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Two mistakes made by good people

Two mistakes made by good people

People with a body mass index within the normal range may have abnormal body composition or other health indicators such as blood stasis, triglycerides, blood sugar, and bone density.

  Error area 1: The body is not fat or thin, does not need to exercise. The body is not fat or thin, and does not require exercise to judge the body’s fat and thin. It is necessary to estimate the body weight index or weight and the corresponding standard weight of the person’s height.

  People with a body mass index within the normal range may have abnormal body composition or other health indicators such as blood stasis, triglycerides, blood sugar, and bone density.

  Physical abnormality means that the proportion of adults in the body is insufficient.

Some lesbians look slim, but the proportion of body fat is still too high when measured by composition.

The high body fat ratio includes two aspects. One is the unfortunately high absolute amount, which results in less muscle faeces, and thus a slightly higher relative content.

The slender lesbians mainly belong to the latter case.

This situation is mainly caused by insufficient exercise and increasing age, and the muscle fibers gradually decrease after middle age.

  For those with normal body mass index, exercise can change body composition and abnormal muscle structure ratio, and improve all aspects of the body’s function.

  Myth 2 Fruit is a snack, but you can eat it or not. Do not think that fruit is just a weapon for weight loss. Others can eat or not.

  Fruit contains minerals that are necessary for the human body but cannot be synthesized by itself, has strong antioxidant effects, contains vitamins to prevent cell aging, and soluble fiber-pectin, which can significantly reduce cholesterol concentration in the blood, which is very beneficial to human health.

But Chinese, especially men, often eat a low percentage of fruit.

  Regular fruit eating is not easy to get cancer In the 1980s, an analysis of data from a 10-year follow-up study of 1 million people in the United States found that among people who did not eat or seldom ate fruit, fatality was often caused by fruit.

75 times.

What is in the fruit that causes this effect?

Is it a vitamin?

Does taking a commercially available vitamin preparation work the same?

Further analysis of the relationship between deaths from lung cancer and taking vitamin preparations, it was found that regular protection with vitamins did not provide similar protection.

  Yes, the interpretation of nutritional immunology experts is that the vitamins in natural plants do not work alone, but work in conjunction with other vitamins and nutrients.

Since chemically synthesized vitamins are separated from other vitamins and nutrients, the proportions of the components of the compound are also different from those of natural ones, and they cannot produce the same effects as natural vitamins.

  Therefore, in daily life, fruit should be an important part of daily expectations, and it is by no means optional.

For the general population, vitamin preparations must not, and should not be, a substitute for daily fruits and vegetables.

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Get younger and faster


Get younger and faster

How do you know that your skin is starting to dehydrate?

When the skin becomes dull, the maintenance penetration becomes worse, the powder does not conform to the skin, and the rough skin touches are all phenomena caused by dry skin.

  The skin evaporates and loses half a liter of water every day. If it encounters seasonal changes, the humidity of the air changes rapidly. As the rate of water evaporation increases, it will naturally produce more serious water loss. At this time, water is definitely the most important.Basic maintenance.

In order to make the water look attractive, we must pay attention to the skin’s water retention. 70% of the human body is hydrated, and the proportion of the skin is similar. If the accumulation of the skin is reduced, especially the accumulation of the stratum corneum, it will lead to dry skin.Even the formation of fine lines, cracks, and accelerated skin aging.

  The wrong method of moisturizing makes it easier for you to get old quickly. Now I will teach you the correct method of moisturizing to keep you away from aging.

  The 3 steps of proper moisturization include: water supply, water absorption, and water lock 1.

Water supply: It is recommended to use moisturizing lotion without alcohol.

  Recommended products: Butterfly Crest DHC repair repair lotion Reference price: 250.

0 / 120ml Product introduction: Dry skin and skin that become rough due to sensitivity, the lack of intercellular lipids (ceramides) in the stratum corneum is common.

Intercellular lipids can connect keratinocytes while retaining moisture in the top sandwich, thereby locking the effect of moisture.

DHC Strengthening Repair Lotion directly supplements easily missing ceramide to improve the skin’s original moisturizing ability. It is a lotion developed for the care of ultra-dry skin.

The vegetal ceramide that penetrates the skin quickly can replenish intercellular starch, strengthen the barrier against moisture evaporation, and improve the moisturizing function of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) in the stratum corneum, thereby accumulating moisture and moisturizing the skin.


Water absorption: use lactobionic acid, natural moisturizing factor, amino acid, peptone protein, elastin, keratin, sorbitol, lactic acid, urea, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and other “humectants” to absorb water to achieve the purpose of increasing the thickness of the stratum corneum.
  Recommended products: CLARINS Clarins Hengrun Moisturizing Essence Reference Price: 30ml / 560 yuan Product Introduction: Clarins Hengrun Moisturizing Essence, through a unique water and oil separation active formula, make the essence of the essence safer and more stable, and light and fast good absorptionIt also targets the four major levels of the skin-the sebum film, the cuticle, the epidermis and the dermis. The layers store water, effectively introducing and storing a large amount of water for the skin, and repairing the skin’s water-retaining ecosystem.


