08 Feb

To prevent myopia, eat more green fruits

To prevent myopia, eat more green fruits

In recent years, the lutein absorption of urban children has been reduced, and in-depth research by western nutritionists has finally revealed this mystery.

It turns out that the occurrence of myopia has a lot to do with too little nutrition called “lutein”.

  Lutein is a “carotenoid”, which is found in higher amounts in fresh green vegetables and citrus fruits.

According to research by scientists, lutein has an important protective effect on the “macular” in the retina, and lack of lutein can easily cause macular degeneration and blurred vision.

  Eat more citrus to prevent vision deterioration. Rural children, because they eat green vegetables directly collected from the field, absorb lutein sufficiently.

Urban children usually eat high-protein, high-nutrition foods, and rarely eat fresh green vegetables, so the amount of lutein introduced is correspondingly less than that of rural children.

This is the primary cause of the huge difference in vision between children in urban and rural areas.

  In response to this, nutritionists recommend that you eat more citrus fruits every day to prevent vision deterioration.

26 Jan

Salmon eats young anti-wrinkle holy grail

Salmon eats young anti-wrinkle holy grail

The longest-lived man in the world is in Iceland, and the longest-lived woman in Japan. Iceland and Japan need salmon.

Of course, residents of longevity regions of the world, including Japan, Hong Kong, Iceland and the Mediterranean, eat fish and seafood every day.

  Salmon wrinkle and beauty salmon, scientists can find that wrinkle and beauty scientists, fish, especially deep-sea fish such as salmon, can wrinkle and beauty, reduce blood pressure, protect the heart, joints and islets, stabilize blood sugar and mood, increase IQ, and extend life.

  Scientists believe that the human body has high blood pressure in the ocean, the chemical composition of the human body is close to seawater, fish protein is close to human protein, and fish oil is close to the human brain.

Our ancestors lived by the water, eating crustaceans and fish, restoring substituted essential fatty acids, and concentrated distribution to form the main part of the brain.

Therefore, the nutrition of fish has promoted human evolution.

  Trace essential fatty acids Essential fatty acids According to luciferin nutritional diet therapy, all natural oils are good aunts, including linolenic acid, linoleic acid, monounsaturated aunts and saturated aunts.

Linolenic acid and linoleic acid are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are active by themselves, but are the most unstable, easily oxidized and destroyed by cooking.

The human body cannot synthesize these two fatty acids, they can only come from food, so they are called “essential fatty acids”.

  Linolenic acid and linoleic acid are the raw materials of brain cells and prostaglandins, respectively.

Linolenic acid contains the main feces of human brain cells.

Prostaglandins can reduce blood viscosity, lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, control appetite, regulate menstruation, and protect the heart and brain.

Linoleic acid and linolenic acid together (2: 1) can reduce leather alcohol, triglycerides and bad phenols, repairing cells damaged by “glycation”.

Therefore, wisdom is inseparable from linolenic acid, health is inseparable from linoleic acid, and beauty is inseparable.

  The best source of smoked salmon linolenic acid is cold water deep sea fish. The best source of linolenic acid is cold water deep sea fish such as salmon, tuna, catfish and fish.

Salmon is the most noble deep-sea fish because it has a trace content of more than 5% and contains the most linolenic acid.

  Eating salmon regularly can reduce the effect of wrinkles, but at least it is necessary to quit sugar, control refined starch, and supplement vitamins and minerals, that is, corresponding to “sugar-free and low-carbon, nutritional supplement” lucatin nutrition diet therapy, replacing collagenSaccharification causes wrinkles.

Remember, sugar creates wrinkles and fish eliminates wrinkles.

18 Jan

Experts-Children’s Random Learning Yoga Injury

Experts: Children’s Random Learning Yoga Injury

There is a boom in children’s yoga in Australia, and some secondary schools offer yoga classes to guide students in the art of concentration and physical stretching.

However, the medical profession believes that yoga may not be suitable for all children, especially children with inherently tight muscles.

  Fletcher, a mentor of the “Life Yoga Association” in Australia, said that yoga can help people build self-confidence, increase physical flexibility, improve personal posture, and achieve unity of mind and heart. It is a healthy activity for children.

