10 Feb

What psychology

What psychology

“School desk culture”, initially determined, should be called desk text, which belongs to an extraordinary school folk culture spread in written form.

“School desk culture” is a kind of objective existence that is difficult to eliminate. It basically belongs to the non-mainstream and non-standard alternative culture in campus culture, which often has a certain negative effect.

“School desk culture” is like a mirror, which can reflect some of the problems that students, especially college students have, through in-depth study of it, you can understand their trajectory, find effective methods, and eliminate their psychology through various channelsErrors guide their healthy development.

  The content of “school desk culture” is very rich, and has the following four aspects: a class related to the exam.

The reason is mainly that laziness is playing tricks. Some students hold the attitude of contempt for the exam and respect the “effect of the week before the exam”, so the desk becomes a natural cheating tool.

  A category related to love.

For example, on a desk in a corner of a classroom, there is such a verse: Since the university, there have been no cousins since ancient times.

Occasionally, there are two pairs, and they are also pheasant color wolf.

And accompanied by the next batch of “perverted” and “mental illness.”

Because long-term adolescent education and sexual knowledge education are not very meaningful each year, it is inevitable that adolescent turmoil and restlessness, and even sexual mental health are inevitable.

  Exploration and pursuit of the meaning of life.

For example, I saw this text on a desk: How many times can I beat in my life, when do I not fight today?

Within this aggressive mentality, it can be seen that it also contains a kind of almost radical psychology of “who is who”.

  Cynical, negative, confused and even decadent.

Many desks have words such as “Life is like a dream”, “There is wine today, and today is drunk.”

  Through the “school desk culture”, it is not difficult to find that the mentality of contemporary college students is very complicated, which is specifically manifested in the following aspects: the difference between the increasing physical maturity and the psychological immature.

The physiological development of college students gradually matures. They can’t hold back the turmoil of youth, they are anxious to understand the true meaning of life and explore the mysteries of the sexes. They think that the anti-traditional generation has the freedom and right to choose love.

However, some college students have “bad luck”, and some people say grapes are sour because they can’t eat grapes; some people use Ah Q’s spiritual victory method to comfort themselves, or seek a perverted way to vent.

These phenomena indicate that there is a contradiction between physiological maturity and psychological maturity of college students.

  The conflict between the ideal self and the real self.

College students have strong self-awareness. Most of them are very ambitious. They have a series of social responsibilities and a sense of crisis. They continue to design themselves and try to achieve self-realization in social life.

However, in self-design, it is inevitable that there are many illusory elements. Real life is full of contradictions. They often run into walls. Therefore, a conflict between ideals and reality will inevitably occur.

  The contradiction between the pluralism of value orientation and the unity of social will.

College students’ thinking is relatively open. Changes in society and the conflict between Chinese and Western cultures have led them to form many different values.

Awakening of self-awareness and publicity of self-worth are important characteristics of contemporary college students.

Seeking in reality and pursuing in the ideal, not only books, teachers, and not just the important signs of contemporary college students.

The outside world is excellent. University students are unwilling to confine themselves in a small circle. They open their curious eyes and become familiar with the world through their own observation and thinking; they do not want the support of their elders and try to be good.The hands and arms of the person walk with their naive feet, but society, a unified whole, objectively requires members of society to obey the society and act in accordance with a certain unified will, thus creating a personal and socialContradictions and conflicts.
  The vulnerability of emotional will.

College students long for opportunities for fair competition. However, once they are frustrated in the competition, some people are often pessimistic and disappointed and disheartened. Regarding the many unfavorable phenomena existing in the society, college students are not used to it, but sometimes they are unintentionalIn the simulation, even excuse yourself.

They pursue high-level needs for self-actualization, but when personal and social conflicts occur, they often try to satisfy low-level needs and pursue sensory stimulation.

They have a strong sense of self-esteem. Some people just listen to praise but not criticism. They think they are the elite of the era, but they ignore many of their weaknesses.

This shows that the personality of college students is not sound enough, and emotional will is still very fragile.

  The cause of “desk culture” is complicated. There are both social and student factors. To overcome or resist this alternative “desk culture”, it is necessary to start from various aspects to eliminate the impact of it.In addition to strengthening positive publicity and guidance and governance, creating and developing a healthy and diversified campus that is truly beloved and welcomed by students, and willing to take part in it, is certainly the most critical of a campus culture where students are everyone.

02 Feb

Homemade masks make you a low-carbon beauty


Homemade masks make you a low-carbon beauty

Nowadays, people have been living a low-carbon life. In this era, they advocate a fashionable and healthy lifestyle, and many women also pay more attention to skin care and want to be fashionable low-carbon beauty.

Xiaobian recommends several methods of homemade masks for you, let you diy masks to create beautiful beauty.

  What is a milk-made mask?

The following editors will teach you: first of all, you must have a glass of fresh milk. In summer, you can wrap it with fresh milk and then refrigerate it in the refrigerator.

Then use steam to steam the face, and then use a cotton pad to fully absorb the fresh milk, then apply it on the face, apply it for about 15 minutes, then remove it and wash the face with water.

If you have a slender diy mask, your skin will become fair and soft.

  How to make a papaya mask?

First, peel the papaya, then mash it until it becomes muddy, then apply it on the face, apply it for about 15 minutes, and then wash it with water.

If you cut the papaya into pieces, then gently massage and knead, this papaya mask can effectively exfoliate.

In addition, papaya can effectively fade spots and make the skin whiter.