Water lock: use “blocking agents” rich in fatty acids, phospholipids, waxes, animal oils, wheat germ oil, lotus oil, evening primrose oil, animal and vegetable oils, mineral oils, etc. to lock water and keep hornyThe moisture in the layer prevents loss.

  Recommended product recommendation: Biotherm Living Water Lasting Moisture Reference Price: ¥ 450.

0 / 50ml Product introduction: Replenish the skin with sufficient moisture, and help the skin lock in moisture, so that the skin “baths” in the moisturizing, comfortable and pleasant feeling brought by the extract of thermophilic plankton extracted from natural mineral springs.

Contains serine, citrulline and gluconate copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese ions; fresh powder; leaves skin smooth, moisturized, feeling supple and radiant all day long.

  The use of a humectant alone is not enough to moisturize it. A blocking agent that prevents water from evaporating is needed. Otherwise, even if the humectant works well, the skin’s moisture will still be quickly lost in the dry air and the moisturizing purpose cannot be achieved.

The use of a sealer alone can reduce water loss, but because the skin is very dry, if there is no action of adding water, it will still be dry and cracked.

  Suggestions for use: First spray the face with hot spring water or other moisturizing spray water, and gently dry it. As soon as the skin absorbs moisture, immediately apply the moisturizing essence containing moisturizing cream, and then apply the lotion that closes the water lock function.Moisturizing.
  MM with extremely dry skin, even if moisturizing lotion is applied, the moisturizing cream may not be effective. The reason is that the supplemental moisture is not enough to deal with the problem of dehydration on the face. At this time, it is recommended to use a moisturizing mask, which can be given in a short time.Add a lot of water to the skin, and then immediately apply moisturizing lotion and moisturizing cream to retain moisture, so you can quickly improve.

  Xiaobian intimate tips: In addition to choosing the right moisturizing products, plus proper water retention, drinking plenty of water is also an important part of beauty. Drinking water can beautify the inside of the body, restore the skin’s function to normal, and the skin will naturally be tender and translucent.

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Spinach nourishing liver and protecting liver

Spinach nourishing liver and protecting liver

Everything in the spring is a good time to take care of your body.

In accordance with the health principle of “Four Seasons Emphasis” in Chinese medicine, nourishing the liver in the spring should be based on nourishing the liver, and the most suitable for nourishing the liver is spinach.

Spinach has high nutritional value, can nourish yin, moisturize, and relieve liver and nourish blood.

In the spring, the focus is on nourishing the liver, coupled with the dry weather, so you should eat more spinach in the spring, which has a good conditioning effect on the body.

The following introduces the method of spinach and how to make cold spinach?

  First, sesame and wolfberry mixed with spinach 400g spinach, 1 sesame, 1 wolfberry, 5 cloves of garlic, 1 tablespoon of raw soy sauce, 3 drops of sesame oil, 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of chicken essence, water.

  1. Remove the spinach and wash it, soak it in brine for 15 minutes, and cut into 4 cm long pieces.

  2. The garlic cloves are pressed into mud with a garlic press, the wolfberry is softened with warm water, and the seasoning juice is ready.

  3. Add the sesame seeds to the wok and stir-fry until slightly yellow.

  4. After the water in the pot is boiled, add spinach and simmer for 3 minutes. Remove the cold water and control the moisture.

  5. Put the spinach with dry water in a bowl, add garlic, raw soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, salt and chicken essence, sprinkle with cooked sesame and wolfberry, pour a few drops of sesame oil, and mix well.

  Second, garlic spinach with 200 grams of spinach, 30 grams of peanuts and 20 grams of cashews.

  Seasoning 3 cloves of garlic, 2 grams of salt, 10 grams of rice vinegar, 2 grams of sesame oil, and 20 grams of vegetable oil.

  1. Prepare the ingredients. Put the vegetable oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, fry the peanut kernels and fry the cashew nuts when they are ripe.

  2. Garlic is mashed with salt and put into the mud. Pour rice vinegar into the garlic and mix well.

  3, boil water in the pot, put a small amount of salt, wash the spinach and put it in the pot, turn green, you can remove, quickly put in cold water to cool, otherwise it will turn yellow, and the taste will change.

  4. Gently simmer the water after cooling, cut into the length you like, pour the vinegar and garlic juice and sesame oil into the spinach and mix well, then pour in the fried peanut kernels and cashews, and stir.Enough.

  3. Spiced spinach ingredients: 250 grams of spinach, 1 handful of almonds, 15 grams of white sesame, 1 spoon of salt, 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, 1 spoon of vinegar, 1/2 spoon of white sugar, a few drops of sesame oil, and an appropriate amount of water.

  1. Put white sesame seeds in a pan and cook over medium-low heat.

  2. Fry the white sesame seeds with half a spoonful of salt and mash them into sesame salt.

  3. Take 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, 1 spoon of vinegar, half a spoon of white sugar, add a few drops of sesame oil and mix well.

