17 Feb

Relieve stress in summer can do outdoor sports

Relieve stress in summer can do outdoor sports

Relieving stress in summer can do open-air sports Which one do you consider more when choosing the sports environment?

Do you like to do it in the open air, or do you like to sweat in the gym?

In the past, maybe we would be obsessed with the temptation of high-end equipment in the gym, but nowadays, people are becoming more and more the inevitable outdoor air and sunshine.

And now many health clubs are designed in outdoor places such as parks and beaches to facilitate outdoor exercise.

In fact, open-air sports can help people reduce stress and improve the efficiency of your exercise. At the same time, you can enjoy a green environment with changing environmental climate. So why not?

When people exercise in the gym, the strong air-conditioning becomes stiff muscles of the human body. In nature, people’s bodies are in comfortable temperatures and environments, and their muscles are more easily opened and become more flexible.

In addition, the total weight of conventional fitness equipment in the gym reaches people in a state of strenuous exercise. This will inevitably stop the athletes feeling physically tired, and return to the natural environment. People’s feet are on the soil or soft sand.It even improves everyone’s ability to balance and can better exercise your muscle support.

In addition, open-air exercise helps people to better contact with nature, feel the full stimulation of the open environment to the body, and enjoy the fresh feeling brought by the surrounding trees, birds, green space, sunlight and other elements.

At this time, you can try freehand gymnastics and adjust your physiology through exercise and breathing. At the same time, yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi are also a good choice for outdoor sports.

In addition, exposing yourself to the external environment helps to strengthen the body’s resistance and reduce the risk of people suffering from everyday diseases.


16 Feb

10 tricks dad can use to laugh baby

10 tricks dad can use to laugh baby

The busy father occasionally vowed to take the baby once, but who knows that the little baby does not give face, even crying in his arms.

Being a dad is neither sitting nor standing, but I do n’t know how to deal with it.

  Maybe it’s the easiest way to give the baby to Mummy aside.

However, if you don’t want to feel the chain in front of your mommy, and have the heart to appease the crying baby, please advise you to learn the tricks of these western dads listed in this issue!

  Tip # 1: Enter the baby’s heart to soothe the baby is hungry, but the father is playing his favorite music for him; the baby feels uncomfortable when teething, but the father is changing the diaper for the baby . all similar to the bull’s head is wrongNaturally it does not help to soothe the crying baby.

The most important thing to soothe the crying baby is to find out the reason why the baby is crying, and then take corresponding measures according to the actual situation.

Confirming baby’s needs seems to be a very simple thing, but for a baby who is younger and cannot express his needs correctly, fathers really need to learn to better understand and observe the baby if they want to understand their real needs.
Many dads usually have fewer babies, and they have no way to understand their needs. Then they try to confirm their needs through a multi-faceted attempt. This is a good way for dads who are confused to find a way to soothe their babies.

As long as multiple parties attack, try from different sides, father’s comfort will always play a role in the baby’s cry.

  Tip 2: Take the baby for a ride, no matter day or night, as long as the baby is not crying for health reasons, constraining the baby to the safety seat of the private car, and turning around in the wind is a very effective way to soothe the crying baby.
Looking at the ever-changing scenery outdoors or the flickering neon lights, the overwhelming baby must throw the crying thoughts out of the clouds, obediently expressing his boundless joy and surprise.

  Tip # 3: Sacrifice your fingers and let your baby slap you. If you know the reason for your baby crying, point your finger to let the baby suck. It is the simplest and most effective way to appease the crying baby.

Every month baby has a strong need for sucking, and sucking is also an effective way for baby to comfort himself.

Once you put your finger into the baby’s mouth, the baby usually stops crying like a conditioned reflex, and instead sucks and sucks the finger towards his mouth.

However, when you put your fingers into the baby’s small mouth, remember to keep your fingers clean and your nails facing down, so as not to injure your baby’s upper jaw.

  Tip 4: The temptation to order food or other thirst is one of the common causes of baby crying.

If the mummy is not at home, the isolated father can fill the bottle with warm water or warm milk and feed it to the baby.

  Even if the baby is not hungry, the bottle or pacifier can bring comfort to the baby.

Babies usually prefer to suck the pacifier or play with the tongue against the pacifier.