  Egg homemade mask method: Prepare a fresh egg, a small tablespoon of honey, mix the eggs and honey together, and stir evenly. When you are ready to sleep, use a small cleanBrush (soft), apply an appropriate amount of the material just stirred on the face, and then gently massage the face, so that the cells of the skin are stimulated, and the blood circulation is smooth.

Then wait for it to air dry, and then wash it with water.

It is recommended that you use this mask twice a week.

19 Jan

Tips for beautiful women in yoga

Tips for beautiful women in yoga

Take an upright kneeling position, with your knees close together, your hands behind your back, straight, and your head high.

Closing your eyes will cause you to focus on the point between your eyebrows.

Try to lift your arms up, and the palms of your hands are automatically separated, maintaining a straight sitting position, inhaling and exhaling long and deep.

  ”Beauty Breasts” Exercise-Full of Anti-Wrinkle Tips.

  Role: Contract the pectoral muscles and overcome the defects of pectoral muscle atrophy caused by incorrect posture.

  It stimulates the brain to secrete endorphine, which makes people feel full of fun and strength in life.

  By expanding the chest cavity, the cardiopulmonary space can also accumulate, thereby increasing the oxygen absorption capacity.

  Make skin blood flow more, enhance the ability to absorb nutrients, roughen old wrinkles, and prevent new wrinkles from occurring.

  Action essentials: adopt an upright kneeling position, knees close together, hands closed behind, stretched straight, head up.

Closing your eyes will cause you to focus on the point between your eyebrows.

Try to lift your arms up, and the palms of your hands are automatically separated, maintaining a straight sitting position, inhaling and exhaling long and deep.

Keep this posture 1?
2 minutes.

  Note: Review the “Warm Back” exercise before practicing.

  The “Beauty Breast” exercise is part 2 of Kriya’s body beauty unit.

It is part of an asana 5 unit series of exercises with the main purpose of maintaining beauty.

Each exercise has a different focus and a different role, so you can practice separately.

But if you can practice the 5 units of Kalia’s body beauty one by one, it will work better.

Please note the recent serialization of the “Yoga” section.

  Before each exercise and after the exercise, start with asana and end with mantra (singing yoga chants).

Or take a cross-legged sitting position for 1 minute before and after the exercise, take a deep breath, and then rest.

  Special Tips: During practice, maintain a uniform breathing rhythm.

  The most important thing is: when the arm is raised, do not continue to lift the top, but relax your shoulders to sink.

  The practitioner with the problem in the front can put a pillow between the heel and the front.

  Putting a pillow under your feet will help protect your back.

14 Jan

Winter is coming and eating bones and bones is learned

Winter is coming and eating bones and bones is learned

The cold winter is approaching, the temperature is low, the days are short and the nights are long, human activity is relatively reduced, and appetite is increased.

After we use the diet to increase the speed to resist the cold.

Don’t ignore the conditioning and maintenance of the body just to satisfy appetite.

The editor has specially collected all kinds of diet and health information suitable for the severe winter, and make you and your family healthy and happy every day!

  Seeing into winter, at this time, the sunlight is short, the human body lacks vitamin D that can promote calcium to “camp in the body”, coupled with reduced exercise, osteoporosis and even fractures will come quietly, which can be avoided.

Moreover, suffering from osteoporosis has leapt to the common disease, and the seventh most frequent disease.

More than 50% of postmenopausal women and more than 20% of older men have osteoporosis.

Therefore, it is impossible for anyone to turn a blind eye to it.

So, what should “Bone Bones” supplement, can “Eating Bone Bones” work?

There is much to learn.

  ”Bone” first needs to nourish the kidneys, and to know what to fill, the first thing to understand is what the bones lack.

From the perspective of Western medicine, osteoporosis is caused by calcium loss, so “bone filling” is to supplement calcium and vitamin D, vitamin C, estrogen, etc. that promote calcium absorption.

But in Chinese medicine, the situation is much more complicated. The health of bones is often related to the health of various organs.

The famous Chinese book “Huang Di Nei Jing” more than 2000 years ago said: “The kidney qi is hot, but the lumbar spine is not lifted, the bones are dry and the marrow is reduced, and the hair is bony.”

The “osteoporosis” mentioned here is basically similar to the clinical manifestations of osteoporosis such as low back pain, shortened body, humpback, and fractures in modern medicine.

Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that the root cause of osteoporosis is deficiency of kidney essence.

The kidney “main bone produces bone”, while kidney deficiency cannot nourish bones, which can lead to weak bones.

In other words, bone health and “kidney” are closely related.

  Spleen deficiency affects the absorption and accumulation of calcium. Spleen deficiency affects the absorption of calcium, phosphorus trace elements, proteins and amino acids by dialysis.

Qi stagnation and blood stasis are its contributing factors. Blood stasis obstructs the veins, and qi and blood fluid cannot support bones.

This tells us that if blood does not run smoothly, it will also prevent nutrients from being transported to the bones in time.

There is an old saying in China that “flowing water does not rot, and household hubs are not stingy”, which also means this in bone health. Therefore, nourishing blood and strengthening the spleen are also alternatives to “bone filling.”

  Therefore, the regulation of osteoporosis should focus on “to make up for its deficiency”. Among them, the tonifying medicine is mainly tonify the kidney, the blood tonic is mainly to nourish the blood and nourish the spleen, and the tonic is mainly to strengthen the spleen and nourish qi.

From this, the current rules of osteoporosis in traditional Chinese medicine are introduced: one is composed of the formula of tonifying the kidney and strengthening the spleen and benefiting qi.

