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Buy Yang, distinguish your constitution
The initial concept of yin and yang refers to the backward direction of daylight. The concept of yin and yang was generally formed to the Western Zhou Dynasty. In the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period, medical scientists began to apply it to medical theory.In the field of medicine, everything that has the characteristics of going out, going up, being excited, warming up, etc. is yang.  Insufficient yang qi and impaired yang qi are two pathological states for yang qi: yang qi deficiency refers to the pathological phenomenon of the failure of yang qi in the body, weakened function, decreased metabolic activity, low body reaction, and insufficient yang heat.There are many causes of yang deficiency, such as yang deficiency, congenital insufficiency, overwork, overexhausted emotions, injured viscera for a long time without healing, diet inconvenience, long-term residence in cold and wet places, etc .;During the process, the abnormal changes in the elevation, ingress and egress may easily lead to the obstruction of the ventilator, and it is difficult for the yang 杭州桑拿网 gas to dilate and spread out, resulting in changes that accumulate in the body.Clinical manifestations include pale complexion, chills, cold limbs (mainly waist and abdomen), preference for hot food, loss of energy, pale and tender tongue, and weak pulse.  It can be seen that the deficiency of yang is mainly manifested as physical weakness, while the impaired yang is an abnormal distribution.Therefore, in daily conditioning, each is different.  For those with insufficient yang, the general treatment principle is to “make up for the deficiency”, that is, to supplement yang, so that yang can be reborn and exert normal physiological functions.In terms of diet, medicinal and diet, don’t eat cold products, eat some mutton, angelica, wolfberry and other foods that can enrich yang, and even choose large vertebrae, Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, 杭州夜生活网 Shen Zhen and other points for moxibustion in the cold season.Each moxibustion is about 15 minutes, twice a week.You can also choose to apply acupoints, such as Sanfu paste, Sanjiu paste, and so on.Normally, you must develop good living habits, improve your immunity, strengthen physical exercise appropriately, gradually jog, brisk walking, Chinese medicine Baduanjin, and 24 solar terms.  If the yang is not accessible, the treatment should be performed by regulating the ventilator, because the yang is distributed in an orderly manner to improve its operating function.In the diet, you can choose a small amount of cinnamon, Xiangfu, Bupleurum and other foods that can clear the liver and regulate qi, and regulate the effect of the air ventilator. In some cases, it is recommended to go cupping away from the hospital and scrape and clear the meridians to make the yang flow smooth.