06 Feb

The skin of these five kinds of vegetables and fruits must not be eaten!

Hurt is great!

The skin of these five kinds of vegetables and fruits must not be eaten!
Hurt is great!

The following five kinds of fruits and vegetables are almost always eaten by everyone. I did not expect the skin of these fruits and vegetables to cause chronic damage to the internal organs.

Let’s take a look at it, it’s all food.1.

Sweet potato skin injury liver sweet potato{also known as sweet potato, sweet potato}long-term direct contact with the soil, a lot of harmful substances will be washed in the sweet potato skin, its skin contains more alkali, too much use will cause it.

Moreover, the sweet potato skin with brown and dark brown spots was subjected to “sweet potato ketone”.

Entering the human body can damage the liver and cause poisoning.

In addition, in order to save the cost, some stall owners who operate roasted sweet potatoes replace coke as a fuel, and harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide are easily precipitated in the sweet potato skin.


It is very troublesome to peel the potato skin with chronic poisoning potatoes!

But don’t take it lightly.

Potato chips contain glycoalkaloids, and this toxic substance is almost exclusively concentrated in the potato skin, which can cause poisoning if eaten by mistake.

Due to chronic poisoning, temporary symptoms or symptoms are not obvious, often do not attract attention, but the danger to the body is still very large.

When the paint is finished, the skin-colored green potatoes contain higher toxins and should never be eaten.

In addition, some people like to use potatoes with skinned potatoes, and even if cooked with skinned potatoes, still retain sugar alkaloids!

Even if you peel and eat after cooking, the toxic substances will also cause food poisoning in the forest.


Persimmon skin injury medical research has proved that the implanted acid which can cause damage to the stomach and stomach is mainly present in the persimmon meat when the persimmon is immature. When the persimmon is mature, the acid is concentrated in the persimmon skin, so the mature persimmon skin feels.Oh.

Persimmon contains the acid implanted. Under the action of stomach acid, this substance will cooperate with the protein in the food. The precipitate is the persimmon stone, which is easy to cause excess, fullness, loss of appetite, etc.

Therefore, do not eat unpeeled persimmons, or eat persimmons on an empty stomach.


Ginkgo biloba injury nerve Ginkgo biloba contains the poisonous substance “barley acid” hydrogenated ginkgo acid, “hydrogenated ginkgoic acid” and “glycohol”, etc., which damage the central nervous system after entering the human body, causing poisoning.

In addition, cooked ginkgo meat is not easy to eat more.


There are parasites in the mink that are born in paddy fields. The molting is rich in parasites or eggs. If you eat unwashed cockroaches when you eat them, it will cause disease.