Commonly used Chinese medicines are cooked land, angelica, astragalus, medlar, antler gum, turtle plate, Codonopsis sibiricum, Paeonia lactiflora, Cuscuta chinensis, yam, Eucommia ulmoides, Ligustrum lucidum and so on.

The second is to use Huoxue Quyu medicine as the main compatibilizer.

Huoxue Quyu medicine is the most commonly used Chinese medicine besides tonic medicine.

Commonly used drugs are Achyranthes bidentata, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Chuanxiong, Yanhusuo, Peach kernel, pangolin, chicken blood vine and so on.

  In addition, pay attention to some bad habits that affect the effectiveness of bone filling.

Such as avoiding excessive consumption of tea, coffee and other irritating things; drink as little as possible in winter to avoid reducing the body’s resistance; do not add foods containing oxalic acid (such as spinach, amaranth, lettuce) and fish soup, bone soup, etc.Calcium foods are taken together to prevent the combination of oxalic acid and calcium into calcium oxalate, which affects the absorption of calcium; eating less greasy fried materials can also ensure tonic effect.

02 Jan

Yoga-Beauty Colors

Yoga-Beauty Colors

Review the role of posture: promote visceral function, slim waist, eliminate relaxation and tension, relieve eye fatigue, exert a clear effect.

Action: Sit with your left foot with your weight, slide your right foot backwards, insert your left hip on your right heel, place your left hand behind your left thigh, turn your right hand behind your back, and hold your left arm.

Inhale while holding your back, exhale with your left hand connected to your left thigh, slowly twist your upper body upwards, and look back over your shoulders.

Maintain the state for about 5 breaths, and then press the palms on the chest to adjust the breath.

  The role of Sun Chong posture: make the spine flexible.

Retract the knee joint and lumbar spine, promote blood circulation around the body, and thoroughly adjust the state of the body.

Action: Inhale, raise your hands to the sky, aim your ears, try to align your chest and abdomen, exhale, open your palms, try to lean your upper body back, and push your limbs forward.

Hands stretched out like admiring the sun.

Rest for about 3 breaths.

Exhale, tighten the gluteal muscles, slowly lift your upper body, put your hands on your chest and adjust your breath.

Repeat pose 3?
4 times.

  Inverted posture effect: coordinate qi and blood, stabilize nerves, improve facial skin.

Relieves insomnia, headaches, helps lose weight, strengthens memory, eliminates headaches, prevents premature baldness, and gray hair.

Action: Sitting upright.

Stand your toes, tilt your upper body forward, hold your hands together and hold your head down, try to raise your waist, and gradually approach your feet to the side. Keep your posture still at the corresponding position according to your situation.

Focus on exhaling and sucking.

Practice daily.

Extend or decrease the amount of rest time based on personal circumstances.

26 Dec

Test your attitude towards love

Test your attitude towards love

You can grind your attitude towards love from the origami paper method.

  In what way do you like to origami, which may reveal your attitude towards love . 1, multiple random fancy folding methods 2, fold in half, fold in half again, and fold horizontally, call each other on the letter paperWhen exposed, the recipient can see 4 at a glance and fold it into small squares, occupying only a little place here. The test results choose one: you are an innocent young man full of desire for the advent of love, or a regular visitor, a “”Temperament” man!

  However, do n’t eat fireworks because of love. Forgetting life for someone ‘s love has other meanings. In the end, you may end up with nothing and be careful.

  Option two: You have a lively personality, candid and generous, you have a clear minded approach to work, and a higher success rate. You will never recognize same-sex and heterosexual friends around you.

  However, because you take love seriously and lack of interest, although you are well-connected, you will encounter too many bumps in love.

  Choice three: You are the kind of popular lover. In love, it can always help the other person to appreciate your goodness.

  Although you ca n’t help but feel that you ‘re not sincere enough, but after all, you are obsessed with love and go all out. Forever, anyone will be moved by your infatuation.

  Option 4: You have a careful mind and you are a possessor!

  Every movement of your nervous lover, even if he inadvertently notices the other opposite sex, he will make you suspicious.

You know that too strong a desire to control will make the relationship between the two parties more tense and less harmonious. Why do you want to do this?

Let’s learn naturally and be honest with everything.

22 Dec

Dry autumn pay attention to protect eyes


Dry autumn pay attention to protect eyes

Although the autumn is comfortable and dry, some white-collar workers who work on the computer every day start to feel dry, the eyes are hot, the things are clear, and some are itchy.

Experts believe that computers are often used in air-dry, non-circulating environments. The number of exposed eyes and the number of blinks between the two blinks are reduced, and the evaporation of tears accelerates and becomes one of the causes of dry eye syndrome.

This season, the number of patients with dry eye has increased, so at this time, people must pay attention to the protection of the eyes when working.

銆€銆€鈻?Due to the reduced number of blinks, eye dryness is easy. Associate Professor Wang Yanling, director of the Eye Hospital of Friendship Hospital, said that the normal eye surface is covered with a tear film, and the stable tear film is the basis for maintaining the health of the eye surface.

The tears completely disinfect and sterilize, as well as lubricate the eyeballs to maintain the important function of the corneal refractive system.

Blinking is a protective nerve reflex that allows tears to be applied evenly over the cornea and conjunctiva to keep the eyeballs dry rather than dry.

A normal person blinks about 20 times a minute. If you repeatedly open the eye and change the screen quickly, the number of blinks is often reduced to four to five times per minute, and the symptoms of dry eyes and sores may appear.