  Tip 5: Experience the joy of “flying on the plane” Almost all babies naturally like to be shaken gently, so when the baby is crying, let the baby lie in the father’s strong elbow, or in the car seat or cradle, Gently shaking, let the baby experience the strange feeling of “by plane” is one of the effective ways to cry slightly.

The shaken baby usually settles down quickly, and letting the baby “fly on the plane” is a two-pronged thing. This activity not only soothes the crying baby, but also allows the baby to be passive in the process of being shakenTo get exercise.

  Tip 6: Give the baby an “air flying carpet” “air flying carpet” game is very simple, just throw the baby into the air and catch it.

This is a game that baby loves very much, and dad is happy to try, but it makes Mommy worry.

The intentional dad can add some other interesting game elements to make the “flat flying carpet” game monotonous and boring, making the baby play more interesting: Grab the two little guys of the baby and let the baby rideOn Dad’s neck, gently walked around the dance steps and walked around for a few laps, and then placed the baby in the air to catch it, and then placed it in the air with a safe replacement, and so on.

You can also put your baby on your weight and gently sing your feet while humming some gentle tunes, turn your feet upside down, shake your legs to the left or right, or stretch your legs forward, lower the height and then lift them up . these are constantly changingThe pattern will bring a lot of novel feelings to the baby, making him quickly forget the tears hanging on the cheeks, driven by curiosity.

  Tip 7: Show amazing performances. Change the tone of speaking, clap your hands, stomp your feet, smash your tongue, knock on the furniture near your baby, or place objects on hard surfaces. It will make all kinds of strange sounds.

  These unusual sounds can effectively attract the baby’s attention and calm the crying baby quickly.

Make a face at the baby, put something on your head, make it fall on purpose, then pick it up pretending to be tilted, and let it fall, and so on.

Letting the baby see his dad’s awkward and ridiculous look that is rare in the past will definitely bring him a lot of unexpected happiness.

Even if Dad’s acting skills are not good, he must strive to make each action very exaggerated and weird, so that he can more effectively attract and appease the crying baby.

  Tip 8: Being a “rock” dad humming some popular songs and imitating the actions of rock stars may make baby feel very curious.

Lanigan often appeases his baby by humming Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”-a beautiful but boring song.

Ray Charles’s songs are also good, can play the role of soothing crying baby.

But it’s not the song itself, but the dad’s strange actions.

Be a “rock” dad that your baby loves. Don’t blindly imitate a certain singer, but choose a song that suits your baby according to his likes and dislikes.

For example, some babies like “Meet with Success”, while others may like “Quiet, My Baby.”

  Tip 9: Make the most of the baby carrier. Put the crying baby in the original carrier, let the baby feel the temperature of the father, and listen to the heartbeat of the father can effectively relieve the baby’s cry.

If you take the baby a few more steps, maybe in a few minutes, the baby will sleep peacefully in the strap.  Tip 10: Let your baby cry vividly. Sometimes, no matter how soothed, the baby will cry.

At this time, if the baby has no physical pain, nor is he crying because of obesity, tiredness, wet urine, etc., and he refuses to be embraced or shaken by his father, then the baby may want to vent by crying.

If this happens, the father who can’t stand the cry of the baby should wear earplugs, and at the same time control the anger in his heart, to give the baby a chance to cry.

Once the baby is crying enough, his mood will be better.

15 Feb

How to choose the right yoga mat

How to choose the right yoga mat

Yoga is popular, and yoga mats naturally rise in height. There are many yoga mats on the market that are dazzling, with different materials and prices.

How can I choose a personal yoga companion and make it shorter to accompany myself continuously?

Below experts help you pick!

  Yoga teacher Lan Li, who has taught more than 5,000 hours in the United States, recommends that before buying a yoga mat, the following five major issues need to be considered: 1.

Is it easy to lay the yoga mat when it is flat on the floor?


Is it easy to slip after sweating?


Is the legal “use period” of a manufacturing mark?


Is it easy to carry?


Is its material environmentally friendly?

What is the impact on the environment after being eliminated?

  The fitness coach recommends that when buying, the following 5 tips can help you buy a good yoga mat: 1. Insert your yoga mat with your thumb and forefinger, try how pressure-resistant it is, and prevent yoga with good elasticity

  2. Bring an eraser with you before you buy, use it to wipe the yoga mat, and try to make the material easy to break?

  3. Gently push the surface of the mat with the palm to have a dry feeling. If there is too much foaming agent on the surface of the mat and there is a slippery feeling, it is easy to slip and fall when doing exercises on it.