She said: “Children are not difficult to learn yoga because their bodies are flexible.

Fletcher explained that the deep breathing of yoga can help improve recovery and tracheal sensitivities. It can also strengthen the personal immune system and relieve mental tension. The benefits are numerous.

  But you need to be on the sidelines, but the physical therapist at the Children’s Hospital in Sydney, Bins, said that adult yoga moves may not be suitable for children.

Children’s yoga activities are best designed to meet their physical development needs.

In addition, some children with special needs should consult a doctor before taking yoga classes.

  Bins said, “Children with tight muscles should consult with their doctor before practicing yoga.

He said that when practicing yoga, children should be instructed by their instructors to prevent them from unknowingly making physical harm.

  Practicing yoga in the mind has also become a popular parent-child activity. The yoga instructor Sherhorn, who lives in southern Sydney, practices with his five- and three-year-old children.

She said: “It is not easy for children to calm down and cultivate their minds and spirits, but if they practice from a young age, they will find that yoga is a very natural activity and never dull.

Representative Sherhorn, parents refuse to force if the child is not interested in yoga.

  Yoga helps develop the inherent potential of the individual, so it has become an adjuvant therapy for patients with Down syndrome, autism, and cerebral palsy in the United States.

08 Jan

Three principles for buying home fitness equipment

Three principles for buying home fitness equipment

There are several principles for families to choose when exercising: 1.

According to the needs of their own conditions.


The financial situation of the family.


Housing environment and other external environment.

  First of all, you should choose fitness equipment according to your physical fitness, exercise purpose and favorite sports style.

Patients and infirm patients who have limited mobility, are weak or are recovering, should choose equipment that can withstand their own physical strength, such as exercise bikes and rowing machines, steppers, tensile training devices, etc.

If you want to lose weight, you can choose a multifunctional treadmill to strengthen your body.

For fitness purposes, you can purchase mini weightlifters, weightlifters, or thirteen treadmills.

The family’s economic situation and housing conditions are better, replacing the 31 functions and 13 functions.
These fitness equipment are not only low in price and suitable for working class, but also occupy a small area and have high practicality.

At present, the most popular family-friendly treadmill is a multi-functional treadmill. This kind of equipment is full-featured and integrates entertainment and strengthening.

If the housing conditions are not too spacious, you can choose a twelve-function treadmill.

05 Jan

Yoga helps you gather breasts anytime, anywhere

Yoga helps you gather breasts anytime, anywhere

Today, this method of raising breast cancer can be regarded as the simplest method of yoga.

It can do it anytime, anywhere.

No preparatory activities are required.

It also relaxes your body.

In fact, it is better to say that it is “gathering”.

Because its main effect should be to make the two breasts firmer and disturb the middle.

Because many people ‘s breasts are long on both sides due to out-of-fitting underwear and sleeping postures, they have a figure-eight shape.

Very demanding.

So achieve the gathering effect with this simple action.

  Specific actions: 1.

You can sit on a yoga mat, sit on a chair, or stack up.


Your body is straight.

Put the palms of your hands together.

Put it on your chest.

Began to worship the Buddha.


Then let the palms of both hands slowly push each other.

Because the force is the same when pushing, the palm still maintains the original position and posture.

But you can find the muscles of the two black hairs converging towards the middle during the process of exerting force.


You can take a deep breath when you apply force.

  You can do this at any time and do it every day if you have time.

And to persist for a long time, gathering and lifting are equally important for the breast.

Hope you guys know.