Similarly, if the secretion of tears is too small, the cornea will never get wet, the whole eyeball will be dry and dull, the corneal epithelium will be keratinized, and obvious traces will form. When looking at things, there will be unclear vision, and the eyes will have a burning sensation and foreign bodies.Feeling, visual fatigue, eye pain, etc. form dry eye syndrome.

銆€銆€鈻?Five kinds of people are prone to dry eye syndrome. Director Wang introduced that as a common disease, it is frequently ill, and everyone knows little about dry eye syndrome.

Working in front of the computer, you must “enjoy” the white-collar workers in central air-conditioning, patients who need eye medicine for eye diseases, people who wear contact lenses for a long time, people who have had eye myopia, cataract surgery and menopausal hormone levels in a dry climate.In the middle of the city, dry eye syndrome is caused by the evaporation of the tear film.

銆€銆€For a long time, the air conditioner is open and the air is not in the environment. It is often concentrated and concentrated. For example, using computers, driving, etc. can cause eye enlargement and transient frequency reduction during transient interval exposure, which accelerates the evaporation of tears.

Computer workers work in a confined environment with air-conditioning equipment. Due to the low humidity and the heat generated by the computer, the tear layer evaporates in a few seconds in a dry environment.

Symptoms are: dry eyes, headache, irritability, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating.

According to a survey by the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, 90% of people who work more than three hours a day in front of a computer have problems with their eyes.

銆€銆€Patients with dry eye often have dry eyes, foreign body sensation, photophobia, blurred vision or distorted discomfort. Serious dry eyes can cause significant decline in vision and affect work and life, and even lead to blindness.

In the United States between the ages of 65 and 84, 14.

6% suffer from dry eye syndrome.

Depending on routine hygiene and environmental conditions, the incidence may be higher than in the United States.

銆€銆€鈻燚ry eye syndrome diagnosis of persistent symptoms In the diagnosis of dry eye syndrome, the symptoms of the patient are very indicated.

As long as there are symptoms, even if the objective test results are consistent, it may still be diagnosed as dry eye.

If the objective examination is positive, the patient does not feel it, and it is necessary to be cautious if it is diagnosed as dry eye.

Dry eye syndrome can be divided into tear-deficient dry eye and evaporative dry eye, one is due to the decrease in the amount of tear secretion, and the other is due to the abnormal quality and amount of adenine secretion from the meibomian plate.The tear film evaporates faster, causing dry eyes.

銆€銆€Many patients like to “treat” themselves when they start eye discomfort. They use antibiotics and antiviral eye drops. In fact, this method is not suitable for the treatment of dry eye syndrome. Instead, it may aggravate the symptoms because of different dry eye treatments.The method is different.

If you take some medicines and cause dry eye, you should stop the medicine; if it is caused by immune diseases, endocrine disorders, vitamin deficiency, etc., you must treat the above diseases first.

銆€銆€The tear-deficient dry eye needs artificial tears. When it is uncomfortable, it is better, but it is better not to exceed 6 times a day, because if it is more than 6 times, the normal tear film will be washed away, which will aggravate the symptoms.

銆€銆€If the patient diagnosed with meibomian gland dysfunction by the doctor should pay attention to the eyelids clean, use a towel dipped above the body temperature, but do not put too hot water on the eyes, every 10 minutes or so, it is best to do it in the morning.If you have time to do it once a day, the effect will be better, you can also ask the medical staff for a massage.

銆€銆€Since the establishment of the dry eye specialist clinic in the Friendship Hospital, there have been many patients visiting the hospital, but when communicating with patients, doctors have found that there are many misunderstandings.

In order to prevent this disease, experts reminded to pay attention to eye hygiene, including accidentally blinking, use the eyes to rest for an hour or so, close your eyes and look forward to the distance; do more eyes when doing more attention.

銆€銆€After the onset of dry eye, the use of antibiotic eye drops, hormone eye drops, artificial tears and the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis drugs should be carried out under the guidance of a specialist.

10 Dec

4 simple massage methods to prevent gingival recession in the elderly


4 simple massage methods to prevent gingival recession in the elderly

Massage gums is one of the main ways to prevent the gums from shrinking in the elderly, to maintain healthy teeth, and to avoid premature loosening of teeth.

Here are four ways to recover from massage.

銆€銆€Extra-oral massage: After brushing your teeth at night, put your right index finger on the corresponding extraoral skin of the gums. From left to right, massage the gums from top to bottom. The massage direction is upper teeth, lower teeth, gentlyYou can also make a small circle of rotary massage by pressing the sputum 50 times each time.

The gums of the teeth and teeth can be held against the gums by the tongue, and massaged 50 times each time with the upper teeth down and the lower teeth upward.

銆€銆€Intraoral massage: After washing your hands and gargle, place your left index finger on the gums in the mouth, the upper teeth down, the lower teeth up, each massage 50 times, then rotate or massage 50 times each time.

Note: If you have the condition, you can wear a disinfectant finger massage.

銆€銆€Toothbrush massage: After brushing your teeth daily, tilt the toothbrush hair about 45 degrees and press it on the gums to temporarily deform the gums, 5?
After 10 seconds, relax the toothbrush and re-congest the gums, and repeat the operation.

銆€銆€Chewing massage: usually eat fiber-consuming vegetables (such as celery) or a small amount of fruit (such as apples), etc., can massage the gums.

06 Dec

Selecting the Star View: The wisdom of Nan Huai, I will tell you!


“Selecting the Star View”: The wisdom of Nan Huai, I will tell you!