  4. Pick the spinach and soak it in salt water for 20 minutes. Rinse with water and control the water for later use.

  5. Boil a pot of water, add half a spoonful of salt after the water is boiled, and add the washed spinach to blanch. It doesn’t take long for 1 minute.

  6. Remove the hot spinach and put it in the ice water for a while. The iced spinach is slightly moistened and cut into sections.

  7. Add the chopped spinach to the filling in step 3 and mix well, then add the sesame salt and mix well.

  8. Load the plate and garnish with some big almonds.

  4. Warmly mix ginger and spinach ingredients: 500g spinach, 10g ginger, 15ml raw soy sauce, 15ml vinegar, 3g salt, 3g white sugar, 2ml sesame oil, and 3g white sesame.

  1. Wash and cut off the spinach and add boiling water for about half a minute.

  2. After draining, drain the water in a container and let it stand for a few minutes.

  3. Ginger is processed during the period, the skin of the ginger is peeled off, and the ginger is ground into a ginger paste with a grinder.

  4. After the spinach is not hot, squeeze out the excess water from the spinach and cut into inches with a knife and add sugar.

  5. Finally, mix soy sauce, vinegar, salt, sesame oil, cooked sesame and ginger, and spinach.

  Fifth, golden garlic preserved eggs with spinach ingredients 300 grams of spinach, 2 pine eggs, 1 garlic, 300 ml vegetable oil, chicken broth, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 tablespoon oyster sauce.

  1. Peel the eggs and cut into small pieces for later use, and cut garlic for later use.

  2. 70% of the hot oil will fry the garlic to golden brown. Put the fried garlic in a bowl and set aside.

  3. Boil the spinach with boiling water and squeeze out the water.

  4, drain the spinach water, pour an appropriate amount of chicken broth (or water) in the pot, a little more, first put the preserved eggs and fried garlic and boil.

  5, then put the simmered spinach, put some salt and oyster sauce, boil and mix well, then the pan, if there is chicken oil out of the pan and drizzle some chicken oil is better.  Now, have you found your favorite spinach making method?

When you eat hot pot dinner, you may wish to add a spinach in the hot pot.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that before cooking spinach, be sure to boil it in boiling water to remove the oxalic acid on the surface.

28 Dec

Would you like to go home and be a full-time wife

Would you like to go home and be a “full-time wife”

Taking care of the family and enjoying life The life of a full-time wife feels beautiful.
Cao Shiju, who had just moved from Shenzhen to the 101st building in Sanyuan Ercun the year before, said that after she got married and had children, she quit her job and devoted herself to taking care of her children at home.
Instead of handing it over to the nanny, bring it in person. “I can stay with my child’s growth process and play a good role in supervising the cultivation of his living habits and the shaping of his hobbies.”
Life at leisure, when the child was small, he didn’t feel dull at all. The child was ill and could be accompanied throughout the journey. The child’s reckless childish words could be repeated aftertastes. Take the child to meet other children and other children in the community.Mothers, often their mother and son are the envy of others. In this way, they do not need to run for their livelihood. There are unexpected gains. “Many people say that I look much younger than my peers.”
  Yun Haas, who lives in Xinzhuang Xincun, quit his original job, followed Mr. Liu from Inner Mongolia to Suzhou, and was unfamiliar with his life. He couldn’t find a suitable job for a while and “can only choose to be a full-time wife.
“Without a job, Yunhas feels very boring. Fortunately, the community has a variety of activities. Yunhas has actively participated. While relaxing, he gradually feels that the greatest benefit of a full-time wife’s life is that he can arrange himself calmly.time.
My husband’s company is in the preparatory stage. Many trivial matters have been handled by Yunhas. In the past, because there were different business circles, “I can’t participate in so many things at all.
Yunhas said, the more you participate, the more you understand, but it never occurred to me that the life of a full-time wife has actually enhanced the relationship between husband and wife.
  When the Taiwanese lady Li Xiaoping was in Taiwan, she did well in securities. “Sometimes when you are busy with six phones ringing at the same time, it is impossible to think about your own preferences all day.
“When I became a full-time wife in Suzhou,” life is completely different.
“Learn calligraphy, practice yoga, learn embroidery . as long as you like, you have time to practice.
  Life is more like a seesaw. The distress of being free can return to the family and become a full-time wife. The economic conditions at home are a strong support, and the housewives who return to the family have inadvertently mentioned the economic impact of the current life situation.
  ”In the past, I made my own money and spent it. I bought whatever I wanted.
Li Xiaoping said very directly that even the family’s previous financial expenses were at their disposal, and her husband only had a small amount of pocket money.
But now, when spending money, especially if it involves a large amount, you will unconsciously go back and discuss with the other party.
“Even the voice has inadvertently become lower than in the past,” Li Xiaoping said with a smile. This change happened unknowingly, and the direct cause of the change was that the husband and wife in the family were no longer parallel economic entities.
  Invisible changes also depend on the psychological increase.
When I first came to Suzhou without an acquaintance, Yunhas couldn’t help but whisper to her husband: “I came here for you to give up everything. If one day you lose me, I will have nothing.
For Cao Shiju, when the husband comes home from work, his mood will be happy.
The husband’s income becomes the only support for the family. In fact, the center of gravity of the family or the housewife will unknowingly lean on the husband. For the housewife, this is also one of the unconsciously accepted reality.
  Having lived in Suzhou for 8 years, Li Xiaoping began to doubt the value of her existence.
“When I was busy myself, I was really envious to see others drinking coffee.
“But now I have been drinking leisure coffee for 8 years, and I feel more and more boring. Sometimes I will have panic in my heart. In case my husband loses his job someday, if he returns to Taiwan, the economic conditions will not keep up, and he will leave the job for 8 years.Post, how can I return to the former professional state.
  Out of the same anxiety, Gu Xiaofang, a friend of Li Xiaoping, also a wife of a Taiwanese businessman, partnered with someone to start a second-hand house transaction last year.
Gu Meifang said that when enough money is saved, the couple can retire early.
Gu Meifang’s return to the workplace made Li Xiaoping very excited.
  There is always a choice for a full-time wife. The key is to make yourself happy. Should you go home and be a full-time wife?
“We are firmly opposed!
“Zhu Min, chairman of the Development Department of the Women’s Federation of the City, clearly stated his point of view.
  ”How difficult it is for Chinese women to step out of their homes, and today there is a return of traditional family concepts,” said Zhu Min, which is related to the loss of women’s own value.
“In fact, there is only one child in each family, and the hard process is only a few years. Professional women need some skills to handle the relationship between the workplace and the family, but if they are handled well, they will enjoy greater happiness.
“” Choose to go home, although we can no longer bear the pressure of work, but “no matter the traditional atmosphere or the level of civilization in our social atmosphere, women’s family labor has not been fully respected.
For women, returning to the family, “This is a risky choice. To abandon work to some extent means taking the initiative to abandon self and transfer your own value to the family and children. The concept of these full-time wives,The understanding of society will gradually degenerate, which is extremely detrimental to the personal development of women.
“For a family and marriage, a full-time wife faces many risks.
“The competition is so fierce, what if you lose your job?
“There are risks to the family economy and the lack of security in marriage. Zhu Min said that in the work of the Women’s Federation, I have heard too many failures. In the event of an accident, I can no longer be a full-time wife of an independent economic entity.
  Should you choose a full-time wife?
How do you choose to adjust your life?”It is easy to exit the rivers and lakes, and it is too difficult to re-enter the workplace.

