15 Feb

How to choose the right yoga mat

How to choose the right yoga mat

Yoga is popular, and yoga mats naturally rise in height. There are many yoga mats on the market that are dazzling, with different materials and prices.

How can I choose a personal yoga companion and make it shorter to accompany myself continuously?

Below experts help you pick!

  Yoga teacher Lan Li, who has taught more than 5,000 hours in the United States, recommends that before buying a yoga mat, the following five major issues need to be considered: 1.

Is it easy to lay the yoga mat when it is flat on the floor?


Is it easy to slip after sweating?


Is the legal “use period” of a manufacturing mark?


Is it easy to carry?


Is its material environmentally friendly?

What is the impact on the environment after being eliminated?

  The fitness coach recommends that when buying, the following 5 tips can help you buy a good yoga mat: 1. Insert your yoga mat with your thumb and forefinger, try how pressure-resistant it is, and prevent yoga with good elasticity

  2. Bring an eraser with you before you buy, use it to wipe the yoga mat, and try to make the material easy to break?

  3. Gently push the surface of the mat with the palm to have a dry feeling. If there is too much foaming agent on the surface of the mat and there is a slippery feeling, it is easy to slip and fall when doing exercises on it.

  4. For beginners of yoga, you can choose a thicker mat, such as 6mm thick; if you have a certain foundation, you can choose thickness 3.

5mm-5mm yoga mat.

  5. Compared to traditional yoga mats made of PVC, environmentally-friendly yoga mats mixed with natural latex and hemp, although slightly more expensive, will be better for the human body and the environment.

When the economy allows it, consider it.

07 Feb

Beijing enters central heating period, home is careful heating killer

Beijing enters central heating period, home is careful “heating killer”

“As soon as I wake up in the morning, my lips dry very badly.
“” You can’t stay in the room too much, otherwise you will feel dizzy and uncomfortable.
“. Beijing’s central heating has been going on for some time, and people staying in warm rooms have become more ill.
Experts say that indoor heating is open in winter, and people are prone to “heating diseases” such as irritability and dry nasopharynx.
In addition, some bad habits and behaviors also imply a health crisis, and people should be alert to the “heat killer”.
“Laying on the bed” is more and more harmful. The weather is getting colder and colder, and people have the feeling that they are more and more fond of bed.
However, if you want to have a healthy body, don’t rely on the trivial matter of bed.
Experts at the Beijing Emergency Center said that bed-laying can cause all sorts of bad consequences.
I like to stay in bed in winter, but I have no time to eat breakfast or miss it.
This behavior is not good for gastrointestinal function, and it is also one of the factors that cannot be ignored for gaining weight.
In addition, in winter, lying on the bed will also affect the excretory function of the human body, which can easily cause constipation.
In addition, going to bed early and getting up early and keeping the normal circadian pattern of human organs will make people energetic during the day and sleep peacefully at night.
If you stay in bed or sleep for too long, it is not good for your health and will affect the health of the urinary system: Some people like to stay in bed in winter and are unwilling to leave the warm bed and go to the toilet.Toxic substances are harmful to human health.
“No spirit” Don’t forget that since ventilation and heating, some people often feel uncomfortable and unconscious. This may be related to the high temperature of the heater and the lack of air circulation.
Experts say that in winter, if the indoor temperature is often maintained above 25 ° C, and the windows are not often opened for ventilation, people will be fatigued, dizzy, brain-swelled, mentally retarded, and have poor memory.
Experts said that the most pleasant indoor temperature and humidity are: winter temperature is 18 to 25 ℃, humidity is 30% to 80%.
If the influence of temperature and humidity on human thinking activities is taken into account, the most suitable room temperature should be 18 ° C, and the humidity should be 40% to 60%. At this time, the person’s mental state is good.
Experts say that people often feel dry in the heating house, and there are some small methods to adjust it at this time.
For example, raising a tank of fish will not only have more decoration, but also a little more humidity; the heating is too hot and often has the greatest impact on sleep. When you wake up, your mouth is dry and very uncomfortable. At this time, you choose to hang on the bedside.A wet towel, it worked very well.
Private heating pipelines or water pollution caused incidents of drinking water pollution due to illegal connection of heating pipelines and tap water pipelines in recent years.
The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health Supervision issued a reminder to remind the public that it is best not to modify the heating pipelines during home decoration, let alone connect heating water to tap water or install other heat exchange devices to avoid drinking water pollution.
According to reports, in order to facilitate the differentiation of heating water, some centralized heating units often add industrial dyes as indicators to the heating water, so that the heating water has a special color. For example, this heating water pollutes drinking water.Have a certain impact on physical health.
Therefore, heating units should use food coloring when selecting indicators.
Experts in the industry reminded citizens that if they found that drinking water in their homes appeared abnormal colors, odors, and abnormal temperature, they should promptly consult the water supply group hotline and call 12320 to complain to the health department.
Keep in mind that indoor carbon monoxide poisoning is cold in winter and people are not used to opening windows for ventilation after indoor heating.
As everyone knows, this habit also has potential safety risks. Under such circumstances, carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the use of water heaters occasionally occurs.
Accidents caused by improper use of domestic gas water heaters are distressing.
Water heaters produce nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide during combustion. If the bathroom is not well ventilated and a large amount of oxygen is consumed during combustion, people will be deprived of oxygen.
Insufficient gas combustion will produce more carbon monoxide and cause poisoning.
The public health department reminds the public to regularly overhaul stoves and water heaters; open doors and windows a little while bathing to allow air to circulate, and turn off the water heater after bathing; do not overheat for too long, appear dizziness and other symptoms, stop using immediately and open the door to convect fresh air.
If the patient is found to be in a coma, he should be removed from the poisoned environment, laid flat on the ground, resuscitated for those who have stopped heartbeat, and promptly dial 120.
Carbon monoxide alarms can also be installed at home, and regularly overhauled to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

