17 May

[How to make sweet potato sago]_How to do_How to do

[How to make sweet potato sago]_How to do_How to do

Now more and more foreign foods appear in front of us, or when we travel abroad, we have to taste some local specialty foods.

Similu is a kind of dessert that will appear in many western restaurants. After many girls like it, because the flavor of simiru can change very well, the added similu made from different ingredients also shows differentColor is a temptation for many girls.

Ingredients: 200ml pure milk, 4 small iron spoons in sago, 50 sweet potatoes, 1 small spoon of honey, free sugar, suitable for your taste.

Production steps: Cook sago first.

Granules are crystal clear.

Take a piece of steamed sweet potatoes and cut into diced.

Pour the milk into a stainless steel pot and minimize the heat of the induction cooker (the soup option is sufficient).

Add a spoonful of honey and stir the sugar.

Add sago and sweet potatoes and stir gently for about one minute.

Replace in a cup or beautiful bowl.

The other method of sago dew is a material of 70g sago, 500ml of coconut juice, and the right amount of water. Put the right amount of water into the pot, and boil on high heat.

Add sago and cook for 10 minutes, stirring in the middle to prevent sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Slowly cook sago until 7 is ripe (only a small white dot remains in the middle).

Turn off and cover for 10 minutes.

Sago is fully cooked and transparent.

Rinse the gelatin with cold water, then rinse it again with cold water (this step is to remove raw water).

After pouring into a glass bottle, directly inject cold coconut juice, a family size, one cup per person, full of taste, sweet taste, and cool.

1 regular mango, 100 grams of sago, pour an appropriate amount of coconut juice into the pot, add sago after boiling, cook until a small white spot appears in the middle; turn off, cover with a piece of simmer for 20 minutes, waitAfter the rice is completely transparent, remove it and soak it in ice water. Take the flesh of the mango and cut it into small pieces; take an appropriate amount of sago into the cup; pour the previously refrigerated coconut juice;

Method three ingredients: one taro, about half a catty of edible rice, about 500c of coconut milk.

c, water is about 300c.

c, the right amount of sugar.

Production steps: Put the taro slices into the electricity and cook until they become soft.

Take out about 1/5 of the whole boiled taro and cut into taro dices of proper size for later use to increase the taste of sago.

Boil a pot of boiling water (note that it must be boiled) You can soak a bit of water before you put the risotto rice into the pot so that it is full of water before it is cooked through. After you add it to the pot, you need to keep stirring to prevent it from burning.

Put the boiled taro in the juice machine and break it, then pour it into the pot and add coconut milk or fresh milk. Drain the risotto and cook until it boils and add appropriate sugar.

Finally sprinkle the chopped spare taro to complete the delicious five-star sago.