Li Xiaoping said that if you choose to be a full-time wife, the only way to change the dullness is to maintain a good attitude, arrange your time reasonably, attend more gatherings of relatives and friends, and learn more about social development through newspapers or the Internet.Means detachment from society.

Choosing a full-time wife is to choose a state of life. The key is to make yourself happy!

Li Xiaoping said.

27 Dec

Analysis of Difficulty in Choosing Spouses among Older White-collar Women in Shanghai

Analysis of Difficulty in Choosing Spouses among Older White-collar Women in Shanghai

“For your career, you can know how much you pay and you can keep working hard.

However, feelings are hard to come by.

Therefore, we are not unable to marry, or because of higher requirements for relationships.

“Happy single women say so.

  These single women, if they give them a focus, are women over 27 years old, white-collar workers, single or divorced women.

  This crowd has reached hundreds of thousands in large cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

Moreover, most single women in cities have the characteristics of “three highs”: high education, high income and high social level.

  So what is it that makes these excellent women closed and emotionally stuck in a situation where it is difficult to find an ideal partner for the time being?

  Therefore, the reporter talked with Lian Li, a marriage consultant of “Happy Life”, with a view to making some analysis of the “difficulty of mating” phenomenon of older women.

  High-quality determines their “better shortage” reporter: When did the “difficult to choose” phenomenon of older white-collar women appear?

  Leng Li: I have been engaged in white-collar marriage introduction for 8 years.

There is a number that illustrates the problem.

Eight years ago, the ratio of men and women who came to the marriage agency to find a spouse was 11: 1, but now the ratio is 1: 2, and women are almost twice as men.

This ratio has increased particularly rapidly in two to three years, and has continued to rise.

In other words, the “difficult to choose a spouse” phenomenon of older white-collar women began to appear two or three years ago.

  Reporter: Is this phenomenon common in Shanghai?

  Leng Li: Because of my work, I have contacted the personnel department or labor union of some companies, and made some investigations and statistics.

In the survey, we found that among some white-collar women aged 25-30 in foreign companies, more than 60% of them were not married or in love.

There are also some emerging industries, such as IT, biotechnology and other fields. Since the introduction of talent accounts for a large proportion, and these imported talents have less concern from parents and friends than ordinary Shanghainese, so they are unmarried and have no love object.The proportion is even higher, and some reach over 80%.

  Reporter: What do you think is the most important thing for older white-collar women to have difficulty choosing a spouse?

