07 Feb

Beijing enters central heating period, home is careful heating killer

Beijing enters central heating period, home is careful “heating killer”

“As soon as I wake up in the morning, my lips dry very badly.
“” You can’t stay in the room too much, otherwise you will feel dizzy and uncomfortable.
“. Beijing’s central heating has been going on for some time, and people staying in warm rooms have become more ill.
Experts say that indoor heating is open in winter, and people are prone to “heating diseases” such as irritability and dry nasopharynx.
In addition, some bad habits and behaviors also imply a health crisis, and people should be alert to the “heat killer”.
“Laying on the bed” is more and more harmful. The weather is getting colder and colder, and people have the feeling that they are more and more fond of bed.
However, if you want to have a healthy body, don’t rely on the trivial matter of bed.
Experts at the Beijing Emergency Center said that bed-laying can cause all sorts of bad consequences.
I like to stay in bed in winter, but I have no time to eat breakfast or miss it.
This behavior is not good for gastrointestinal function, and it is also one of the factors that cannot be ignored for gaining weight.
In addition, in winter, lying on the bed will also affect the excretory function of the human body, which can easily cause constipation.
In addition, going to bed early and getting up early and keeping the normal circadian pattern of human organs will make people energetic during the day and sleep peacefully at night.
If you stay in bed or sleep for too long, it is not good for your health and will affect the health of the urinary system: Some people like to stay in bed in winter and are unwilling to leave the warm bed and go to the toilet.Toxic substances are harmful to human health.
“No spirit” Don’t forget that since ventilation and heating, some people often feel uncomfortable and unconscious. This may be related to the high temperature of the heater and the lack of air circulation.
Experts say that in winter, if the indoor temperature is often maintained above 25 ° C, and the windows are not often opened for ventilation, people will be fatigued, dizzy, brain-swelled, mentally retarded, and have poor memory.
Experts said that the most pleasant indoor temperature and humidity are: winter temperature is 18 to 25 ℃, humidity is 30% to 80%.
If the influence of temperature and humidity on human thinking activities is taken into account, the most suitable room temperature should be 18 ° C, and the humidity should be 40% to 60%. At this time, the person’s mental state is good.
Experts say that people often feel dry in the heating house, and there are some small methods to adjust it at this time.
For example, raising a tank of fish will not only have more decoration, but also a little more humidity; the heating is too hot and often has the greatest impact on sleep. When you wake up, your mouth is dry and very uncomfortable. At this time, you choose to hang on the bedside.A wet towel, it worked very well.
Private heating pipelines or water pollution caused incidents of drinking water pollution due to illegal connection of heating pipelines and tap water pipelines in recent years.
The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health Supervision issued a reminder to remind the public that it is best not to modify the heating pipelines during home decoration, let alone connect heating water to tap water or install other heat exchange devices to avoid drinking water pollution.
According to reports, in order to facilitate the differentiation of heating water, some centralized heating units often add industrial dyes as indicators to the heating water, so that the heating water has a special color. For example, this heating water pollutes drinking water.Have a certain impact on physical health.
Therefore, heating units should use food coloring when selecting indicators.
Experts in the industry reminded citizens that if they found that drinking water in their homes appeared abnormal colors, odors, and abnormal temperature, they should promptly consult the water supply group hotline and call 12320 to complain to the health department.
Keep in mind that indoor carbon monoxide poisoning is cold in winter and people are not used to opening windows for ventilation after indoor heating.
As everyone knows, this habit also has potential safety risks. Under such circumstances, carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the use of water heaters occasionally occurs.
Accidents caused by improper use of domestic gas water heaters are distressing.
Water heaters produce nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide during combustion. If the bathroom is not well ventilated and a large amount of oxygen is consumed during combustion, people will be deprived of oxygen.
Insufficient gas combustion will produce more carbon monoxide and cause poisoning.
The public health department reminds the public to regularly overhaul stoves and water heaters; open doors and windows a little while bathing to allow air to circulate, and turn off the water heater after bathing; do not overheat for too long, appear dizziness and other symptoms, stop using immediately and open the door to convect fresh air.
If the patient is found to be in a coma, he should be removed from the poisoned environment, laid flat on the ground, resuscitated for those who have stopped heartbeat, and promptly dial 120.
Carbon monoxide alarms can also be installed at home, and regularly overhauled to ensure their safety and effectiveness.