28 Dec

Would you like to go home and be a full-time wife

Would you like to go home and be a “full-time wife”

Taking care of the family and enjoying life The life of a full-time wife feels beautiful.
Cao Shiju, who had just moved from Shenzhen to the 101st building in Sanyuan Ercun the year before, said that after she got married and had children, she quit her job and devoted herself to taking care of her children at home.
Instead of handing it over to the nanny, bring it in person. “I can stay with my child’s growth process and play a good role in supervising the cultivation of his living habits and the shaping of his hobbies.”
Life at leisure, when the child was small, he didn’t feel dull at all. The child was ill and could be accompanied throughout the journey. The child’s reckless childish words could be repeated aftertastes. Take the child to meet other children and other children in the community.Mothers, often their mother and son are the envy of others. In this way, they do not need to run for their livelihood. There are unexpected gains. “Many people say that I look much younger than my peers.”
  Yun Haas, who lives in Xinzhuang Xincun, quit his original job, followed Mr. Liu from Inner Mongolia to Suzhou, and was unfamiliar with his life. He couldn’t find a suitable job for a while and “can only choose to be a full-time wife.
“Without a job, Yunhas feels very boring. Fortunately, the community has a variety of activities. Yunhas has actively participated. While relaxing, he gradually feels that the greatest benefit of a full-time wife’s life is that he can arrange himself calmly.time.
My husband’s company is in the preparatory stage. Many trivial matters have been handled by Yunhas. In the past, because there were different business circles, “I can’t participate in so many things at all.
Yunhas said, the more you participate, the more you understand, but it never occurred to me that the life of a full-time wife has actually enhanced the relationship between husband and wife.
  When the Taiwanese lady Li Xiaoping was in Taiwan, she did well in securities. “Sometimes when you are busy with six phones ringing at the same time, it is impossible to think about your own preferences all day.
“When I became a full-time wife in Suzhou,” life is completely different.
“Learn calligraphy, practice yoga, learn embroidery . as long as you like, you have time to practice.
  Life is more like a seesaw. The distress of being free can return to the family and become a full-time wife. The economic conditions at home are a strong support, and the housewives who return to the family have inadvertently mentioned the economic impact of the current life situation.
  ”In the past, I made my own money and spent it. I bought whatever I wanted.
Li Xiaoping said very directly that even the family’s previous financial expenses were at their disposal, and her husband only had a small amount of pocket money.
But now, when spending money, especially if it involves a large amount, you will unconsciously go back and discuss with the other party.
“Even the voice has inadvertently become lower than in the past,” Li Xiaoping said with a smile. This change happened unknowingly, and the direct cause of the change was that the husband and wife in the family were no longer parallel economic entities.
  Invisible changes also depend on the psychological increase.
When I first came to Suzhou without an acquaintance, Yunhas couldn’t help but whisper to her husband: “I came here for you to give up everything. If one day you lose me, I will have nothing.
For Cao Shiju, when the husband comes home from work, his mood will be happy.
The husband’s income becomes the only support for the family. In fact, the center of gravity of the family or the housewife will unknowingly lean on the husband. For the housewife, this is also one of the unconsciously accepted reality.
  Having lived in Suzhou for 8 years, Li Xiaoping began to doubt the value of her existence.
“When I was busy myself, I was really envious to see others drinking coffee.
“But now I have been drinking leisure coffee for 8 years, and I feel more and more boring. Sometimes I will have panic in my heart. In case my husband loses his job someday, if he returns to Taiwan, the economic conditions will not keep up, and he will leave the job for 8 years.Post, how can I return to the former professional state.
  Out of the same anxiety, Gu Xiaofang, a friend of Li Xiaoping, also a wife of a Taiwanese businessman, partnered with someone to start a second-hand house transaction last year.
Gu Meifang said that when enough money is saved, the couple can retire early.
Gu Meifang’s return to the workplace made Li Xiaoping very excited.
  There is always a choice for a full-time wife. The key is to make yourself happy. Should you go home and be a full-time wife?
“We are firmly opposed!
“Zhu Min, chairman of the Development Department of the Women’s Federation of the City, clearly stated his point of view.
  ”How difficult it is for Chinese women to step out of their homes, and today there is a return of traditional family concepts,” said Zhu Min, which is related to the loss of women’s own value.
“In fact, there is only one child in each family, and the hard process is only a few years. Professional women need some skills to handle the relationship between the workplace and the family, but if they are handled well, they will enjoy greater happiness.
“” Choose to go home, although we can no longer bear the pressure of work, but “no matter the traditional atmosphere or the level of civilization in our social atmosphere, women’s family labor has not been fully respected.
For women, returning to the family, “This is a risky choice. To abandon work to some extent means taking the initiative to abandon self and transfer your own value to the family and children. The concept of these full-time wives,The understanding of society will gradually degenerate, which is extremely detrimental to the personal development of women.
“For a family and marriage, a full-time wife faces many risks.
“The competition is so fierce, what if you lose your job?
“There are risks to the family economy and the lack of security in marriage. Zhu Min said that in the work of the Women’s Federation, I have heard too many failures. In the event of an accident, I can no longer be a full-time wife of an independent economic entity.
  Should you choose a full-time wife?
How do you choose to adjust your life?”It is easy to exit the rivers and lakes, and it is too difficult to re-enter the workplace.