  Leng Li: Some people have summarized the four major characteristics of current white-collar workers: small mate selection circle, less leisure time, high work pressure and high personal vision.

These four characteristics actually determine the confusion and hardship of modern white-collar workers in love and marriage.

  As a result of my white-collar matchmaking and emotional counseling work, I have contacted too many white-collar women. In the age when they are most likely to encounter love, they are willing to give up everything in order to develop their careers.

But when his career was slightly successful, he found sadly that he was trapped in a small social circle, and it was not easy for him to walk out and for others to walk in.

But they are looking for love in such a small and narrow social circle, and will be subject to other restrictions from time to time in the future.

For example, some large companies have an unwritten agreement that prohibits employees in the same department or the same company from falling in love, or one of them must leave the department or company.

There are still some women who finally broke down into important positions after struggling. In order to maintain their image among the company’s employees, they dare not find friends in the circle.

And these white-collar women’s own high education, high quality, high salary, and determine their “preferring spouse” mentality.

  Part of the “feminine” journalist was lost due to professional characteristics: Are there other reasons that make it difficult for white-collar women to choose a spouse?

  Leng Li: Yes, another priority is that they have lost part of their “femininity” due to their professional characteristics.

There are often white-collar women wearing a professional suit to come to me for consultation. Their uniforms are generally not as nervous and shy as other girls, and some are even aggressive, asking me a lot of sharp questions.

I was secretly worried about them in my heart, wasn’t it the same when they fell in love?

  Reporter: Based on your experience, what kind of girl is easier to graft on?

  Leng Li: You know that the girls who come to register with us are generally required to have a college degree or above, but a friend recommended a girl with a college degree.

We talked for 5 minutes and I knew she could find the right partner soon.

Sure enough, within a month, she found a master’s boyfriend.

Speaking of which, she is the kind of girl that is particularly “feminine”: the little bird relies on people, behaves quietly, and is understanding.

  Reporter: How do you think “femininity” can play?  Leng Li: Actually, “femininity” is a kind of self-confidence, tolerance and selfless devotion from the heart of women.

Women in the new era usually tend to be independent, equal and sharp, willful. In fact, women’s independence should be a manifestation of spirituality, rather than external publicity and cares.

Mrs Thatcher always has to do some housework in addition to her accelerated work. She said, “Doing housework is a manifestation of family love. The biggest mistake a woman makes in her life is forgetting she is a woman.

“So,” femininity “is not that women have no principled obedience and accommodation to men in the traditional sense, but that modern women have melted their wisdom and wisdom in endless gentleness, so that they have a unique charm and ability.Win the favor of men.

  The outstanding “he” is not in a hurry to get married. Reporter: Compared with women, is there any new trend in male white-collar workers choosing a spouse?

  Leng Li: Yes.

Corresponding to white-collar women’s “difficult to choose a spouse,” white-collar men with better conditions easily refuse to marry, and it seems to have become a common phenomenon.

This in turn exacerbates the shortcomings of “difficult to choose a spouse” for white-collar women.

  Reporter: What causes white-collar men not to marry easily?

  Leng Li: There are usually many reasons why men want to get married. According to sociologists, human marriage has four purposes.

First, the biological purpose is to reproduce; second, the economic purpose, where two people share the family; third, the social purpose, which is recognized by the society; fourth, the psychological purpose, to satisfy loveDesire to gain a sense of belonging.

In the unopened era, everything was done step by step, perhaps for any of these purposes, it turned people into marriage.

With the opening of society, the improvement of material life and the continuous pursuit of spiritual life, people have more thoughts about the purpose of marriage.

Men find that the four purposes of the so-called marriage do not necessarily have to be achieved through marriage, so that they no longer easily enter the marriage for a reason.

At the same time, in the face of some utilitarian and practical girls in choosing a spouse, white-collar men are even more afraid of marriage.

Therefore, like women, men do not need a marriage, or a more sane and perfect marriage. The more successful a man is, the more he can demand from a girl, the more from his marriage.

  Put down the shelf, expand your horizons, and take the initiative to attack reporters: Finally, do you have any suggestions for marriage and love of older white-collar women?

  Leng Li: Recently, there is a very gratifying phenomenon. In our matchmaking agency, several couples of women earning more than men have succeeded.

Civil servants Mr. Wei and Miss Yang who work in foreign companies are typical examples.

Ms. Yang is the director of a computer company with monthly salaries of over one million.

When she first came to register, the staff recommended her some men with the same background and high income, but she broke the concept of the staff, and she frankly lowered: “I am an educated youth. I hope to find a stable home.So I don’t care much about the other party’s income. I value the other party’s character, quality, and whether they can have a cherished relationship with me.

“I believe that as long as Ms. Yang lowers the shelf, expands her field of vision, and takes the initiative to take the initiative, older white-collar women will surely find the other half they are satisfied with.

