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Can you eat gallbladder polyps?


Dietary principles of gallbladder polyps

Can you eat gallbladder polyps?
Dietary principles of gallbladder polyps

Can you eat gallbladder polyps?

Gallbladder polyps are caused by chronic inflammation. In addition to early surgery, you should pay attention to regular diet in the diet on weekdays. Do not eat greasy and high cholesterol foods.

Let’s take a look at what can’t be eaten with gallbladder polyps?

And what are the dietary principles.

Can you eat gallbladder polyps?

1, avoid alcohol.

Alcohol is mainly decomposed and detoxified in the body by the liver. Therefore, alcohol can directly damage liver function, cause liver and gallbladder dysfunction, and cause bile secretion and metastasis, thereby stimulating gallbladder to form new polyps and or increase the original polyps., increase the carcinogenesis coefficient of gallbladder polyps.

2, eat high feces, high cholesterol foods, such as egg yolk, caviar, animal liver, brain, intestines and so on.

Increased cholesterol in bile, easy to form cholesterol stones.

Vegetable oil can reduce cholesterol and initiate the conversion of free radicals into bile acids to prevent the formation of gallstones. Therefore, vegetable oil should be the main.

Deep-fried, fried foods are best not to eat, so as not to induce biliary colic.

Try to cook light, less oil, avoid frying, and frying.

3, reduce the high cellulose content, less slag diet, reduce the stimulation of digestion.

Dietary principles of gallbladder polyps 1, pay attention to ensure vitamin supply.

B vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and niacin, as well as vitamin C, play an important role in improving symptoms.

In addition to foods that choose these vitamins, you can also take a multivitamin preparation.

2, pay attention to the method of eating, enhance the color, aroma, taste, shape of food to promote appetite.

Avoid sulfuric acid, fried and other strong irritating foods, and limit foods with high nitrogen-containing extracts such as broth and chicken soup to reduce the cholesterol burden.

3, pay attention to ensure adequate speed supply, generally 8400 per day?
10500 kJ (2000?
2500 kcal) is more suitable.

High-metastatic therapy for hepatitis in the past is not advisable, because high-grade changes can improve clinical symptoms, but eventually lead to fatty liver, which in turn leads to worsening of the disease, which is more harmful than good.

4, glucose, generally can account for 60% of total heat?

The high-sugar diet used in the past should also be corrected, because high-sugar diets, especially excessive glucose, fructose, and sucrose can affect the appetite of patients, increase the injection of inflation gas, increase the accident in the body, and cause obesity and mild liver disease.

The glucose supply should mainly pass through the staple food.

All in all, after the experts talked about some of the knowledge about the daily diet of patients with gallbladder polyps, in daily life we should pay attention to the balance of nutrition of patients, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and do not eat some sorghum things, diet shouldTry to stay light.

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