28 Jan

Test your best partner

Test your best partner

When you find out the reasons for your unwelcome, you have to change them one by one, so do n’t think too much, do n’t be busy introspecting yourself, or patiently complete the comprehensive identification test of this happy girl and then prescribe the right medicine!


Do you think you are better than a good friend?

  Yes → 2 → No → 3 → Q2.

Do friends have fun things to share with you?

  No → 4 → Yes → 5 → Q3.

As long as a good friend speaks, you will accept even the most difficult things?

  No → 5 → Yes → 6 → Q4.

Don’t like interacting with strong and competitive people?

  Yes → 9 → No → 7 → Q5.

Even if I meet with my good friends every day, I will go to QQ to chat with my friends after I go home?

  Yes → 9 → No → 8 → Q6.

Like to go to school with good friends?

  No → 5 → Yes → 9 → Q7.

Like to mingle with same-sex friends during breaks?

  No → 8 → Yes → 10 → Q8.

Do you miss your friends all day long during the summer or winter vacation?

  Yes → 11 → No → 10 → Q9.

It seems like there are endless conversations with friends?

  Yes → 12 → No → 8 → Q10.

Will she criticize her partner in front of a good friend?

  Yes → 1 → No → 1 → Q11.

Do you feel guilty after a little friction with friends?

  No → 10 → Yes → 14 → Q12.

Are your hobbies or interests similar to good friends?

  No → 11 → Yes → 15 → Q14.

Your friends will be generous in sharing newly purchased discs or books with you?

  Yes → 17 → No → 19 → Q15.

As long as it is a good friend, you will also feel good?

  Yes → 19 → No → 14 → Q16.

Do you feel uncomfortable when you know the news of a good friend’s love?

  Yes → 21 → No → 20 → Q17.

Do you admire the advantages or strengths of your friends? Can you say that you admire yourself?

  Yes → 16 → No → 18 → Q18.

For your friends, aren’t you afraid of being attacked by everyone?

  No → 23 → Yes → 22 → Q19.

When shopping, do you like to hold your good friend’s hand or carry the other’s shoulder?

  No → 17 → Yes → 18 → Q20.Do you often show off newly bought stationery or clothes in front of friends?

  No → 23 Yes → 21 Q21.

Do you think that even some of your best friends can’t tell him / her?

  Yes → 23 → No → 18 → Q22.

Are you and your good friend both the ones who keep their promises?

  No → 24 → Yes → 27 → Q23.

Do you think it is better not to tell a good friend, so you will lie to him / her in good faith?

  No → 25 → Yes → 26 → Q24.

Do you have a title at school?

  No → 23 → Yes → 26 → Q25.

When your friend gets good grades or is praised by the teacher, are you really happy for him / her?

  Yes → 29 → No → 26 → Q26.

Can you deal with different types of people flexibly?

  Yes → 29 → No → 28 → Q27.

When you were at school, were you and your good friend an independent gang?

  Yes → 28 → No → 26 → Q28.

Would you like to tell a good friend some secrets that only you know?

  Yes → 33 → No → 30 → Q29.

Is your friend willing to review your homework with you?

  Yes → 31 → No → 30 → Q30.

You are willing to partner with a bulb when dating a friend!

  No → 31 → Yes → 33 → Q31.

If a friend gives you a gift or helps you, you will surely find a way to thank each other?

  All Yes → A Type No → B Type Q32.

Are there any secret or special terms between you and your good friend that others don’t understand?

  Yes → Type C → 31 Q33.

Even if you do n’t talk to a good friend, you know what they mean?

  Yes → D type No → 32 Test result: Type A, suitable for your partner is a caring and good person. You are a smart and emotional person, confident in yourself, methodical, and like to interact with people who are mature and independent.

There is no better match with you than your intimate and independent friends. Everyone has something to discuss, overcome difficulties together, can grow up together, broaden their insights, and even meet very good friends of the opposite sex through each other’s introduction!

  Type B, suitable for you is a curious little warrior. Regardless of your temperament, in the process of interpersonal communication, you like to be friends with people with completely different personalities, hobbies, and family backgrounds. The only thing you are the same is that there is a curiosity.Mind, maybe you do n’t know yourself. In the subconscious you are a person with a sense of competition. You have to prove your strength by dealing with various types of people.

  Type C, your partner is a super naughty bag. You are a simple person. It is enough to have laughter all day long. Your goal in life is to be happy and comfortable. You are not suitable for interacting with excellent people.Too deep-hearted, you are not their opponent, so only people with a lively personality and a little playfulness are best suited to be your partner. It can be seen that friends who are purely playful are your best choice.

  D-type, suitable for your partner is a personality match. You do not use specific standards to go to the person next to you. It is suitable to be your friend, because you are easy-going, do not criticize or even look at others, you are very simple, soPeople with similar personalities or hobbies are best for you!

No matter where you are, you are welcomed by the audience. As long as you are more generous, maybe you can make more friends!