Economic analysis of single women From the perspective of economics, marriage is a product that requires a lot of investment, including the loss of certain personal freedoms, time spent, capital investment, the cost of searching for the ideal person in the vast crowd, and the cost of communication after finding itWait, in addition to cultivate feelings every day after marriage, you need to add some working capital.

While most women choose to enter the siege of marriage, there are still a few women who choose to be single or to remain single for the time being.

The article “Economic Analysis of Single Women” by Dr. Zhao Xiao, a domestic economist, targeted the group of 27-year-old, unmarried or divorced women.

  Older women’s “path dependence” This may be a vicious circle and is called “path dependence” in economics.

That is to say, a woman misses her marriage age because she loves her career, and because she can’t let go of her career, she goes longer and longer on the road of being single.

In addition, many women have been hurt by excessive feelings. Some people think that the feelings are not secure. Because of their rehabilitation, they have seized their careers more tightly.

So you see they are always busy.

But the smaller they get, the less likely they are to get affection, and eventually they may be locked in the path of being single.

This is the “path dependence” effect of single women.

 Economic independence is a white-collar woman over 27 years of age. The income of this group is generally not low.

It is precisely because of their economic independence that they do not need to rely on men, but choose between marriage.

In the old days, women were rarely single, because women had nothing and had no economic structure at all. Marrying a man would lose freedom but get a job.

In modern society, an excellent professional woman is faced with many choices. She has good job opportunities and a great future.

If the marriage is going to pay too much, she will be reluctant; if the marriage is going to pay too much, she will be reluctant.

It can be predicted that the more jobs and development opportunities provided to women by society, the more single women will emerge.

  Considering the “opportunity cost” of marriage, single women are often not looking for men, but because the opportunity cost of marriage is too high.

Single women who choose a career will have a higher “sunk cost”, which makes the choice of marriage more difficult.

For example, investing in a project may take 100 million yuan to complete. After investing 50 million yuan, you start to wonder if this project is worth doing, but if you give up, 50 million yuan will “sink”, then you often try to stick to this project.A girl who fell in love with someone in college can follow him to the ends of the earth. At that time, she had no “sunk cost” or the cost was very small.

However, a woman who has finally set foot in Shanghai and was entrusted with a heavy task by the unit, her sunk costs are high, and it is difficult for her to give up everything and follow love to other places.

Unless she can recoup her investment in her career, she will not let go.

Therefore, the stronger the single woman’s career, the more she hopes to have a good relationship and go beyond compensation.

However, it is also at the time when expectations are high that marriage becomes more difficult.

26 Dec

Test your attitude towards love

Test your attitude towards love

You can grind your attitude towards love from the origami paper method.

  In what way do you like to origami, which may reveal your attitude towards love . 1, multiple random fancy folding methods 2, fold in half, fold in half again, and fold horizontally, call each other on the letter paperWhen exposed, the recipient can see 4 at a glance and fold it into small squares, occupying only a little place here. The test results choose one: you are an innocent young man full of desire for the advent of love, or a regular visitor, a “”Temperament” man!

  However, do n’t eat fireworks because of love. Forgetting life for someone ‘s love has other meanings. In the end, you may end up with nothing and be careful.

  Option two: You have a lively personality, candid and generous, you have a clear minded approach to work, and a higher success rate. You will never recognize same-sex and heterosexual friends around you.

  However, because you take love seriously and lack of interest, although you are well-connected, you will encounter too many bumps in love.

  Choice three: You are the kind of popular lover. In love, it can always help the other person to appreciate your goodness.

  Although you ca n’t help but feel that you ‘re not sincere enough, but after all, you are obsessed with love and go all out. Forever, anyone will be moved by your infatuation.

  Option 4: You have a careful mind and you are a possessor!

  Every movement of your nervous lover, even if he inadvertently notices the other opposite sex, he will make you suspicious.

You know that too strong a desire to control will make the relationship between the two parties more tense and less harmonious. Why do you want to do this?

Let’s learn naturally and be honest with everything.

25 Dec

Finding the Roots of Spring Four Ways to Eradicate Your Acne

Finding the Roots of Spring Four Ways to Eradicate Your Acne

The temperature rose in spring and the intensity of ultraviolet radiation gradually increased. Cen Ji’s acne had to be active again in winter.

This season, everything is flourishing, and the climate is suitable. This is the starting point for dressing up and living throughout the year. Therefore, we must fight against acne with scientific and effective measures, and also have the beautiful impression of smooth and flawless skin.


hzh {display: none; }  你的痘痘是哪类起因?  Acne, commonly known as “acne” or “acne”, is a chronic disease of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles.

Occurs in adolescents, but it is not exclusive to adolescents. People with acne after the age of 25 are now also very common.


Strong secretion of sebaceous glands: due to hormones, temperature and other factors, the sebaceous glands are hyperfunctional.


Excessive keratinization of the pores: abnormal keratin metabolism, keratinocytes do not transfer in time, and become thicker and thicker, openings in the hair follicles are blocked.


Excessive Acne Bacteria: Excessively thick cuticles clog pores, creating an environment in which anaerobic acne bacteria can live.