Mr. Nan Huaiqi (1918-2012) is a modern and well-known cultural writer at home and abroad, especially Chinese readers, and an active communicator of Chinese traditional culture.

He has experienced strange life in his life, and he is willing to do extraordinary. He has a history of sub-history, deep learning, and the essence of Confucianism and Taoism in traditional Chinese culture. He also has a hundred books, poetry and music, astronomical calendar, medical health, etc.Deep understanding.

1, the highest realm of life, the highest realm of life is: Buddha for the heart, Tao for the bone, Confucianism for the table, a big look at the world; skills in hand, can be in the body, thinking in the brain, calmly living.

Three thousand years of reading history, but not only fame and fortune; 90,000 miles of enlightenment, and ultimately to the poetry and wine garden.

2, Confucianism is a grain store, Taoism is a pharmacy, and Buddhism is a Chinese cultural history of department stores. Before the Qin and Han Dynasties, Confucianism, Mohism and Taoism shrouded all cultural thoughts.

After the Tang and Song Dynasties, they changed one and became the Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

These three have shrouded Chinese cultural thoughts until the early days of the founding of the Republic of China.

The May Fourth Movement occurred. At that time, I wanted to “fall down the Kongjiadian”. In the mainstream of Chinese culture, there was a burst of shackles that changed for a few decades.

Buddhism is like a department store. You can go shopping, go shopping, or shop. You don’t want to go shopping, but society needs it. Taoism is like a pharmacy. It includes the military, the thoughts of the family, and even the astronomy.Geography, medicine, a country, a nation’s illness, not to go to this pharmacy; Confucian Confucius and Mencius thought is a grain store, which is to be eaten every day. To understand the evolution of Chinese cultural history, how to do it in the future, we must study four books.

3, Chinese characters are the soul of Chinese culture. Our ancestors knew that the language changed in thirty-one years, so we separated the language and the text and turned the language into an independent text. Therefore, China’s five thousand years of culture, preserved with ancient Chinese, for two years, as long asLearn Chinese characters, up and down five thousand years, 100,000 miles, understand.

Chinese square characters, about 50,000 in the Kangxi dictionary, a Chinese, if you recognize 2,500, oh!

This learning is very big!

Professor Guo Wen also did not recognize 1500.

4, promotion and wealth is not necessarily a good thing as a Chinese, I often ask, what are you making for money?

In the concept of Chinese culture, any one who has made a fortune should pay attention to one thing: a family of people who have enough food and clothing, and a half-world name.

You have made a fortune, many ordinary people will resent, eyes look at it, how can you send it?

Reading out to be an official, making an official for decades, also created too many evils.

My old grandmother would not let me go to be an official. The first generation will be the official nine-generation cow (the nine generations will be born as cattle).

5. I still have a proposition for reading more history. I hope that everyone will study economic and political issues for the future of the nation, and read more history.

Looking at today’s Yijian ancient, no ancient is not a reality.

When we were young, reading history was the most important lesson.

To understand the trends of the present era, we must understand our ancient history.

Observing the failure of the success of a personal career, to take the ancient mirror, how failed in every era of ancient times?

How successful?

Nothing is gone now.

6, what is the Chinese Taoist reign, such as Mencius, the gentleman is poor, but the best.

Tell us an intellectual. If you are unlucky, you can manage yourself. Don’t worry about the outside world. As for what you can do in your profession, career and learning are completely separate.

Learning is not knowledge, and being a person is a matter of learning.

If there is a chance to ask you to do something, it is not for the individual, but for the entire national society.

This is the education of Mencius. 7 The flaw is that normal Buddhism calls the world “the world of aunts”, translated as “Korean”, saying that our world is a flawed world.

The Book of Changes also says that the world is flawed. If you have money, you will not be taught. If you have a scholar, you will have no money. If you give your children a full house, you will not give it a different look, so there will always be defects that are not satisfactory.

8, there is loneliness, there is a realm, a person must first develop to enjoy loneliness, then you are almost, you can understand life, only to experience a higher level of life.

9, Yi, Lao, Zhuang, Buddha, are all medical doctors “Zhuangzi” is a doctor’s heart, regardless of Western medicine Chinese medicine, are only medical body.

What is the heart?

The heart of thought and emotion is very difficult to heal.

. Lao Zhuang’s content is medicine.

All thoughts, diseases, political diseases, economic diseases, and various diseases are very much mentioned in “Zhuangzi”. I only see how everyone studies.

The Dharma of Sakyamuni Buddha, Lao Zhuang and Yi Jing are all medicines for treating the heart and also the method of treating the heart.Generally, doctors can cure the disease of the body, but they cannot cure the heart.

10, knowing the birth and death is the realization of life is like this, there is a spring every year, there is also a winter every year, this is the phenomenon of birth and death; thoughts, cells and even all matter is also alive and extinct, always this.

I found the root of life that can be destroyed. It is called a Buddha, and it is called Bodhi.

. Why is it easy for Buddhism to be absorbed in China?

Because the ancestors of Chinese culture, the Yijing, also said this truth.

11, life is the practice of practice is not only in the mountains, not only in the temple, but also in society.

To live in practice and practice in life.

12, the text to carry the road, the Taoist people in China, the ancients do not easily write articles.

Many articles, dramas, and news today are written on the bad side of society and have a bad influence on children. This kind of writing has a stronger impact on society than killing people.

In fact, people who write may not have the heart to teach people to learn badly, but also write positive, but the recipients do not look positive.

The ancients knew this kind of psychology very well, and the following pens were very rigorous.

