multi-line endowment is intolerant, liver and spleen are dilute and hot, re-feeling wind evil, rheumatic fever and evil spirits, immersed in skin.

It is characterized by lesion pleomorphism, ulcerative itching, crusting, chronic course and easy recurrence.

Eczema is an inflammatory reaction of the skin caused by a variety of complex internal and external factors with pleomorphic skin lesions and leakage. It can occur in any part of the site. Eczema in some parts of the common eczema has ear eczema.Eczema, breast eczema, anal genital eczema, calf eczema, etc.

Eczema is classified into acute, subacute and chronic according to the characteristics of skin lesions.

Acute eczema: skin lesions can be seen erythema, papules, papules, herpes, exudation and scarring; unclear boundaries, multiple symmetric distribution; skin water loss, skin oil secretion reduced dryness, fine cracks in the epidermis and stratum corneum, skin presentLight red, the red part of the crack is more obvious, called crack eczema.

Subacute eczema: skin lesions are mainly papules, sputum sputum, a few have papules, small blisters, erosion and mild infiltration.

Chronic eczema: The skin lesions are hypertrophic and invasive, with a dry surface, a small amount of desquamation, scratches and blood stasis, and clear boundaries.

Topical drugs: Ding sputum syrup, Ma Yinglong scented acne cream, paeonol ointment, Qinglan powder, burn skin lotion.

Ding Wei syrup composition: clove sputum, salicylic acid, peach leaf sputum, Chuanxiong, compound Kushen lotion.

Function: sterilization, anti-inflammatory, itching.

It is used for various skin blemishes, eczema, athlete’s foot and so on caused by skin infections.

Dosage: For external use, wash the affected area, apply 2 times a day?
3 times.

Ma Yinglong fragrant incense cream components: artificial musk, artificial bezoar, pearl, calcined calamine powder, borax, borneol, amber.

Excipients are yellow Vaseline, lanolin, dimethyl sulfoxide.

Function: heat and dampness, blood circulation and swelling, to saprophytic muscle.

For hemorrhoids caused by damp heat blockage, anal fissure, seeing stool bleeding, or pain, there is a sense of falling; also anal perithenic eczema.

Dosage: For external use, apply to the affected area.

Paeonol ointment ingredients: paeonol, clove oil.

Function: It is used for all kinds of skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, itchy skin, mosquito bites and redness. It is also used for perceptual rhinitis and prevention of colds.

Usage and dosage: topical, covering the affected area.

2 per day?
3 times.

A cold can be applied to the lower lip of the nose, and rhinitis is applied to the nasal cavity.

Qinglan powder ingredients: clam shell, green barley, gypsum, light powder, cork.

Function: insecticide, anti-inflammatory, soaking and itching.

It is used for skin sore, itching is unbearable, yellow water after breaking, ulceration pain, and healed for a long time.

Dosage: For external use, mix the pepper oil and mix thoroughly to spread the affected area.

Burns skin ingredients: mantle, knotweed, white and honeysuckle, berberine, borneol.

Function: heat and detoxification, convergence and pain relief, protect wounds.

For mild water, fire and scald, lice, eczema.

Dosage: For external use, shake the product thoroughly, use a sterile cotton ball to draw the liquid, and gently apply it to the cleaned wound or affected area, 3 times a day?
4 times.

After 3 days, no longer apply, let it heal.