22 Dec

Love greedy MM small savior during weight loss

Love greedy MM small savior during weight loss

Core Tip: Regardless of whether you are eating or drinking during the weight loss diet, there is always such a thing that makes people very helpless, that is, accidentally eat more.

I don’t want to spit out, just sleep and feel super sin.

Is there any way to recover the mouth we accidentally lost control?

  1, greasy food to eat too much solution: celery juice a lot of people who eat greasy food will choose to drink a cup of coffee or tea, in fact, after drinking coffee or tea is not good for your digestion, will diluteStomach acid.

The celery juice has a low sugar content and a high cellulose content. The fiber in the celery can take away some of the sputum you eat.

  2, sweets, habits can not give up the solution: the best food to eat after eating sweets!

  Sugar is always the root of fat. After eating sweets, it can help people to eliminate fatigue. At this time, exercise can improve your exercise efficiency, and it can burn out the excessive energy. The key is to control this ratio.

  3, have a meal with friends, afraid that they are out of control and eat big solution: supplement fiber a pack of pre-dinner taking sediment fiber can make people feel full, help you see the absorption of sun energy substances, slow appetite, and at the same time increase yourGastrointestinal peristalsis, secretion of digestive juices, recently promoted accelerated dissolution in adults.

  4, intake exceeds normal food intake leading to indigestion solution: orange peel barley tea a lot of people have indigestion problems after meals, and barley in the allantoin and orange peel volatile oil can increase the secretion of gastric juice,Promote gastrointestinal motility and help the body digest and absorb food.