27 Jan

Drugs that must be taken by the elderly

Drugs that must be taken by the elderly


Take medicine for your specific situation.

Diabetic coronary artery disease, hypertension, can expand the coronary artery according to their own conditions, such as Xiaoxintong tablets, nitroglycerin tablets, quick-acting rescue pills and antihypertensive drugs; ulcer patients can take stomach must cure; hypertensionPatients can take wheezing and amioda; other patients with diabetes can take Mbida or Xiaoke Pills.

Take appropriate measures to prevent the disease from getting worse or the old disease recurring.


Anti-sickness motion sickness medicine.

Usually easy to motion sickness, can take stomach Fu’an tablets, take the dizzy tablets, take it orally once every half hour before boarding the boat (one tablet at a time).

For long-distance travelers, you can add one to three to four hours after boarding the boat, and the effect is better.


Antipyretic analgesics.

Due to various reasons of tourism, there are often colds and colds, and it is bound to take the paracetamol tablets, go to the pain tablets and Yinqiao Jiedu tablets, and take them when the armor is cold.

In addition, the cool oil will also be brought. When there is a headache, it is applied to the double temple. The cool oil has the effect of cooling and detoxifying, relieving pain and refreshing the mind.

If bitten by a mosquito, the affected area is coated with a cool oil, and the effect is not bad.

  In addition, because the out-of-home diet is poor at home early, in order to prevent stomach diseases during travel, it can take berberine, fluoroantimonic acid tablets, cephalosporin capsules, etc., when the brakes are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

16 Jan

Your voice will be sweet soon

Your voice will be sweet soon

Komori Guangzhou Communications Radio “Eat in Guangzhou” program host, print media newspapers, magazines, travel and food column authors from time to time to report to different recording studios, dubbing TV commercials, most like to go to one of the studios.

I was glad to receive the recording announcement of the studio two days ago, because there was an amazing try of the unforgettable salty fresh water made by my aunt to quench my thirst and clear my throat.

This time there was another excuse to sigh the salty citrus water.

  It happened that the body was a little uncomfortable that day, and the throat was not very comfortable. I was a bit worried that the sound could not meet the requirements of this commercial. Later, my aunt ‘s glass of salty lime water miraculously restored the sound temporarily. Even the director praised the author for being sickThe sound is pretty good.

  How amazing is it?

I used to drink it just because it tasted good, but this time I found that it really has a special protective effect on the throat, so I couldn’t help learning from the aunt.

At first, it was because of a citrus tree and a large citrus tree in the Spring Festival last year. The aunt looked at it and felt that it was a pity to throw it away, so he picked the citrus one by one and washed it.Leave it in the sun for a whole day, then put it in a high temperature and dry sealed container, and seal them for a whole month.