  4. For beginners of yoga, you can choose a thicker mat, such as 6mm thick; if you have a certain foundation, you can choose thickness 3.

5mm-5mm yoga mat.

  5. Compared to traditional yoga mats made of PVC, environmentally-friendly yoga mats mixed with natural latex and hemp, although slightly more expensive, will be better for the human body and the environment.

When the economy allows it, consider it.

14 Feb

Workplace Newcomer Office Politics

Workplace Newcomer Office Politics

Absolutely, some human resources researchers have dubbed this complex “office problem” “office politics.”

“Politics” is not a joke that can be laughed at casually.

From the word analysis alone, these text lovers seem a bit nervous.

But thinking about the original meaning of “politics”, we can’t help but make a case.

Remember the politics textbook in middle school tells us: Politics is an ideology based on economics.

From this perspective, it is not wrong to call “office issues” “office politics”, and it is a three-pointer.

  Think of “office issues” as big as faction issues, interest issues, as small as position changes, peach-colored gossip, and so on. Isn’t that directly referring to “personal interests” and “economic interests”?

  The ancients said: “Man is not for himself, it is destroyed by nature.”

If you understand the original intentions of the people who create office problems and the suffering of those involved in office politics, you will not be surprised, let alone blame.

Sartre tells us: existence is reasonable!

Since this “politics” is cultivated from the fertile soil of “economics”, why should our practitioners and managers be annoyed by those who like to engage in office politics and despair for companies with office politics?

  The animal world has its own ecological chain, does the business world also have its “ecological chain”?

We certainly like a quiet and peaceful ecological environment, and we also accept a competitive ecological environment with a competitive nature.

For modern enterprises in the fiercely competitive external environment, the absolute calm and stability within the enterprise is already a luxury.

When a group of talents with different voices and different interests are pursued within the company, it does not necessarily mean that the company will be “finished.”

On the contrary, there is a little competition among internal talents and a little mutual restraint. For a small “office politics”, isn’t it an aphrodisiac for the original “backwaters” enterprise?

  1. Getting Started: Developing Your Emotional Quotient In the dictionary of office politics, there is never any “reasonable”, “irrational”, only “improvement”, “irrational”.

The office is not a talent market. There is no standard system for “up and down”, so knowing how to develop the intelligence-emotional intelligence that is not taken into account in your own standard test is to win the transformation of the office’s “political struggle”.
  So, how to develop your own emotional intelligence?

The first person to propose “emotional intelligence” was Yale University psychologist Saloway. He believes that emotional intelligence should include the following aspects: 1. Able to fully understand their emotions and have the basics of understanding self and psychological intuition.ability.

2. Self-motivation. This is the ability to promote emotional focus.

3. Control your emotions, which is the ability to perceive to adapt to various situations.

4. Emotional orientation, or perception of the emotions of others, this attention to others leads to altruism.

5. Master interpersonal relationships and the ability to interact with others.

  Many experts believe that people who are struggling in the workplace are indispensable if they want to make breakthroughs in their emotional intelligence, awareness of competition and cooperation, awareness of role change, awareness of image, professionalism and learning.

Among them, the awareness of competition and cooperation is particularly important.

  2, actual combat articles: how do colleagues and you compete?

  When you dig into the hollow and come up with a good idea, or when you work hard to make a great contribution to the company’s development, some people try to attribute the credit to themselves.

What should you do in this situation?

The following methods may help you.

  Letters written with clear facts must not have any bad effects, and the content of the text must not make the other party uncomfortable.

The main purpose of writing the letter is to euphemistically remind the other party of how the thoughts that they had proposed at random originally evolved into this delightful look today.

Where appropriate in the letter, you can include the relevant date, title, and references to any existing written evidence.

It is important to suggest a face-to-face discussion at the end of the text message. This will give you the opportunity to implicitly strengthen your true meaning again: this idea is what you came up with.

  Praising each other and overcoming their own unique talents and insights to overcome this colleague, this method is particularly needed for professional women.

Many researchers have found that female employees like to do things from the perspective of “us” rather than “me”, so their ideas and initiatives are often misappropriated by male colleagues.

If you focus on the positive side of your business, your colleague is also trying to do the best job, and his or her unique perspective on what to do may help you solve this potentially difficult problem.

  At first glance, it seems that this is not a method or not a good method.But for some, this may be the best.

