17 Mar

Minister of Health is in danger of being elected as mayor of Paris

Minister of Health is in danger of being elected as mayor of Paris

French President Emmanuel Macron selected heavyweights on the 16th, and Health Minister Anies Bizan replaced former government representative Bonjaman Gribo for the mayor of Paris.

  Grievo announced his withdrawal from the fight two days ago because of his involvement in an indecent video scandal.

  [Wholeheartedly for election]Bizan said in an open letter to the media on the 16th that he had asked Macron to resign as the Minister of Health and would participate in the mayoral elections of Paris as a candidate for the Party of the Republic.

She said she would vote with all her heart 上海夜网论坛 and win.

  The Associated Press reported that Bizan’s remarks showed a dramatic change in her thinking.

After Griever resigned from the mayor of Paris two days ago, the Republican Progressive Party hurriedly sought a replacement candidate.

Bizan declared at the time that he would not succeed Griever, because the health minister’s job is important.

  Macron announced on the evening of the 16th that he accepts Bizan’s resignation request, appointing Olivier Velangran as Minister of Health.

  Bizan is 57 years old and was born in Paris. He is a well-known hematologist and respected as a health official.

However, many analysts believe that Bizan joined the merger too late and was affected by the Griww scandal, and winning the election is impossible.

  [Expect to lose]Paris mayoral elections are scheduled to start on March 无锡夜网 15.

Grievo previously lagged behind the current mayor, the Socialist candidate Anna Hidalgo, and the Republican candidate Lacidadati in polls.

  Grievo was forced to resign from an online chat transcript posted on the Internet by Peter Pavlensky, a Russian living in France, on the 13th.

According to Pavlensky, the chat consisted of Grivo’s conversation with a woman, including indecent videos.

Griever did not deny the authenticity of the content.

  French media reported that Griever was chatting with Pavlensky’s girlfriend.

Pavlensky and his girlfriend were arrested on May 15 and may face charges of assault.

  Reuters reported that Macron’s Democratic Progressive Party, which was founded three years ago, was hit by the Grivo scandal.

Minority insiders predict pessimistically that the Republican Party will be defeated in the mayoral elections in Paris four weeks later.

  A high-ranking Republican Party official said: “The Republican Party will perform poorly, and the political agenda will not matter in this election.

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