09 Feb

Demystifying the underlying psychology of women who like chewing the tongue

Demystifying the underlying psychology of women who like chewing the tongue

There are always some people in life who like to gossip and play tricks. We call it the root of the tongue.

Many people take this as a leisure time.

The gossip in daily life plays a role in promoting one’s socialization, and the change is gradually infiltrated and influenced by social customs, customs, moral standards, and becomes a member accepted by society.

So, from a psychological point of view, why are some people so happy with “chewing tongue”?

  The first is the need for attention.

One of the basic characteristics of “chewing tongue” is excessive sharing of the secrets of third parties.

The two sides of interpersonal communication are opposed to each other, not everyone has the secrets of the “third party”, but the curiosity of the secrets of others’ lives is everyone’s nature.

If a person inquires from many parties and knows some truthful or false news from others, the content he or she often says can attract a lot of listeners and make himself the center of others’ attention.

Therefore, although the “chewing tongue” person is often in life and is not necessarily a successful person, he can fully enjoy being noticed and regarded as the feeling of grasping the secrets of others, which is also an unpleasant experience in real life.Kind of compensation.

  In fact, it is the need to release pressure.

Psychological research shows that if a person has too many secrets in his heart, then he needs corresponding mental energy to control these secrets, which is often uncomfortable, so there must be a need to talk.

Anyone who has seen the movie “Infernal Affairs” knows that Andy Lau and Tony Leung play undercover roles. Too many secrets in their hearts are difficult to dissolve, so that both people go to psychological counseling at the same time in the hope of resuming mediation.

For those who have mastered the secrets of others, it is also uncomfortable if they do not tell them, so they have adopted the method of “chewing the roots” to talk about these secrets, so as to release the pressure generated by the secrets.

  Finally, and most importantly, the need for intimate contact.

People live in the world, everyone is lonely, they all want to be recognized and accepted by others, and they have the desire for friendship.

Generally, the development of friendship will go through stages of joint activities, secret sharing, etc. In essence, the “chewing tongue” person hopes to borrow the secret means of sharing others to gain the growth of friendship with the listener and promote the relationship.

However, it should be noted that the secret sharing in the development of friendship includes both the secret sharing of others in the early stage and the further disclosure of their own secrets.

However, those who are willing to “chew the tongue”, although they also crave friendship, often stop at the stage of sharing the secrets of others, are good at sharing the secrets of others, but are unwilling to reveal their secrets. This is precisely the result of us.What you see in life is that the “chewing tongue” people even get friendship, which is also a shallow friendship. They can’t communicate with others more deeply. This is actually the distress of the “chewing tongue” people. There is no real life in their lives.friend.
  In life, a person who is willing to “chew the tongue” is often a person with a low degree of success in life, who desires friendship but has difficulty in obtaining true friendship.

Therefore, those who “chew the tongue” are advised to “sit and meditate often and talk nonsense about people and people.” People who play with right and wrong often smash their feet with stones.