You should ask yourself: Which is more important, whether to put the idea into practice, or to have the reputation to come up with the idea alone?

In some cases, in some cases you are about to accept an important promotion that requires a lot of time and energy; or it can’t be replaced except for a “principle question”.

Withdrawing from the battle in these circumstances may be a wise move and a last resort.

  3. Technical articles: What can’t be said in the office?

  Colleagues are working partners and it is impossible to ask them to be as forgiving and considerate as your parents, siblings.

Many times it is best to maintain an equal and polite partnership between colleagues.

You should know that there are some things in the office that you should not say, and some things that you should not let others know.
The questions you should first figure out: 1.

Can your family background be adjusted to make a big difference in your work?


Is your relationship with certain relatives or friends inappropriate for others to know?


Does your history affect how others evaluate your moral qualities?


Do some of your distinctive thoughts touch sensitive nerves?


Is your lifestyle somewhat contrary to tradition?


Can your personal relationship with your boss be an open “secret”?


Will your re-exposure with some of your personal connections at the top of the company bring you obstacles or benefits?

  Private ownership is also a relatively speaking concept. The same thing is a trivial matter in one environment. Changing the environment may be very sensitive. The above multiples can be a valuable part of you!

  Questions you should pay attention to: 1. Don’t do private life inside the company, whether it’s an office, toilet or corridor; 2. Don’t show your colleagues superior and superior relationships with your superiors, especially don’t show off your superiorsPersonal relationships; 3. Even in private, don’t just overrule your past and secret thoughts to colleagues.

Unless you have left the company, you can be friends with your former colleagues; 4. If your colleagues have become good friends, do not often contact him or her in front of everyone.

Especially when it comes to work issues, it is necessary to be fair, to have independent opinions, and not to gang up; 5. To treat colleagues who particularly like to inquire about the privacy of others, be “manner and courteous,” and firmly say no if you don’t want to.

13 Feb

Improve the body’s 8 kinds of slimming foods

Improve the body’s 8 kinds of slimming foods

JMS who is losing weight should know what food can help you reduce the amount of oil.

Vegetarian food is a good choice, both healthy and delicious.

Here are 8 kinds of diet foods that you must know to lose weight, so that healthy and delicious vegetarian food can help you lower your fat and clear the intestines!


Oatmeal has the effect of lowering cholesterol and lowering blood fat.

Because oats contain rich soluble dietary fiber that is not found in other grains, the fiber is easily absorbed by the body and has low radiation, which is beneficial to both weight loss and the need for diet for heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.


Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E and carotene, and also contains fibrous.

Regular consumption of corn can lower cholesterol and soften blood vessels, and has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on cholecystitis, gallstones and diabetes.


Onions, garlic and onions contain compounds such as cycloheximide and methionine to help dissolve the thrombus.

Onions contain almost no traces, so they can inhibit plasma elevation caused by high-concentration diet and help to improve atherosclerosis.

Garlic can lower serum total cholesterol, and the secondary metabolite of allicin, methyl starch trisulfide, can prevent blood clots.


Yam’s mucus protein can prevent micro-deposition of the cardiovascular system, maintain blood vessel elasticity, prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce subcutaneous fecal deposition, and avoid obesity.

Dopamine in yam has the function of dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

Yam can also improve the digestive function of the human body. If there is indigestion, you can use yam, lotus seeds, simmer and add a small amount of sugar to cook.


Sweet potato has cancer to lower blood cholesterol, maintain blood acid-base balance, delay aging and prevent cancer, and anti-cancer effect.

Sweet potato is rich in sedimentary fiber and colloidal defecation substances, which can be described as “intermediate scavenger”.


Jujube multi-food can improve the body’s antioxidant and immune ability, and is also effective in lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride.


Hawthorn can strengthen and regulate the myocardium, increase the ventricle, atrial motion amplitude and coronary blood flow, but also reduce blood stasis and promote metabolism.


Apple’s pectin has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol.

Apple is rich in potassium, which can eliminate excess sodium in the body. For example, eating apples every day is good for maintaining blood pressure and blood fat.

12 Feb

What is the bottom line that an affair woman can tolerate

What is the bottom line that an affair woman can tolerate

Everything outside the marriage of men, love and body, love and organs, the boundaries between them may be clear.

Under various objective reasons of “involuntaryness”, some women sighed and accepted, some women repeatedly weighed and hesitated, while some women chose to declare loudly that they did not agree.