13, whenever the times are hopeless, Taoism always comes out to bring things out of chaos. Anything is different for any thing, and the views are different.

The angles of your own stations are different, and the impressions you see are different.

When we look at the history of China, the heydays of Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Kaiji are all used by San Xuan.

Moreover, in the history and culture of China, there is a difficult rule. When the times are chaotic to the extreme, and when there is no cure, the characters who come out to “get rid of the righteousness” are Taoist figures.

However, they have their usual style – “work, name, retreat, and the way of heaven.”

Help people to fight the world, succeed, and then drift away.

For example, Yi Yin at the time of Shang Tang, Fu said that Jiang Taigong at the time of the founding of the Zhou Dynasty, Fan Wei during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Zhang Liang, Chen Ping at the founding of the Han Dynasty, and Zhuge Liang at the time of the Three Kingdoms were all Taoist figures.

Jiang Taigong and Fan Wei have completely achieved the “Heavenly Way” of “gongcheng, famous, and retired”. Zhang Liang is a little bit worse. In the end, he must retreat. The ability is not big.

There is also Zhuge Liang, his position is completely Confucian.

14, heroes and sages of other heroes can conquer the world, can not conquer themselves; sages do not want to conquer the world, and conquered themselves.

Heroes give their troubles to others to pick them up, and the saints themselves pick up the troubles of the world.

This is the traditional spirit of our Chinese culture. I hope that everyone can fulfill the responsibilities of the sages and become a great politician.

15, the ancient classics have to start from the beginning of the year when I read the four books and five classics, are all to be back.

The children are going to school, and they are happy. While you sing in your mouth, you push me. I push you.

Reading like this, I will remember that I will never forget it in my life.

When I think of it, I meditate in my heart, and the reason is pondered again.

. I am often asked if I can have such a good study. I really tell people that this is the effect of me reading these ancient books before I was thirteen years old.

16. Everything is reasonable. Everything between the avenue and the Jane universe must have its own merits. If there is such a thing, it must have its principle. It is only that our wisdom is insufficient, the experience is insufficient, and the principle of it cannot be found.Only.

The simplicity of the Book of Changes is also the highest principle. No matter how wonderful the universe is, when our wisdom is enough, after understanding it, it becomes ordinary, the most ordinary and very simple.

17, if you have suffered hard, you can enjoy the blessing. In fact, good things and pain are two sides. One is the back of the hand and the other is the palm of your hand.

If you say that good things can really be thrown away, the pain can be thrown away, so pain is also a good test.

If a person encounters troubles, pains, and difficulties in adversity, it is impossible to say that he can lose good things when he encounters good things.

18, the Buddha only said two words – why the impermanence of Buddhism is impermanent?

Because things in the world are not eternal.

Human desires, forever eternal greed, and want to remain forever, it is never possible, it is stupid, it is made by people who see clearly.

Therefore, the Buddha tells you that the accumulation must be dissipated, the sublimity must be degraded, and the union must be separated from the end. that is the inevitable truth, and this is the principle.

19. The basic model of Chinese civilization Our past cultural history has always spent more than two thousand years under the model of 鈥渋mperial use of Huang Lao and external Confucianism鈥?in the imperial autocracy.

It also allowed Confucius and Mencius’s Taoist spirit to adhere to the imperial government under the grass, and it lasted for more than two thousand years.

20, the sense of urgency is a tradition of Chinese culture. Our traditional Chinese culture, most afraid of a lifetime of happiness, too smooth, too safe.There is no sense of urgency, like poisoning a poison, killing himself.

21, do people well, do things right, that is, learning is not literature, the article is good for this person’s literature; knowledge is profound, this person’s knowledge is profound; as for learning, even if you don’t know a word, you may also have knowledge.- Be a good person, do things right, absolutely good, absolutely right, this is learning.

22, can talented people be a career what is a business?

Confucius’s “Book of Changes” is called: the people of the world who are taking measures, that is, the cause.

A person, for a lifetime, doing one thing, contributing to the public, is a contribution to the nation and the whole society, and this is a career.

23, the gentleman does not blame everyone in the sky can really learn to learn for learning, do not blame the sky, not particularly people, they ask themselves, why can’t I stand up?

Why didn’t I achieve this goal?

It is a question of self-study, cultivation, and practice.

I am painful to reflect on myself, and I don’t have the thought of blaming others in my heart.

Take the current concept that this kind of psychology is an absolutely healthy psychology, so that is a gentleman.

24, to read history, but also to read the history of the novel to read the positive history is not enough, but also to read the novel.

The so-called history, often the name of the person, the place name, the time is true, the content is not reliable; and the novel, the name, the place, the time are fake, but the story is often true.

25, doing good is a bodhisattva. I often say that after the Chinese Song and Ming dynasty, the philosophers are behaving in a proper manner, and they are the Buddhist sects; the Lao Zhuang Taoist is the Zen of Buddhism, explaining the liberation.

With these examples, where do you say Bodhisattva is?

Not necessarily in the temple, not necessarily in religion, many people in the society are Bodhisattva.

But people who wear religious cloaks, people who often hear Dharma, can’t do it.

Many people in the society who do not believe in religion, I saw awe-inspiring, they are really Bodhisattvas.

26, learning Buddha is a big husband. The ancients said: “Learning Buddha is a great husband, non-emperors will do what they can.

“Because of his realm, style, and mind are different.

Where does this different realm come from?

It comes from the reality, it is produced by the Tao, and it comes naturally.

