27 Jan

Drugs that must be taken by the elderly

Drugs that must be taken by the elderly


Take medicine for your specific situation.

Diabetic coronary artery disease, hypertension, can expand the coronary artery according to their own conditions, such as Xiaoxintong tablets, nitroglycerin tablets, quick-acting rescue pills and antihypertensive drugs; ulcer patients can take stomach must cure; hypertensionPatients can take wheezing and amioda; other patients with diabetes can take Mbida or Xiaoke Pills.

Take appropriate measures to prevent the disease from getting worse or the old disease recurring.


Anti-sickness motion sickness medicine.

Usually easy to motion sickness, can take stomach Fu’an tablets, take the dizzy tablets, take it orally once every half hour before boarding the boat (one tablet at a time).

For long-distance travelers, you can add one to three to four hours after boarding the boat, and the effect is better.


Antipyretic analgesics.

Due to various reasons of tourism, there are often colds and colds, and it is bound to take the paracetamol tablets, go to the pain tablets and Yinqiao Jiedu tablets, and take them when the armor is cold.

In addition, the cool oil will also be brought. When there is a headache, it is applied to the double temple. The cool oil has the effect of cooling and detoxifying, relieving pain and refreshing the mind.

If bitten by a mosquito, the affected area is coated with a cool oil, and the effect is not bad.

  In addition, because the out-of-home diet is poor at home early, in order to prevent stomach diseases during travel, it can take berberine, fluoroantimonic acid tablets, cephalosporin capsules, etc., when the brakes are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.