  So, will you accept it?

There is a saying circulating on the rivers and lakes, “Extramarital affairs is a popular lie.

Those who can and cannot afford to play do not need to take it seriously.

“Extramarital affairs and extramarital sex are nothing new.

Every third time, a friend will tell you this or that extramarital story.

It is always the man who is in trouble, the woman who is always injured, and the plot is always the same.

  Recently, some scholars have analyzed the divorce caused by extramarital affairs and third-party involvement in Shanghai.

The results showed that more than 60% of the plaintiffs were women, and 51% of men who had divorced due to extramarital affairs had premarital sex.

  Sex, in the context of an irreversible society, the Yellow Lady Army blooms everywhere.

The “entertainment” of men’s mouths turned into a shield for their dignified body betrayal.

Faced with such extramarital sex, women who look forward to the success of their husbands are helpless.

  Love is the foundation of the original family and the important factor of long-term harmony and harmony. However, human instincts like the new and hate the old, so that the most advanced science and technology must also recognize it in an official manner: feelings will never marry the marriage ceremony once and for all.

  For this family, for the children, I am more accustomed to retaining the man we once loved and swore together.

Women lowered the bottom line they could tolerate again and again.

So the judgment question becomes a multiple choice question: more and more questions focus on physical derailment and emotional derailment, which is the bottom line?

  From 20 to 50, four married women of different ages, here to tell you their choices.

  It is a fact that women accept extramarital sex. If we must choose between the two, I think extramarital affairs are even more unacceptable.

  Because accepting extramarital sex, I think this is the reality that women have to accept.

  Because of doing business, he often entertained outside, and every time he went to the concert hall, he looked for the same lady.

He said he didn’t like her, he just played at the scene.

But he was getting too much.

Once our baby was having a fever, and I was the only one in the family, but he went to the karaoke hall until four or five, and then went to supper before dawn came back.

This situation continued until the “July 7” of that year, Chinese Valentine’s Day.

I couldn’t bear it, let him come back early, but he came back at two o’clock in the night, said hello, and went out for supper again until four or five.

I saw that there were dozens of text messages of that lady on his mobile phone. He quibblely said that the woman was sending it, and he didn’t reply. He was forced to ask. There was no other way.The connection was broken, otherwise she would go around.

Later, my husband’s sister advised me to look after my man, saying that he was fascinated by the woman and would give her something.

I called to question him. He had a hard mouth and was fierce to me.

I really regretted marrying him at the time.

Later he and the lady still broke.

I also know that he won’t really replace me with that woman.

We have a common home and children, and he still loves me very much, every time he will come back and talk sweetly.

But who else is in the business field, who knows, which one is next?

  Occasional derailment can be forgiven for things like men, first of all an animal.

Since it’s an animal, he can’t resist the temptation of a beautiful girl who is still shy and smiles at me.

  So if I love this man, I will forgive his raw impulse.

  Of course I mean by accident.  If a man is obsessed with a woman and often goes to bed with her, I would not believe it even if he said that he was obsessed with only her body.

Being obsessed with the body is also a kind of love, which has feelings, and it is unacceptable to be emotionally derailed.

  My husband and I are not too restrained by each other, because we have the same views on extramarital sex, so once there is an episode, they will be hidden well.

  After all, if you let the other party know, you still feel a little uncomfortable.

We also rarely suspect and probe each other too much. I once saw pictures of him and another girl. They are known to be close, but I know they are friends who have known each other for a long time, so they are much lazy and want to ask more.

  In fact, this is like people eating. His wife is like rice, but bland but essential. A man may need some other flavors to adjust his mood and find a little freshness, but he will never give up rice.

  Man’s nature must not be condoned. Someone told me at the beginning that my husband would take other women home and would make all sorts of love while traveling on business. I would shut up the gossip.

I never ask my husband if those rumors are true, I just do my wife’s duty as always.

My husband and I are both Uighurs. In our nation, men will never do housework, and it is the responsibility of a woman to take care of everything outside the house.

We were together for 13 years, and in the 11th year, he went abroad to work.

Although all insiders have confirmed to me that he has another woman, he still keeps his teeth shut.

He quibble argued that his wife had not been around for a long time, and he just asked a woman to help him do the laundry and cook.

I know he is lying, but I choose to be silent.