Therefore, the people who truly understand the Tao, the development of wisdom is endless, the name of Buddhism is called no teacher, also called natural wisdom.

Your own intelligent warehouse is open, not taught by the teacher, but your own inherent wisdom has broken out, and the world is omniscient.

This is the realm of the realm.

27, do everything there is a realm of one person to practice, or to read, one step at a time in different realms.

Like a person who studies art, today has a new inspiration, or draw a picture, especially a kind of experience, that is, it has its realm.

A cement worker, suddenly a brick down today, with a touch of cement, especially flat, my heart is very comfortable, it is good to build this way, this is the realm of his time as a cement worker.

Therefore, the realm contains all realms, and the monks have the achievements of the division. The realm is different. There are two points of difference, and there are two differences.

In addition, people have cultivated a certain realm, and the realm of life is cheerful to a certain extent.

28, all methods of cultivation, are just three words, regardless of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and all other religions, all human cultivation methods are these three words – good care.

Take care of your heart and mind, and take care of your own thoughts.

29, people have three basic mistakes. Can not commit crimes. There are three basic mistakes that can’t be committed: one is to be thin and the other is to be respected, the other is to be small and to seek big, and the third is to be small and to be heavy.

30, the birth is not important, the degree is important to grow up in the hardships of success, often due to psychological shadows, can lead to abnormal deviation.

This kind of deviation is that there is always a hostility to the society for people, and they do not believe in any one person, and they are more sympathetic to any one person.

The love of money is like a fatal phenomenon, or a secondary phenomenon in psychopathy.

On the contrary, there are people who have a good knowledge. Although he grows up from hardships, he is more compassionate and generous.

Because he knows life, knows the hardships of the world.

銆€31, to do it yourself is enough “lifelong ignorance, I do not know the honor and disgrace in the other, in me too”, this is the philosophy of life.

Why do people want to talk to you outside, do you think you are good?

It doesn’t matter to me outside. On my own, I think it’s good, I laugh and laugh, cry when I cry, and have nothing to do with others.32, only indifferent to quiet and quiet Zhuge Liang’s famous saying “indifferent Mingzhi, quiet and far away.”

Only when you are willing to be indifferent, but will be indifferent, and even enjoy the indifferent, so that Confucius said “unjust, rich and expensive, like me,” can achieve a peaceful realm.

33, people do not deceive themselves, the world is invincible, no one, only three things in life, they died: self-deception, deception, being deceived.

that is it.

The world is smart and similar. No one can deceive anyone. Others look at you. If you look at other people, it is very obvious. In particular, you can’t pretend to be fake. If you look at it, you will see your heart, lungs and lungs.

People, because they have “self-deception,” will “deceive people.” In the end, of course, they must be “being bullied.”

People don’t lie, who can lie to you?

In essence, people must love themselves to love others, and in the end they can naturally be loved.

It can also be said that people must be self-respecting in order to respect people, so that people can respect you.

34, good mood is the best theory of health and wellness theory, “angry hurts the liver, fears hurt the kidneys, good music, sadness, suffering from lung injury.

That is, people who are prone to anger, who are prone to temper or have bad temper are the phenomenon of liver stagnation.

It is easy to be afraid, timid and afraid of things, it is the unevenness of the kidneys.

Excessive hobbies, especially as a diet, excessive men and women, causing problems in the heart.

Sentimentality, or family problems, other accidents, and many other problems, will start from the unevenness of the lungs and affect the health of the internal organs.

35, the ancient sages are lonely in ancient and modern China and foreign countries, many people who are considered by the later generations to be great, can affect the ages of the world, at that time, most of them are so desolate and lonely.

Because they did not know the short-sighted profit-making before they were alive, they were personally and personally responsible for their national personalities.

銆€36. In any era, there are many people who are surpassed by reality. Many people are lamenting this society. This era is too realistic.

In fact, in any era, any region, people living in the world, they must survive; gradual, slowly, unconsciously will realize the reality.

Only a few people can surpass reality, work hard for lofty ideals, give up on themselves and think for the world, regardless of the reality of their short-lived life, and look for the future.

Therefore, it is also subject to a reverence of people, calling him a “sage.”

37, stubborn, can’t do big things. We study the character of some successful and failed characters in history and find interesting comparisons.

Some people’s personality, like to accept others’ better opinions.

However, Liu Bang is one of the few people who can change immediately and immediately withdraw their opinions and switch to other people’s better opinions.

And Xiang Yu will never change his mind, and he will never accept the opinions of others.

38, success or failure, just natural, to the life of the “Book of Changes” to see life, every move, there are relative, positive and negative, staggered, smug is frustrated, some people have proved that there is opposition.

Personnel physics must be like this, and it is inseparable from the great principle of the universe.

39, less blowing cowhide, more practical things in ancient and modern China and foreign countries, human psychology is the same, mostly love bragging, rarely seen in facts; ideals are very high, it is difficult to make it in action.

Therefore, Confucius said that the true gentleman should talk less and do more things.

40. If you have an attitude first, then you have to learn to learn. You need two things. One is to learn, the other is to ask.

Ask more people to ask, learn from others, accept the experience of predecessors, and learn from their own experience, it is learning.

The knowledge of Confucius mentioned here is not knowledge, or doing things for people. It is necessary to take life to experience and to study anywhere, anytime.

Literature, science, and philosophy are knowledge.

To do it, “read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, pay thousands of friends.

41, good teacher is a big problem Mencius has a very good saying: “People are good at being a teacher.”