Acne bacteria can use sebum nutrients in closed hair follicles to multiply and cause quenching.

  In the spring anti-acne four steps, have you ever thought that the daily cleaning is not thorough, that you do not take sun protection measures at work, or that oil removal is not suitable for moisturizing, these may be the reasons for your failure to fight “acne”.

  Step1 Gentle cleaning prevention The first step is cleaning.

Dust, air pollutants, make-up and your own oily secretions can clog pores, creating an excellent condition for acne.

The ideal cleansing product should be able to thoroughly wash away all forms of the face, oil-soluble dirt, moderate degreasing, and it can also inhibit the proliferation of bacteria.

However, cleanliness should be moderate. Do not wash your face more than twice a day, and the water temperature should not be too high.

Excessive cleansing can only stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, destroy the skin sebum membrane, and easily lead to skin sensitivity.

  Step2 Oil control and moisturizing acne muscles need more moisturizing, and the skin is more oily and dehydrated. The excessive sebum secretion increases the skin to lose more water, and then accelerates the secretion of sebum to moisturize the protective epidermis and form a vicious circle.

It is necessary to use toner and moisturizer after cleaning.

Toner can adjust the pH of the skin, and it can also be used for secondary cleansing while delivering moisture to the skin.

A small amount of refreshing moisturizing milk locks in moisture without increasing the burden.

Strong skin’s water retention is the focus of all skin care.

  Step3 Sun Protection Isolation Exposure to dryness will tan and sunburn the skin, and also worsen acne skin.

Ultraviolet rays hit the skin. In order to resist its damage to the cells, the skin will automatically thicken and protect the skin.

The accumulation of the stratum corneum can lead to poor excretion of oil, causing crack sores.

Therefore, acne muscles do sunscreen homework and set sunscreen work in the daily life.

The refreshing chemical sunscreen is more suitable for acne-prone skin. It is small and light, easy to apply, and does not easily block pores.

  Step4 Persistent anti-acne and acne treatment is a protracted battle. If acne has become a major problem for your beauty, you must pay attention to everything from diet and daily skin care products. Under what circumstances will acne worsen and what will happen?It will get better, so that I can find my own comprehensive maintenance method.

The choice of acne products should pay attention to mildness, and at the same time, it can really control the major factors of acne and reduce the occurrence of acne.

24 Dec

Nutrition facts and diet recipes for bananas

Nutrition facts and diet recipes for bananas

The molecular weight is 77 grams per 100 grams of banana and protein is 1.

2 grams, aunt 0.

6 grams, cobalt 19.

5 grams, crude fiber 0.

9 mg, calcium 9 mg, phosphorus 9 mg, iron 0.

6 mg, carotene 0.

25 mg of vitamin B10.

02 mg, vitamin B20.

05 mg, niacin 0.

7 mg, trace amount of vitamin C6.

  Chinese medicine believes that bananas are sweet and cold, and have the effect of clearing away heat and intestines, nourishing the lungs and relieving alcohol.

  For hemorrhoids and blood in the stool, stew it without peeling and eat it.

  For cough 1-2, stew with rock sugar.

1-2 times a day for several days.

  For hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other symptoms of 3-5, regular food is effective.

  60 grams of hangover, decoction.

23 Dec

Yoga four poses to create women’s favorite S-shape

Yoga four poses to create women’s favorite S-shape

Core tip: Yoga four styles help you highlight the beautiful curve that a woman should have, let the concave place be concave, the convex place convex, which is the so-called S shape.

Woman, don’t have to wait any longer, just act.

  A woman’s beautiful figure is not born by nature or accumulated and maintained by herself, but don’t think about any easy shortcuts, you need to pay a certain amount of sweat to get a better return.

The four yoga styles help you build your own bumpy figure.

  In the first type, the left leg is upright on the ground, the right leg is bent to the outside of the left leg and placed upward, and the hands are placed close to the left front chest, the body is kept balanced, and the opposite direction is repeated.

  In the second type, sit on the floor with your legs straight, turn your body to the right, try to lift your body with your hands on the ground, and your hips will rise sideways. Exhaling slowly raise your left leg and turn it to the side 15 degrees. Hold for 30 seconds.Repeat in the opposite direction.
  The third type of sitting posture is to straighten your legs, support your head and lean back, take a deep breath, lift your body with your arms to keep your legs aligned, try to let your chest expand and your hips tighten, or put your legs on your knees.This exercise can train chest, waist and hips at the same time.

  The fourth type sits on the floor, straightening the right leg, bending the left leg, inserting the right foot to the outside of the left leg and placing it inward and close together. The inspiratory sensation force rises from the spine to the top.The side is twisted, the main shaft is kept horizontal, and the opposite direction is repeated.

22 Dec

Dry autumn pay attention to protect eyes


Dry autumn pay attention to protect eyes

Although the autumn is comfortable and dry, some white-collar workers who work on the computer every day start to feel dry, the eyes are hot, the things are clear, and some are itchy.

