22 Nov

Have oral ulcers, is it lack of dimension C?


In fact, it is what you should make up!

Have oral ulcers, is it lack of dimension C?
In fact, it is what you should make up!

I heard that oral ulcers are lacking in vitamin C, but it is not good to eat fruits.

Is it getting angry?

After eating the clearing medicine, the mouth ulcer is really not so painful, but the wound is still there. What is going on?

The main lack is vitamin B in the presence of oral ulcers, a large number of vitamin C supplements or with a little fire medicine, this effect is not good.

The reason is that you are not missing vitamin C or even vitamin B2.

When the body is deficient in vitamin B2, complications occur in the skin mucosa, which is characterized by white erosion of the mouth, cracks and mouth bleeding, accompanied by pain and burning sensation.

If vitamin B2 is not added in time, it will form an oral ulcer over time, and then dragging it down, it may also be infected with bacteria, causing sore throat, dryness and other symptoms.

In addition, vitamin C, multivitamin B family, etc., also help to accelerate the healing of ulcers.

Eating meat and whole grains Vitamin B2 deficiency is mainly caused by uneven diet.

Fish, meat, eggs, and milk are good sources of vitamin B2. Try to eat these kinds of foods every day, as well as vitamin B2 in coarse grains.

With a rich diet every day, it is easy to meet the supplement of B vitamins.

Green vegetables, fruits and B vitamins are also relatively high, which is why some people have eaten vegetables and fruits, oral ulcers are good, in fact, not the vitamin C’s credit, or the role of B vitamins.

Eat vitamin B family tablets, so fast and simply add vitamin B2 to treat oral ulcers, the effect is not ideal, the dose is too large and easily affect the absorption of other B vitamins.

And vitamin B2 deficiency often occurs simultaneously with other B vitamin deficiency, so it is better to supplement B vitamins.

When you have an oral ulcer, it is recommended to take 2 tablets of B vitamins every day, which will cure soon.