“Everyone has the psychology of arrogance and triumph, wants to be better than others, wants to teach others, and wants to guide others. This is a human problem.”

42, the highest wisdom of the people, “I Ching” tells us two key points, science is good, philosophy is good, people are good, do anything to pay attention to two things, that is, “time” and “bit”, time andspace.

Very good things, great talents, if not at the right time, everything is useless.

There is also a “bit”, such as something is very expensive, but it is useless on a certain occasion; if a vase of jade is placed in the toilet, this position is not right.

Everything in life is best to get it right.

Time is luck.There is luck, no place.

It is equal to the people to eat, please come to you on the invitation, you ran the wrong place, the room did not have your seat, still can not eat.

The highest wisdom of man is to do it to himself, to man, to things, to know that the opportunity is here, to seize the opportunity, and to do it.

43, the leaders of all religions are Orientals. I often tell Westerners, you talk about religion, and where is your religion in the world?

The five leaders are all Orientals!

Confucius, Lao Tzu, Sakyamuni Buddha, Orientals; Jesus, Muhammad, is a Middle Eastern and an East, not a Westerner.

You in the West are desperately opposed to the East. In fact, most of your cultural thoughts are given by the Orientals.

44, the most important thing to pay attention to is the aging of the soles of the feet. The death begins with the soles of the feet. Previously, “the cold was born from the soles of the feet”. In the winter, the soles of the feet are still hot, and they will live longer.

Therefore, I often ask you to add clothes, especially women, pants should be thicker.

When we were young, we saw the grandmother, and the two trouser legs were tied up, so the gynecology was less ill.

Now wearing a pair of briefs and wearing a skirt, to be beautiful, not afraid of freezing, so gynecological diseases are particularly high.

The cold is born from the soles of the feet, and the essence is also born from the soles of the feet. The legs and the two feet are very important.

45, the two forgotten is the true paradise is good, and some people are not dying to hell.

The world of bliss is enviable, and the heart longs for it, but some people are willing to bathe in the boundless sea forever, and enjoy the pain.

Taking one with the house, it has already run counter to one another.

It is better to forget each other, not obsessed with true and false, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, and become a wonderful and free.

46. The true meaning of Chinese traditional education The purpose of Chinese education for thousands of years is not to make a living, to teach us to be a person, and to learn other skills.

And education begins with prenatal education, tutoring is the most important, and then it is to learn from Mr. teacher.

Personality education, learning and cultivation is a lifelong connection.

Therefore, in addition to political power and wealth power, the society must also be independent and independent, and the character of the individuality is cultivated as the mainstay of society.

47. It is not unusual to be a true person. It should be high, but some people are begging for a high, or to flaunt their own high, so they have to sacrifice.

That’s not necessary, it’s not ordinary, it’s not ordinary, it’s not the spirit of true conservation.

48, the key to opening the door of Chinese culture, the property of Chinese culture is too big, the ancient text does not understand, the traditional Chinese characters do not know equal to the lost key, the door of this treasury can not be opened.

49. The highest self-cultivation of Chinese culture in Chinese culture One of the principles of the highest self-cultivation in life is: Lotte knows.

Lotte is to know the laws of the universe and to conform to nature. To know life is to know the truth of life, the true meaning of life, and even the value of one’s own life.

50, fate can change life can not change, the method is very simple, one German, two life, three Feng Shui, four accumulation of yin, five reading.

People will win the day, and fate depends on their own.

25 Nov

It is more suitable to have cervical spondylosis


It is more suitable to have cervical spondylosis

People often read from TV or some popular science reports to see the side of sleep is good for heart health.

But for people with cervical spondylosis, the side lying is not the best sleeping position.

銆€銆€Analysis of the causes of cervical spondylosis In people’s impression, the spine is straight.

Just just looking from front to back.

If you look from the side, you can see that the spine has four curvatures, also called physiological curvature.

Once the physiological curvature of the cervical spine changes, it is difficult to recover.

The patient may have neck, shoulder discomfort, and even dizziness, headache, tinnitus, palpitation, sweating and other symptoms.

銆€銆€So, how is the physiological curvature of the cervical spine caused?

Most people know that it is caused by long-term use of computers, work at desks, and work low-headed.

In fact, another important reason is the bad sleeping position.

Many children’s headaches, twitching of head complications may also be caused by cervical spondylosis.

The initial stage of cervical spondylosis in children is poor sleeping posture, and some sleep on their backs.

銆€銆€Cervical spondylosis patients are more conducive to more cervical spondylosis common sense for patients with cervical spondylosis, a certain sleeping position is correct?

That is to imply that the physiological curvature of the cervical spine should be reversed. When sleeping, suppose if there is a pillow support.

銆€銆€In order to achieve the goal of supporting the pillow, the patient slightly sorted the shape of the buckwheat husk pillow so that the shape of the pillow looked like a “6” from the side, and the height of the part was equivalent to his fist, so that the pillow was more comfortable.

Some people may not get used to sleeping on their back because they have long been accustomed to sleeping on their side.

However, as long as you keep practicing, you will get used to it slowly.

銆€銆€Of course, people’s posture during sleep is not fixed.

When I first fell asleep, I could maintain a posture and soon I started to turn over.

During the whole sleep process, the person’s position may change by 20?
60 times.

Of course, increasing the awareness of supine sleep, as much as possible to maintain a supine sleep posture, is cumulative for the protection of the cervical spine.

銆€銆€It should be pointed out that the following people are not suitable for supine sleep: patients with sleep apnea syndrome have a longer pregnancy in the elderly