I do n’t want to talk about a woman who is suspicious, and I do n’t want him to think that I do n’t understand him. I ‘m a woman without measurement, and I do n’t want to be troubled by the city. I would rather look for problems from myself, and more importantly, stillConsider how our daughter feels.

And I swallowed and pretended to be dumb in return, that is, he transformed extramarital sex into extramarital affairs, and then carried out extramarital affairs to the end.

Throughout, he never admitted to me that there was another woman.

Until one day, the woman appeared in front of someone with a big belly, and the reality of her six-month pregnancy made it impossible for anyone to keep silent and continue pretending to be calm.

So my husband became my ex-husband.

  All the reasons for an affair are excuses. For those of us born in the 1950s, extramarital affairs and extramarital sex are equally unacceptable.

  It can be conservative or principled. In short, my husband and I have never betrayed each other, whether physically or mentally.

  My husband and I have been married for 24 years. At that time, we were all in love for the first time. Even now we are still very good.

I think when a man loves a woman with admiration from beginning to end, his heart cannot fall aside.

For the views of extramarital affairs and extramarital sex, we once sat together and paid careful attention, and we could not accept each other’s derailment, whether physical or purely emotional.

We all think that infidelity in marriage is the difference between love and dislike, but a matter of character.

You have deceived your closest person in the world, betrayed this person who is cuddling with you and will go through life.

What else can you trust?

  If there is a betrayal, the end can only be a divorce.

  As adults, we should always know what we want in a marriage and what we should do?

If a man doesn’t even know this, then he is too immature. If he knows why he committed it, it is a bad personality.

  Whether it’s extramarital affairs or extramarital sex, it’s not worth the risk to the one you love, it’s too expensive.

  Love and sex are not a free lunch. Psychologists say that men, no matter how old, hide a child deep inside, a wayward child.

  So they will face the temptation to weigh their hands, find excuses for what they want and should not, and face pampering again and again.

  When he tells you that he and the woman are just playing in the field, and I hope you don’t be so careful, it is tantamount to erecting the image of the main house of the old society in front of you alive, even if you endure it, it is full of grievances, right?

When he justified that he only had a pure affection for her, but no skin blind date, your direct association was a noble Plato love, or a dog and a man with good looks?

  Fewer and fewer people mention the word “loyalty”.

These two words, which are crucial in the wedding oath, are gradually piled up and replaced by the various excuses that men look for for themselves.

Can the heart be disloyal?

Or can the body be disloyal?

Before the minefield danger line that destroyed the marriage, the man would have been a categorical rejection, and twisted a tentative step forward.

  Rachel in “The Six” said to Rose, who had a one-night stand: One is a cheater, always a cheater (once a thief, a thief for life), and when we encounter real dilemmas in life, what we hearMost of the seemingly intimate persuasions are that women have to endure a moment of calm, to change the calm, to open one eye, and to close one eye at the same time, they must focus on the family and children.  But few people will tell you directly: Give up this man, he is not worth forgiving, and stop deceiving himself, he will not repent because of your tolerance.

But if we can work hard to shop around for a skirt, then what reason can we let the quality of our emotions go back and forth without asking?

  Don’t believe those lies from the erring child, who can completely separate their body and heart without a trace of implication, who can guarantee that men’s so-called “next example” can really be replaced.

The vow must not be scattered with the wind and fog. Tolerance towards him is also a renunciation of the quality of feelings.

Men are not grateful for this, and you can only verify your weakness and compromise.

11 Feb

Defend a slim waist with fitness exercises

Defend a slim waist with fitness exercises

Having a slim waist is the dream of every woman, and fitness experts have examples of this: Compared to the legs, the waist and abdomen are the easiest to lose weight.

The most practical way of slimming waist is to exercise. As long as the action is in place and combined with diet control, one month will have obvious results.

  Turn around and practice the internal and external obliques: 1.

Lift your right foot with your left foot, twist your body with both hands holding your left elbow, and touch your right knee with your left elbow.


Alternate left and right 20 times.

  Simple abdomen exercise: Although this exercise is simple, it is very effective. Lay on the ground, straighten your feet and lift, put it back, do not touch the ground, repeat 15 times.

  Exercise density: 3-4 times a day, 15 times each.

  Sit-ups to train right abdominal muscles: 1.

Bend the positive electrode to 60 degrees and pad it with pillows.


Place your right hand on your left knee, and at the same time, lift yourself up to the ground and do it 10 times, then change hands and do it 10 more times.