Take it out one month later, clean it, and dry it. The last step is to put it in another sealed container of honey. This is another 6 months. During this period, you must constantly flip the cube, just in case.In some parts of the citrus, there is no honey covering, and it will mold, and all its achievements will be abandoned.

  As I introduced, I took my cup and continued to help me with the second cup.

There are also steps to break it up: put a few citrus and an appropriate amount of honey in a cup, and try to stir the citrus with chopsticks. Although it doesn’t look good, the flavor will be stronger.Add cold water and drink.

The mouth is sweet and salty, and the original tartness of the citrus becomes sweet after drinking.

After taking a few sips, my throat began to soothe and my voice became more comfortable.

It’s much stronger than any kind of throat throat.

  This is quite trivial, but the aunt said that seeing everyone working hard to record his voice every day can allow everyone to enter the recording state as soon as possible, and record the best results in the shortest time.

The citrus soaked last year is almost used up. She said that she will buy a few more citrus trees for furnishings this Spring Festival.

09 Jan

Buying home fitness equipment varies from person to person

Buying home fitness equipment varies from person to person

There are more and more personal shape training coaches, and the fees are not so expensive.

You can ask a physical trainer to accompany you to try out the equipment in one day, and provide some helpful suggestions.

In the following weeks, you can have more communication with the coach, who can help you make the most of the equipment.

Such coaches can be found in fitness centers.

“I do feel that professional consultation on reconstruction is important.

Dr. Wesker said, “Before you buy a fitness equipment, you should buy it with an experienced fitness instructor, fencing to understand the risk of injury and the actual utility of the equipment.

“● want to become stronger, buy weightlifters or pullers ● want to enhance flexibility, choose a body coordinator ● hope that cardiovascular function is better, you should buy a treadmillThe increase in consumption is 11% per year.

From this point of view, modern people who love health are increasingly buying home fitness equipment.

  However, not all owners are using these equipment effectively, and some people are blindly pursuing fashion. As a result, the fitness equipment purchased is quickly put aside and no one cares about it anymore.

Counsellor Wayne of the National Fitness Center?

Dr. Wesker gave us some advice, and armor can buy equipment that really helps us.

  Dr. Wisco said: The number one issue when buying fitness equipment is to figure out what the goal is.

If you want to be stronger, you should buy equipment such as weight lifters or pullers.

If you want to increase your flexibility, look for a product that improves flexibility, such as a body coordinator.

If you want better cardiovascular function, you should buy products that strengthen your heart, such as treadmills.

  The house should not be a foldable type. You may want to put the equipment in the basement, but if it is vertical and dark, it is not a suitable environment.

You can also consider putting exercise equipment in the living room or in the corner of the house, but in any case, this must be a place to attract you to exercise, well ventilated and well lit.

  You also have to calculate how much space you have.

If you can come up with an entire house as your home fitness room, this can certainly help you more.

And most people can only put a piece of fitness equipment in the TV room or garage.

Although manufacturers of home fitness equipment have worked hard to make their products smaller, there are also devices that must take up a few square meters of space.

If your house is tight, choose an equipment like a foldable treadmill to save as much space as possible.

  ”I’m always willing to buy what I can see in the store. It’s better to try the device, which is better than just looking at the manual and then buying.

“Dr. Wesker said.

Good fitness equipment retailers know that you should try some samples before you take your cash out of your pocket.

  There are more and more personal shape training coaches, and the fees are not so expensive.
You can ask a physical trainer to accompany you to try out the equipment in one day, and provide some helpful suggestions.
In the following weeks, you can have more communication with the coach, who can help you make the most of the equipment.

Such coaches can be found in fitness centers.
“I do feel that professional consultation on reconstruction is important.

Dr. Wesker said, “Before you buy a fitness equipment, you should buy it with an experienced fitness instructor, fencing to understand the risk of injury and the actual utility of the equipment.

“Not everyone is suitable for one model.

The home fitness equipment you purchase must be consistent with the way your body moves.

For example, if you ‘re doing a biceps flexion, lift your forearm in front of you and pull your fist forward to your chest so that your biceps flex.straight line.

Although some home fitness equipment weighs are suitable for biceps exercise, this type of equipment allows your fists to follow a straight line instead of an arc, and you cannot do exercise.

In this case, you need to check whether the axis of the arc is above the body when using the optional equipment.

This instrument is only suitable if the axis of the instrument exactly matches the axis of your axis.