Experts believe that computers are often used in air-dry, non-circulating environments. The number of exposed eyes and the number of blinks between the two blinks are reduced, and the evaporation of tears accelerates and becomes one of the causes of dry eye syndrome.

This season, the number of patients with dry eye has increased, so at this time, people must pay attention to the protection of the eyes when working.

銆€銆€鈻?Due to the reduced number of blinks, eye dryness is easy. Associate Professor Wang Yanling, director of the Eye Hospital of Friendship Hospital, said that the normal eye surface is covered with a tear film, and the stable tear film is the basis for maintaining the health of the eye surface.

The tears completely disinfect and sterilize, as well as lubricate the eyeballs to maintain the important function of the corneal refractive system.

Blinking is a protective nerve reflex that allows tears to be applied evenly over the cornea and conjunctiva to keep the eyeballs dry rather than dry.

A normal person blinks about 20 times a minute. If you repeatedly open the eye and change the screen quickly, the number of blinks is often reduced to four to five times per minute, and the symptoms of dry eyes and sores may appear.

Similarly, if the secretion of tears is too small, the cornea will never get wet, the whole eyeball will be dry and dull, the corneal epithelium will be keratinized, and obvious traces will form. When looking at things, there will be unclear vision, and the eyes will have a burning sensation and foreign bodies.Feeling, visual fatigue, eye pain, etc. form dry eye syndrome.

銆€銆€鈻?Five kinds of people are prone to dry eye syndrome. Director Wang introduced that as a common disease, it is frequently ill, and everyone knows little about dry eye syndrome.

Working in front of the computer, you must “enjoy” the white-collar workers in central air-conditioning, patients who need eye medicine for eye diseases, people who wear contact lenses for a long time, people who have had eye myopia, cataract surgery and menopausal hormone levels in a dry climate.In the middle of the city, dry eye syndrome is caused by the evaporation of the tear film.

銆€銆€For a long time, the air conditioner is open and the air is not in the environment. It is often concentrated and concentrated. For example, using computers, driving, etc. can cause eye enlargement and transient frequency reduction during transient interval exposure, which accelerates the evaporation of tears.

Computer workers work in a confined environment with air-conditioning equipment. Due to the low humidity and the heat generated by the computer, the tear layer evaporates in a few seconds in a dry environment.

Symptoms are: dry eyes, headache, irritability, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating.

According to a survey by the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, 90% of people who work more than three hours a day in front of a computer have problems with their eyes.

銆€銆€Patients with dry eye often have dry eyes, foreign body sensation, photophobia, blurred vision or distorted discomfort. Serious dry eyes can cause significant decline in vision and affect work and life, and even lead to blindness.

In the United States between the ages of 65 and 84, 14.

6% suffer from dry eye syndrome.

Depending on routine hygiene and environmental conditions, the incidence may be higher than in the United States.

銆€銆€鈻燚ry eye syndrome diagnosis of persistent symptoms In the diagnosis of dry eye syndrome, the symptoms of the patient are very indicated.

As long as there are symptoms, even if the objective test results are consistent, it may still be diagnosed as dry eye.

If the objective examination is positive, the patient does not feel it, and it is necessary to be cautious if it is diagnosed as dry eye.

Dry eye syndrome can be divided into tear-deficient dry eye and evaporative dry eye, one is due to the decrease in the amount of tear secretion, and the other is due to the abnormal quality and amount of adenine secretion from the meibomian plate.The tear film evaporates faster, causing dry eyes.

銆€銆€Many patients like to “treat” themselves when they start eye discomfort. They use antibiotics and antiviral eye drops. In fact, this method is not suitable for the treatment of dry eye syndrome. Instead, it may aggravate the symptoms because of different dry eye treatments.The method is different.

If you take some medicines and cause dry eye, you should stop the medicine; if it is caused by immune diseases, endocrine disorders, vitamin deficiency, etc., you must treat the above diseases first.

銆€銆€The tear-deficient dry eye needs artificial tears. When it is uncomfortable, it is better, but it is better not to exceed 6 times a day, because if it is more than 6 times, the normal tear film will be washed away, which will aggravate the symptoms.

銆€銆€If the patient diagnosed with meibomian gland dysfunction by the doctor should pay attention to the eyelids clean, use a towel dipped above the body temperature, but do not put too hot water on the eyes, every 10 minutes or so, it is best to do it in the morning.If you have time to do it once a day, the effect will be better, you can also ask the medical staff for a massage.

銆€銆€Since the establishment of the dry eye specialist clinic in the Friendship Hospital, there have been many patients visiting the hospital, but when communicating with patients, doctors have found that there are many misunderstandings.

In order to prevent this disease, experts reminded to pay attention to eye hygiene, including accidentally blinking, use the eyes to rest for an hour or so, close your eyes and look forward to the distance; do more eyes when doing more attention.

銆€銆€After the onset of dry eye, the use of antibiotic eye drops, hormone eye drops, artificial tears and the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis drugs should be carried out under the guidance of a specialist.