Li Xiaoping said that if you choose to be a full-time wife, the only way to change the dullness is to maintain a good attitude, arrange your time reasonably, attend more gatherings of relatives and friends, and learn more about social development through newspapers or the Internet.Means detachment from society.

Choosing a full-time wife is to choose a state of life. The key is to make yourself happy!

Li Xiaoping said.

18 Dec

The ancient scenery of the walking tracker’s ancient road


The ancient scenery of the walking tracker’s ancient road

Entering the ancient track of the car, it has entered history.

The ancient track of the car division spans the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains. It is an ancient road with a history of more than 2,000 years and is an important traffic trunk in the early Western Region.

About 200 kilometers, the “Xizhou Tujing” residual volume dispatching route found in the Dunhuang Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures has a narrative.

銆€銆€The ancient division of Checheng refers to the passage from Nanshan Tianshan of Dalongkou, the town of Quanzi Street, Jimsar County, Xinjiang, to Luketun of Turpan City, also known as the Jinling Ancient Road.

Since the Han and Tang Dynasties, the Che Gu Road is a shortcut to connect the Silk Road Middle Road and the North Road. It will communicate with the former country and the former country. Therefore, the Tang Dynasty called the “he he said.”

銆€銆€The ancient track of the car division is unique, dangerous, quiet, and the various aesthetic characteristics of the male are integrated into one. Natural and humanistic landscapes complement each other. The winding mountain trails extend through the twilight mountain and the river stretches. The land section is hovering in the cliff rock and straight into the clouds.Above the land section, there are colorful flowers and grass slopes, and some sections cross the rapids, wearing dense forests, crossing the dangerous gorge, and the narrow area is less than 2 meters.

Along the way, there are ancient fortress ruins, ruins, stone people and other cultural monuments, as well as stone gates, flyovers, waterfalls, hot springs, exotic trees and other natural landscapes.

銆€銆€This ancient road crosses both directions in the north and south directions.

From the southern slope of the Tianshan Mountains to Turpan to the north slopes, the county is more convenient.

You can take a bus from Urumqi to the stone kiln in Turpan’s five-star ranch, then walk into the mountain, climb the 3,400-meter-high Qiongda switch, enter the high mountain pasture on the northern slope of Tianshan Mountain in Gumusal County, and cross the Liudao Bridge to Quanzi Street Township.Return to Yan Musar County and transfer to Urumqi.

In turn, take the shuttle bus from Urumqi to Jimsar County, rent a car directly to the entrance of the spring, then walk into the mountains, cross the Qiongda board to the Shiyaozi Ranch, and take the pre-committed car (Shiyaozi is a ranch reception station,Not shuttled) Return to Urumqi.

The mountain journey of 鈥淐he Gu Road鈥?is about 50 kilometers, and the average elevation is about 2500 meters.

銆€銆€Line Urumqi – Turpan – Daheyan – Five Star Ranch – Qiongda 鍧?- six to one bridge – Hydrological Station – Quanzi Street – Jimsar – Urumqi.

銆€銆€The actual walking starts from the five-star ranch and ends at the hydrological station, with a total distance of about 42 kilometers.

銆€銆€Day 1: Urumqi-Daheyan-Five Star Ranch starts from Urumqi. After arriving at the Great Riverside, hire a buggy or truck to camp on a five-star ranch.

Here is the starting point for hiking.

銆€銆€Day 2: Five-Star Ranch – Shangshi Kiln starts from Wuxing Ranch and is about 3 kilometers to Sanchakou.