  On the equipment for stretching legs, you usually sit on a chair with your knees upright, and then flatten them. The axis of your alignment must be the same as the axis of the instrument.  Not all movements require an axis, and your back can use a different axis: when exercising the abdomen, the axis is on each spine.

Therefore, the right abdominal exercise equipment should design more than one axis for your back.

Before you buy fitness equipment, you must first understand the type of exercise you need, whether it is the back, legs, arms, or other.

  Finally, don’t believe in miracles.

No piece of equipment can replace your body. Don’t expect to buy back fitness equipment, you can lose weight, become younger, more beautiful, and healthier.

If any store tells you that their product is a magic solution, don’t believe it.

All miracles only exist in long-term adherence to exercise and a good lifestyle.

01 Jan

Cupping Therapy Clinic

Cupping Therapy Clinic

Cupping, like acupuncture, is also a type of physical therapy, and cupping is one of the best treatments in physical therapy.

  Through physical stimulation and negative pressure, cupping can promote blood circulation, stimulate menstrual qi, regulate qi and blood, and achieve the role of improving and regulating human immunity.

  Of course, cupping is not as accurate as acupuncture as to acupuncture point positioning. The main problem is the combination of points, lines, and surfaces. Through the cold, heat, deficiency, and evidence of traditional Chinese medicine, select some meridian or meridian areas.

  The anatomy-specific acupoints are mainly large vertebrae (shown above).

The large vertebral body is the local injection of yang qi. By stimulating the large vertebral body, yang qi can be stimulated, lungs and qi can be relieved, phlegm, cough and asthma can be relieved.

The treatment lasted 15 minutes and the cupping was removed. Some patients may have mauve, blue-gray, and light-blue spots on their skins, which will return to normal after 3-5 days.

After cupping is finished, the patient can be cleared of meridians through a certain method of health promotion and rubbing, so that it will not produce uncomfortable feeling.

We recommend that patients with hypertension receive cupping 1-2 times a week for 6-12 months or start preventive treatment one month before the next onset season.

Even in the onset period, cupping can be used with drugs to improve the efficacy and promote recovery.

25 Dec

Finding the Roots of Spring Four Ways to Eradicate Your Acne

Finding the Roots of Spring Four Ways to Eradicate Your Acne

The temperature rose in spring and the intensity of ultraviolet radiation gradually increased. Cen Ji’s acne had to be active again in winter.

This season, everything is flourishing, and the climate is suitable. This is the starting point for dressing up and living throughout the year. Therefore, we must fight against acne with scientific and effective measures, and also have the beautiful impression of smooth and flawless skin.


hzh {display: none; }  你的痘痘是哪类起因?  Acne, commonly known as “acne” or “acne”, is a chronic disease of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles.

Occurs in adolescents, but it is not exclusive to adolescents. People with acne after the age of 25 are now also very common.


Strong secretion of sebaceous glands: due to hormones, temperature and other factors, the sebaceous glands are hyperfunctional.


Excessive keratinization of the pores: abnormal keratin metabolism, keratinocytes do not transfer in time, and become thicker and thicker, openings in the hair follicles are blocked.


Excessive Acne Bacteria: Excessively thick cuticles clog pores, creating an environment in which anaerobic acne bacteria can live.

Acne bacteria can use sebum nutrients in closed hair follicles to multiply and cause quenching.

  In the spring anti-acne four steps, have you ever thought that the daily cleaning is not thorough, that you do not take sun protection measures at work, or that oil removal is not suitable for moisturizing, these may be the reasons for your failure to fight “acne”.

  Step1 Gentle cleaning prevention The first step is cleaning.

Dust, air pollutants, make-up and your own oily secretions can clog pores, creating an excellent condition for acne.

The ideal cleansing product should be able to thoroughly wash away all forms of the face, oil-soluble dirt, moderate degreasing, and it can also inhibit the proliferation of bacteria.

However, cleanliness should be moderate. Do not wash your face more than twice a day, and the water temperature should not be too high.

Excessive cleansing can only stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, destroy the skin sebum membrane, and easily lead to skin sensitivity.

  Step2 Oil control and moisturizing acne muscles need more moisturizing, and the skin is more oily and dehydrated. The excessive sebum secretion increases the skin to lose more water, and then accelerates the secretion of sebum to moisturize the protective epidermis and form a vicious circle.