  Breathe side abdominal muscles: 1.

Relax your body, inhale a lot of air with your nose, and slowly exhale with your mouth. After exhaling about 70%, hold your breath.


Shrink the lower abdomen, the qi rises above the chest, and then bulge the abdomen to lower the qi to the abdomen.


Raise the qi to the chest, lower it to the abdomen, and exhale slowly with your mouth. Repeat this step 5 times.

10 Feb

What psychology

What psychology

“School desk culture”, initially determined, should be called desk text, which belongs to an extraordinary school folk culture spread in written form.

“School desk culture” is a kind of objective existence that is difficult to eliminate. It basically belongs to the non-mainstream and non-standard alternative culture in campus culture, which often has a certain negative effect.

“School desk culture” is like a mirror, which can reflect some of the problems that students, especially college students have, through in-depth study of it, you can understand their trajectory, find effective methods, and eliminate their psychology through various channelsErrors guide their healthy development.

  The content of “school desk culture” is very rich, and has the following four aspects: a class related to the exam.

The reason is mainly that laziness is playing tricks. Some students hold the attitude of contempt for the exam and respect the “effect of the week before the exam”, so the desk becomes a natural cheating tool.

  A category related to love.

For example, on a desk in a corner of a classroom, there is such a verse: Since the university, there have been no cousins since ancient times.

Occasionally, there are two pairs, and they are also pheasant color wolf.

And accompanied by the next batch of “perverted” and “mental illness.”

Because long-term adolescent education and sexual knowledge education are not very meaningful each year, it is inevitable that adolescent turmoil and restlessness, and even sexual mental health are inevitable.

  Exploration and pursuit of the meaning of life.

For example, I saw this text on a desk: How many times can I beat in my life, when do I not fight today?

Within this aggressive mentality, it can be seen that it also contains a kind of almost radical psychology of “who is who”.

  Cynical, negative, confused and even decadent.

Many desks have words such as “Life is like a dream”, “There is wine today, and today is drunk.”

  Through the “school desk culture”, it is not difficult to find that the mentality of contemporary college students is very complicated, which is specifically manifested in the following aspects: the difference between the increasing physical maturity and the psychological immature.

The physiological development of college students gradually matures. They can’t hold back the turmoil of youth, they are anxious to understand the true meaning of life and explore the mysteries of the sexes. They think that the anti-traditional generation has the freedom and right to choose love.

However, some college students have “bad luck”, and some people say grapes are sour because they can’t eat grapes; some people use Ah Q’s spiritual victory method to comfort themselves, or seek a perverted way to vent.

These phenomena indicate that there is a contradiction between physiological maturity and psychological maturity of college students.

  The conflict between the ideal self and the real self.

College students have strong self-awareness. Most of them are very ambitious. They have a series of social responsibilities and a sense of crisis. They continue to design themselves and try to achieve self-realization in social life.

However, in self-design, it is inevitable that there are many illusory elements. Real life is full of contradictions. They often run into walls. Therefore, a conflict between ideals and reality will inevitably occur.

  The contradiction between the pluralism of value orientation and the unity of social will.

College students’ thinking is relatively open. Changes in society and the conflict between Chinese and Western cultures have led them to form many different values.

Awakening of self-awareness and publicity of self-worth are important characteristics of contemporary college students.

Seeking in reality and pursuing in the ideal, not only books, teachers, and not just the important signs of contemporary college students.

The outside world is excellent. University students are unwilling to confine themselves in a small circle. They open their curious eyes and become familiar with the world through their own observation and thinking; they do not want the support of their elders and try to be good.The hands and arms of the person walk with their naive feet, but society, a unified whole, objectively requires members of society to obey the society and act in accordance with a certain unified will, thus creating a personal and socialContradictions and conflicts.
  The vulnerability of emotional will.

College students long for opportunities for fair competition. However, once they are frustrated in the competition, some people are often pessimistic and disappointed and disheartened. Regarding the many unfavorable phenomena existing in the society, college students are not used to it, but sometimes they are unintentionalIn the simulation, even excuse yourself.

They pursue high-level needs for self-actualization, but when personal and social conflicts occur, they often try to satisfy low-level needs and pursue sensory stimulation.

They have a strong sense of self-esteem. Some people just listen to praise but not criticism. They think they are the elite of the era, but they ignore many of their weaknesses.