On the eastern side of the Sanchakou Valley, Kalek Aiken improves the summer pastures deep in the Tianshan Mountains, and on the west side is the stone kiln Aiken.

Along the stone kiln, Aiken North is slightly westward, passing through Huangyanggou, all the way to the river and going to the Shangshi kiln camp.

銆€銆€Day 3: Shangshi Kiln-Qionda鍧?Sixdaoqiao continues northbound from Shangshi Kiln. After crossing Qiongda, it will arrive at Liudaoqiao.

There is a grassland 2 km down the Liudao Bridge, which is an ideal campsite.

銆€銆€Day 4: Liudaoqiao – Quanzi Street – Jimsar – Urumqi starts from Liudao Bridge, all the way downhill, via Wudaoqiao, Sidaoqiao, Sandaoqiao, Erdaoqiao, a bridge, that is near the transportation hydrological stationvillage.

Rent a truck in the village and arrive at Quanzi Street, then transfer to the Jimsar County, and then take the shuttle back to Urumqi.

銆€銆€The best season is from May to October every year is the best hiking season.

銆€銆€Necessary equipment and supplies tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, mats and other full camping equipment, rain equipment, good walking shoes, jackets, trousers, fleece, fleece pants, spare socks.

銆€銆€Transportation can take the Urumqi-Dahe River train and then hire a SUV or truck to enter the Five Star Ranch.

The village near the hydrological station can rent a truck to reach Quanzi Street. There is a bus in Quanzi Street that turns into Jimsar County. After arriving in Jimsar, it will return to Urumqi by round-trip.

銆€銆€Shishi Ancient Road Ten Views 鈥淪hi Kiln Tunnel鈥?(refers to the first-line sky channel with a width of only 1 meter on the south side of Qiongda); 鈥淒ayu Castle鈥?(an ancient military site standing on the Qiongda Temple at an altitude of 3,200 meters)”Turkish Stone Man” (refers to the grassland stone standing on the west slope near Wujin Bridge); “Sanzhang Suspension Waterfall” (referring to the waterfall of Dalonggou Gorge with a drop of more than 10 meters upstream); “Shimen Tianyue” (Refers to a section of the 40-meter-long Tianshou Stone Lane between Wudaoqiao and Liudaoqiao; “Three Bridges” (referring to the beautiful forest grassland scenery of Sandaoqiao); “Alpine Shenquan” (referring to the Erdaoqiao and the head)”Daoqiao” is a hot spring with a long-lasting effect, and has a strange effect; “The trunk of the poplar tree contains a huge stone to form a bouldering wonder;” “The first bridge” (the cliff near the head road bridge))”Longgou Ancient City” (refers to the site of the Shule City that was held by the Hampton School in Dalonggoukou East.)

05 Dec

How to do a digestive ulcer?


How to do a digestive ulcer?

Peptic ulcer is a chronic ulcer that occurs in the mucosa of the stomach and duodenum. Its formation is related to infection, pepsin, environment, stomach acid, heredity, constitution, diet, living habits, neuropsychiatric and other factors.

Severe cases can lead to bleeding, perforation, pyloric obstruction and cancer.

Mastering the disease’s diet plays an important role in the treatment of peptic ulcers and the prevention of recurrent ulcers.

So what is good for peptic ulcer?

The following article has recommended several suitable medicated diets for everyone, so try it out.

娑堝寲鎬ф簝鐤$殑鍥涚鑽喅鎺ㄨ崘鑽喅1锛氫箤璐濇暎[鍘熸枡] 涔岃醇楠?0鍏嬶紝娴欒礉姣?0鍏?
[鍋氭硶] 灏嗕簩鑽爺鎴愮粏鏈紝娣峰寑鍗冲彲鏈嶇敤銆俒鍚冩硶] 姣忔棩2娆★紝姣忔6鍏嬶紝娓╁紑姘撮€佹湇锛孾鍔熸晥] 闄嶄綆鑳冮吀娴撳害鍜屼繚鎶よ儍鐔熻啘銆侷ndications of peptic ulcer gastric acid.