It is necessary to use toner and moisturizer after cleaning.

Toner can adjust the pH of the skin, and it can also be used for secondary cleansing while delivering moisture to the skin.

A small amount of refreshing moisturizing milk locks in moisture without increasing the burden.

Strong skin’s water retention is the focus of all skin care.

  Step3 Sun Protection Isolation Exposure to dryness will tan and sunburn the skin, and also worsen acne skin.

Ultraviolet rays hit the skin. In order to resist its damage to the cells, the skin will automatically thicken and protect the skin.

The accumulation of the stratum corneum can lead to poor excretion of oil, causing crack sores.

Therefore, acne muscles do sunscreen homework and set sunscreen work in the daily life.

The refreshing chemical sunscreen is more suitable for acne-prone skin. It is small and light, easy to apply, and does not easily block pores.

  Step4 Persistent anti-acne and acne treatment is a protracted battle. If acne has become a major problem for your beauty, you must pay attention to everything from diet and daily skin care products. Under what circumstances will acne worsen and what will happen?It will get better, so that I can find my own comprehensive maintenance method.

The choice of acne products should pay attention to mildness, and at the same time, it can really control the major factors of acne and reduce the occurrence of acne.

20 Dec

Yam, medlar, red dates, lotus roots. several types of recognized health foods, these people should not eat


Yam, medlar, red dates, lotus roots. several types of recognized health foods, these people should not eat

Recently, the bubble in the vacuum flask has become a hot topic nowadays. Many people think that this is one of the signs of middle-aged people.

As humans grow older, the body is no longer as strong as it was when young, more or less uncomfortable or sick, and more concerned with health knowledge.

Since ancient times, diet therapy has been highly regarded by people.

Yam, medlar, red dates, coarse grains, etc. have become the most nutritious and healthy foods recognized by most people, and have become a frequent list in the recipes of health-care families.

However, although these health foods are good, they are not suitable for everyone. If you eat them, it will not promote health and may harm your body.

First, yam: hot and cold cold, constipation should not eat yam in China for at least 2,000 years of history, is the “second grade” in “shrimp”, originally known as “yellow”, as early as in the poems of the poetry of the Tang DynastyThere is a famous sentence of 鈥渇illing in the intestines and many yam鈥? and many classical medical books have made a high evaluation of yam.

Chinese medicine believes that yam is sweet, flat, not dry and not greasy, into the lungs, spleen, kidney, with spleen and lung, Yiwei Bushen, Gushen Yijing, Cong Er Mingmu, help the five internal organs, strong bones, ChangzhiThe effect of soothe the nerves, most people eat.

“Yam is a tonic food, and it has astringent effect, but people with hot and cold cold and constipation are not suitable for consumption.

Experts explained that yam is rich in starch, which is best for people with chest and abdomen, dry stool, constipation, and can eat yam after these symptoms are relieved.

Although the mucus protein contained in yam has the effect of lowering blood sugar, the yam is a rhizome food with a high amount of starch. If it is eaten too much, it will not lower blood sugar, but it will lead to an increase in blood sugar.

Therefore, people with diabetes can not eat too much yam at one time. If some patients prefer yam, then the amount of staple food should be reduced appropriately, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Second, 鏋告潪: damp heat, phlegm and dampness should not be eaten, there is nourishing yin and blood, nourishing liver and kidney, and benefiting the purpose.

When the poet Lu You was in the old age, his eyes were dimly lit, and he often ate the pipa. He also left the poem “Snow 闇?鍫?纾?纾?, , , , , , , , , , , 銆?銆?

Some people are always prepared to soak in water, porridge, and even chew a few pieces every day.

The best way to eat 鏋告潪 is to eat raw, that is, rinse the sputum with running water and put it in the mouth to dry it, so that the active ingredients are absorbed more fully.

However, not everyone is suitable for eating.

鏋告潪 nourishing at the same time has the effect of warming the body, so people with damp heat and phlegm in the body, manifested as high blood pressure, temperament and temper tantrums, people who eat a lot of meat and red face on weekdays, and colds and fever,People with inflammation and diarrhea in their bodies are advised not to eat, otherwise they will not achieve the effect of health and may aggravate their condition.

People with elevated temperature, weak spleen and stomach, and indigestion should not eat sputum in the hot summer, otherwise there will be a loss of appetite, stomach suffocation or sour water.