This shows that the personality of college students is not sound enough, and emotional will is still very fragile.

  The cause of “desk culture” is complicated. There are both social and student factors. To overcome or resist this alternative “desk culture”, it is necessary to start from various aspects to eliminate the impact of it.In addition to strengthening positive publicity and guidance and governance, creating and developing a healthy and diversified campus that is truly beloved and welcomed by students, and willing to take part in it, is certainly the most critical of a campus culture where students are everyone.

09 Feb

Demystifying the underlying psychology of women who like chewing the tongue

Demystifying the underlying psychology of women who like chewing the tongue

There are always some people in life who like to gossip and play tricks. We call it the root of the tongue.

Many people take this as a leisure time.

The gossip in daily life plays a role in promoting one’s socialization, and the change is gradually infiltrated and influenced by social customs, customs, moral standards, and becomes a member accepted by society.

So, from a psychological point of view, why are some people so happy with “chewing tongue”?

  The first is the need for attention.

One of the basic characteristics of “chewing tongue” is excessive sharing of the secrets of third parties.

The two sides of interpersonal communication are opposed to each other, not everyone has the secrets of the “third party”, but the curiosity of the secrets of others’ lives is everyone’s nature.

If a person inquires from many parties and knows some truthful or false news from others, the content he or she often says can attract a lot of listeners and make himself the center of others’ attention.

Therefore, although the “chewing tongue” person is often in life and is not necessarily a successful person, he can fully enjoy being noticed and regarded as the feeling of grasping the secrets of others, which is also an unpleasant experience in real life.Kind of compensation.

  In fact, it is the need to release pressure.

Psychological research shows that if a person has too many secrets in his heart, then he needs corresponding mental energy to control these secrets, which is often uncomfortable, so there must be a need to talk.

Anyone who has seen the movie “Infernal Affairs” knows that Andy Lau and Tony Leung play undercover roles. Too many secrets in their hearts are difficult to dissolve, so that both people go to psychological counseling at the same time in the hope of resuming mediation.

For those who have mastered the secrets of others, it is also uncomfortable if they do not tell them, so they have adopted the method of “chewing the roots” to talk about these secrets, so as to release the pressure generated by the secrets.

  Finally, and most importantly, the need for intimate contact.

People live in the world, everyone is lonely, they all want to be recognized and accepted by others, and they have the desire for friendship.

Generally, the development of friendship will go through stages of joint activities, secret sharing, etc. In essence, the “chewing tongue” person hopes to borrow the secret means of sharing others to gain the growth of friendship with the listener and promote the relationship.

However, it should be noted that the secret sharing in the development of friendship includes both the secret sharing of others in the early stage and the further disclosure of their own secrets.

However, those who are willing to “chew the tongue”, although they also crave friendship, often stop at the stage of sharing the secrets of others, are good at sharing the secrets of others, but are unwilling to reveal their secrets. This is precisely the result of us.What you see in life is that the “chewing tongue” people even get friendship, which is also a shallow friendship. They can’t communicate with others more deeply. This is actually the distress of the “chewing tongue” people. There is no real life in their lives.friend.
  In life, a person who is willing to “chew the tongue” is often a person with a low degree of success in life, who desires friendship but has difficulty in obtaining true friendship.

Therefore, those who “chew the tongue” are advised to “sit and meditate often and talk nonsense about people and people.” People who play with right and wrong often smash their feet with stones.

08 Feb

To prevent myopia, eat more green fruits

To prevent myopia, eat more green fruits

In recent years, the lutein absorption of urban children has been reduced, and in-depth research by western nutritionists has finally revealed this mystery.

It turns out that the occurrence of myopia has a lot to do with too little nutrition called “lutein”.

  Lutein is a “carotenoid”, which is found in higher amounts in fresh green vegetables and citrus fruits.

According to research by scientists, lutein has an important protective effect on the “macular” in the retina, and lack of lutein can easily cause macular degeneration and blurred vision.

  Eat more citrus to prevent vision deterioration. Rural children, because they eat green vegetables directly collected from the field, absorb lutein sufficiently.

Urban children usually eat high-protein, high-nutrition foods, and rarely eat fresh green vegetables, so the amount of lutein introduced is correspondingly less than that of rural children.

This is the primary cause of the huge difference in vision between children in urban and rural areas.

  In response to this, nutritionists recommend that you eat more citrus fruits every day to prevent vision deterioration.