08 Feb

To prevent myopia, eat more green fruits

To prevent myopia, eat more green fruits

In recent years, the lutein absorption of urban children has been reduced, and in-depth research by western nutritionists has finally revealed this mystery.

It turns out that the occurrence of myopia has a lot to do with too little nutrition called “lutein”.

  Lutein is a “carotenoid”, which is found in higher amounts in fresh green vegetables and citrus fruits.

According to research by scientists, lutein has an important protective effect on the “macular” in the retina, and lack of lutein can easily cause macular degeneration and blurred vision.

  Eat more citrus to prevent vision deterioration. Rural children, because they eat green vegetables directly collected from the field, absorb lutein sufficiently.

Urban children usually eat high-protein, high-nutrition foods, and rarely eat fresh green vegetables, so the amount of lutein introduced is correspondingly less than that of rural children.

This is the primary cause of the huge difference in vision between children in urban and rural areas.

  In response to this, nutritionists recommend that you eat more citrus fruits every day to prevent vision deterioration.