22 Mar

Innovative drug research and development golden harvest period is about to recommend 4 outstanding stocks

Innovative drug research and development golden harvest period is about to recommend 4 outstanding stocks

Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the “2017 Drug Review Report”, which mentioned that in 2017, 542 IND applications for chemical drugs were reviewed by the Drug Evaluation Center, and 481 applications were approved for review, of which 481 were approved.There are 399 applications for innovative drug clinical trials (involving a total of 170 varieties). The number of clinical trial approvals for innovative drugs doubled in 2016. Innovative drugs with clinical value in antitumor, anti-infection, nervous system and other fields are widely needed.Approved for listing.

At the same time, relevant persons said that pharmaceutical innovation has always been an important area related to national economy and people ‘s livelihood. With the encouragement of a series of policies, the current internal research and development of innovative drugs has entered a booming stage of “full bloom”, and the industry-related listed companies have gradually continued to rise.

  In terms of market performance, the Securities Daily Market Research Center found that according to the flush flush statistics, since March 22, in the context of the overall fluctuation adjustment of the broader market in the past five trading days, the defensiveness of the innovative drug sector has become prominent and continues to decline.

5%, outperforming the broader market over the same period 3.

34 averages, nearly half of the stocks in the sector during the period of adverse market growth, of which, Boji Medicine (27.

67%), Quantum Hi-Tech (10.

84%), Tiger Medical (10.

35%) The average growth rate of the three stocks during the period is more than 10%, and includes the new open source (9.

79%), Hisun Pharmaceutical (5.

83%), Jinhua shares (5.

36%), Watson Bio (5.

29%), Gloria British (4.

94%) During the period, the 11 stocks continued to increase by more than 3%, and their performance was equally remarkable.

  In terms of capital flow, the large single fund in the market has also selected the innovative drug sector as a “safe haven” in the past five trading days, and has actively developed its layout. Among them, Baiyun Mountain (8748).

130,000 yuan), Asia Pacific Pharmaceuticals (4342.

940 thousand yuan), Jinhua shares (3658.

280,000 yuan) and other three stocks during the period received an average of more than 30 million yuan in large single funds sought after, transformation, Watson Bio (2842.

0.94 million yuan), Beda Pharmaceutical (2618.

880,000 yuan), Hisun Pharmaceutical (2386.

250,000 yuan), Galaxy Bio (1572.

530,000 yuan), Boji Medicine (1550.

180,000 yuan), new open source (1222.

99 million yuan), Xin Litai (1162.

150,000 yuan), Guang Sheng Tang (1015.

The total inflow of large single funds during the period of 8 stocks and other 8 stocks is more than 10 million yuan, and the above 11 stocks attract a total of 3 yuan.

1.1 billion yuan.

  Analysts point out that the innovative drug research and development cycle is long and the capital investment is large. In the next few years, domestic pharmaceutical innovation will usher in a golden 南京夜网论坛 harvest period. In the long run, the innovation leading companies with rich R & D pipelines and capital and technological strength will gradually determine the benefits.At present, the peak period of annual report disclosure has been entered, and stocks with sustainable and high growth performance have continuous or existing trading opportunities.

  On the surface of performance, there are currently 13 listed companies in the innovative medicine sector that are the first to publish the 2017 annual report performance data and the report indicates that net profit has grown, of which Zhifei Bio (1229.

25%), Livzon Group (464.

63%) 2 companies’ annual net profit in 2017 doubled, Haichen Pharmaceutical (45.

02%), Baiyun Mountain (36.

71%), Changchun High-tech (36.

53%), Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical (32.

4%) and other 4 companies reported that the increase in performance was more than 30%.

Among the above outstanding stocks, Lizhu Group, Zhifei Biological, Changchun High-tech, Baiyunshan and other four outstanding stocks have the best performance in the market. They were recommended by 18, 16, 8, and 6 institutions within 30 days.attention.