In addition, sputum has a high sugar content, and diabetic patients should not take too much.

For health care, it needs to be eaten in small quantities at regular intervals. It should not be eaten in large quantities at a time. It is more suitable for healthy adults to eat about 20 grams per day, and the therapeutic use can be increased to 30 grams.

Third, red dates: phlegm and dampness, easy to get angry, should not eat red dates as a sweet taste, can supplement the Qi, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves.

However, for the following types of people, not only will they not have a health care effect, they will even help.


Those who are damp and stagnate: such people often show thick and greasy tongue coating, sweet mouth or greasy mouth, loss of appetite, usually feel full stomach, severe cases may be accompanied by dizziness, nausea, vomiting, eyelids and facial edema, etc.symptom.

The red dates are sweet, pungent, hot, and hot and humid, and are prone to phlegm and dampness.

After eating more red dates, people with dampness and phlegm will easily aggravate the original symptoms, and have adverse reactions such as cold and thirst, bloating and so on.

This kind of person is more suitable for eating glutinous and damp foods such as coix seed, red bean, yam, loofah.


People who are easy to get angry: This type of body is hot, often constipation, bad breath, sore throat and sore symptoms, and red dates are sweet and warm, partial to warm, if eaten in large quantities, it is like pouring oil on fire.


In the early stage of a cold: In the early stage of a cold, the coldness of the invading human body or the evil of wind and heat is flourishing. If the red jujube is eaten at this time, its sticky nature often leads to the retention of evil spirits, resulting in the consequences of 鈥渃losed door staying鈥?and causing illness in the body.Evil is hard to drive out and is not conducive to recovery.


Diabetic patients: The sugar content of red dates increased, and the blood sugar of diabetic patients increased and the condition worsened.

Therefore, people with high blood sugar should not eat more.

Fourth, lotus root: maternal should not prematurely eat Chinese medicine that thinks sputum cold, sweet.

Raw food lotus root can clear the heat, remove the annoyance, moisten the lungs, especially suitable for patients with acne due to blood heat.

After the lotus root is cooked, it can be warmed by cold, can nourish the stomach and nourish the yin, strengthen the spleen and nourish the blood, and is suitable for people who are weak due to spleen and stomach, lack of blood and dry skin, and faceless.

In general, people eat cockroaches, especially for people with liver disease, constipation, diabetes and other debilitating diseases. It is very suitable for people who are suffering from blood stasis, vomiting blood, blood in the urine, blood in the stool and maternal.Single prescriptions based on sputum are widely used in clinical practice and have good efficacy.

For example, fresh oyster sauce, half a cup each morning and evening, treatment of tuberculosis bleeding, postpartum hemorrhage, nasal bleeding.

In addition, raw oysters juice, add the right amount of honey, stir well, divided into clothes, cure fever and polydipsia; simmer juice, pear juice, half a cup, and evenly, cure the sputum heat, dry mouth cough.

Because of the coldness of the sputum, the maternal should not be eaten too early. Generally, after eating 1-2 weeks after birth, you can eat it.

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, easy to diarrhea, eating lotus roots is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, so it is more convenient for cooked food.

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12 Dec

Very effective rapid fattening aerobics


Very effective rapid fattening aerobics

Let’s introduce a set of aerobics to everyone, which is very helpful for friends who want to gain weight.

銆€銆€In the first quarter, the two feet are open and the distance is slightly wider than the shoulder.

A pair of front flat lifts, each hand grips one end of the rubber band (the midpoint of the rubber band is fixed at the front chest height).

Both hands (arms force left and right side flat pull rubber band, then restore.

銆€銆€In the second quarter, the preparatory posture is the same as the previous section.

Pull up the rubber band with both arms straight until it is straight with the body, then pull it to the left and right sides, then restore.

銆€銆€In the third quarter, the rubber belt is fixed under the alternative, and the body is placed on the bench.

Hold the end of the rubber band on both sides of the body with both hands, straighten the arms, pull the rubber band up to the chest and then restore.

銆€銆€In the fourth quarter, the preparatory posture is the same as the previous section.

Hold one end of the rubber band with both hands and pull it flat toward the left and right ends.

Then bend the elbow and pull the rubber band to the waist, then bend the knee to the whole body and tighten the rubber band, then restore.

銆€銆€In the fifth quarter, the two feet are separated, and each hand holds a dumbbell weighing 2-3 kilograms and puts them into the waist.

