22 Jan

Instant expression reveals true heart

Instant expression reveals true heart

Stephen, a researcher at the University of Dalhousie’s Forensic Psychology Laboratory?

Porter and others conducted this research, which was translated into a research report published in the British Journal of Psychology.

  Potter and others did not look for liar flaws in clues such as erratic eyes and sweaty foreheads.

They flickered through the lies by finding that they did not match the tone of the expression.

  They studied the investigation of a murder in Canada.

One day in July 2005, man Michael?

White cried and attracted the public to help him retrieve his pregnant wife, Lianna.

White faced the public again three days later, confessing to be disappointed with the police, and would find his wife by himself.

White then took the volunteer directly to a ditch and found Liana’s body.

White was later charged with second-degree murder and found guilty.

  Potter and others analyzed the recordings of White’s public release destination frame by frame, and found that his sad expression flashed with anger and disgust instantly.

  The researchers also asked some adults to watch images that can cause happiness, fear, and aversion, to show them true and false expressions, and to record the entire study.

  Potter was quoted by Reuters as saying, “Unlike body language, you cannot monitor or fully control the condition of your arms.” No one can perfectly disguise emotions.