Both legs bend down and kneel, then restore.

銆€銆€In the sixth quarter, the preparatory posture is the same as the previous section.

The two hand bells swing back to the back and then restore.

銆€銆€In the seventh quarter, supine on the ground, legs straight up and then lifted until the feet crossed the head and then restored.

銆€銆€In the eighth quarter, the preparatory posture is the same as the last section.

Do sit up, try to touch the head with the prostate, and then restore.

銆€銆€In the ninth section, sitting on a chair, put a 8-10 cm thick square stick on the shoulder, the two arms are indicated along the wooden stick, and the two hand sticks.

The upper body is rotated 90 degrees to the left and right ends.

銆€銆€In the tenth section, standing between the backs of the two chairs, the two hands grasp the back of the chair.

Hold up the body to do the arm flexion and extension.

09 Dec

Using TCM to treat eczema


Using TCM to treat eczema

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Eczema is caused by skin diseases characterized by various skin lesions.

Multi-line endowment is intolerant, liver and spleen are dilute and hot, re-feeling wind evil, rheumatic fever and evil spirits, immersed in skin.

It is characterized by lesion pleomorphism, ulcerative itching, crusting, chronic course and easy recurrence.

Eczema is an inflammatory reaction of the skin caused by a variety of complex internal and external factors with pleomorphic skin lesions and leakage. It can occur in any part of the site. Eczema in some parts of the common eczema has ear eczema.Eczema, breast eczema, anal genital eczema, calf eczema, etc.

Eczema is classified into acute, subacute and chronic according to the characteristics of skin lesions.

Acute eczema: skin lesions can be seen erythema, papules, papules, herpes, exudation and scarring; unclear boundaries, multiple symmetric distribution; skin water loss, skin oil secretion reduced dryness, fine cracks in the epidermis and stratum corneum, skin presentLight red, the red part of the crack is more obvious, called crack eczema.

Subacute eczema: skin lesions are mainly papules, sputum sputum, a few have papules, small blisters, erosion and mild infiltration.

Chronic eczema: The skin lesions are hypertrophic and invasive, with a dry surface, a small amount of desquamation, scratches and blood stasis, and clear boundaries.

Topical drugs: Ding sputum syrup, Ma Yinglong scented acne cream, paeonol ointment, Qinglan powder, burn skin lotion.

Ding Wei syrup composition: clove sputum, salicylic acid, peach leaf sputum, Chuanxiong, compound Kushen lotion.

Function: sterilization, anti-inflammatory, itching.

It is used for various skin blemishes, eczema, athlete’s foot and so on caused by skin infections.

Dosage: For external use, wash the affected area, apply 2 times a day?
3 times.

Ma Yinglong fragrant incense cream components: artificial musk, artificial bezoar, pearl, calcined calamine powder, borax, borneol, amber.

Excipients are yellow Vaseline, lanolin, dimethyl sulfoxide.

Function: heat and dampness, blood circulation and swelling, to saprophytic muscle.

For hemorrhoids caused by damp heat blockage, anal fissure, seeing stool bleeding, or pain, there is a sense of falling; also anal perithenic eczema.

Dosage: For external use, apply to the affected area.

Paeonol ointment ingredients: paeonol, clove oil.

Function: It is used for all kinds of skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, itchy skin, mosquito bites and redness. It is also used for perceptual rhinitis and prevention of colds.

Usage and dosage: topical, covering the affected area.

2 per day?
3 times.

A cold can be applied to the lower lip of the nose, and rhinitis is applied to the nasal cavity.

Qinglan powder ingredients: clam shell, green barley, gypsum, light powder, cork.

Function: insecticide, anti-inflammatory, soaking and itching.

It is used for skin sore, itching is unbearable, yellow water after breaking, ulceration pain, and healed for a long time.

Dosage: For external use, mix the pepper oil and mix thoroughly to spread the affected area.

Burns skin ingredients: mantle, knotweed, white and honeysuckle, berberine, borneol.

Function: heat and detoxification, convergence and pain relief, protect wounds.

For mild water, fire and scald, lice, eczema.

Dosage: For external use, shake the product thoroughly, use a sterile cotton ball to draw the liquid, and gently apply it to the cleaned wound or affected area, 3 times a day?
4 times.

After 3 days, no longer apply, let it heal.