Medicinal Diet 2: Yinlian previous rice porridge[raw material]20 grams of white fungus, 10 grams of lotus seeds, 5 red dates, has been 100 grams of rice.

[practice]1 soak the white fungus with water soaked, cut; lotus seeds (to the heart), red dates (nuclear), glutinous rice washed; 2 put all the raw materials together, add the right amount of water, simmer into porridge, seasoning can be eaten銆俒Eat]Take breakfast early and late.


鑽喅3锛氱櫧鑺ㄧ播[鍘熸枡] 鐧借姩绮?0鍏?绮崇背100鍏嬶紝澶ф灒5鏋氾紝铚傝湝25鍏嬶紝鐧界硸灏戦噺銆俒鍋氭硶] 灏嗙朝绫炽€佸ぇ鏋?鍘绘牳)娲楀噣锛屽悓铚傝湝涓€璧蜂笅閾讹紝鍔犻€傞噺娓呮按锛岀叜鑷崇播灏嗙啛;鈶″皢鐧藉強绮夊姞鍏ョ播涓紝娣峰寑锛屾枃鐏◢鐓墖鍒伙紝寰呯播The soup is sticky and ready to eat.

[鍚冩硶] 姣忔棩2娆★紝閫傞噺娓╂湇锛?0鏃ヤ负1涓枟绋嬨€俒鍔熸晥] 姝㈣锛屼績婧冪枴鎰堝悎銆傝嵂鑶?锛氬弬榛勭孩鏋g渤绫崇播[鍘熸枡] 鍏氬弬20鍏嬶紝榛勮姫10鍏嬶紝绾㈡灒10鏋氾紝绮崇背100鍏嬨€俒鍋氭硶] 鈶犲皢鍏氬弬銆侀粍鑺?鐢ㄧ罕甯冨寘濂?銆佺孩鏋?鍘绘牳)銆佺渤绫虫礂鍑€锛屼互鍐锋按娉¢€?鈶℃妸鍏ㄩ儴鐢ㄦ枡涓€榻愭斁鍏ラ攨鍐咃紝鍔犳竻姘撮€傞噺锛屾枃鐏叜鎴愮播锛孌iscard the sassafras and season it.

[鍚冩硶] 姣忔棩1鈥?娆★紝娓╃儹鏈嶇敤銆俒鍔熸晥] 澧炲姞绮樿啘鍓嶅垪鑵虹礌鐨勫惈閲忋€侷ndications for peptic ulcer.

The above medicated diet does not hinder the trial, and there is no side effect anyway.

30 Nov

Fast-moving exercise for the busy people


Fast-moving exercise for the busy people

Want to lose weight, but too much work makes you have no time to exercise?

Don’t have time to control your diet?

Just do the fitness exercise as follows, as fast and thin!

銆€銆€What busy people do sports really busy to have no time to exercise?

Be careful to keep your muscles down, causing the basal metabolic rate to drop. It’s easy to make you fatter at once. In fact, taking 30 minutes of noon break time, you can do more exercise. Here are some tips and time exercises for making good use of time.The prescription should be introduced to the six curves of the muscles under the exclusive curve sculpture movement of the busy people. When and wherever you can do it, you can take a break at noon, or sit in the gap, go to the pantry orEmpty meeting rooms can do it!

It is not necessary to finish 6 movements once. If you don’t have time, you can take it apart and do some exercises. You need dumbbells. If you are in trouble, you can use 2 bottles filled with water.

銆€銆€The following set of prescriptions is done twice a week, each action is done 8-15 times for 1 group, and each time you start doing 1 group each time.

If you practice for a long time, you find that after finishing this prescription, you don’t sweat, and your muscles don’t feel tired or sour. You can increase the number of exercise groups, do 2-3 groups each time, and do 3 times a week.

銆€銆€In 6-8 weeks, you can feel the muscles getting tight and licking the exercise area – leg 1-1.

Stand with your feet and shoulder width, place your center of gravity slightly behind your heel, straighten your back, narrow your abdomen, straighten your arms forward, parallel to the ground.


It will be like sitting on a chair, sitting back towards the end, still straight ahead.

Repeat 8-15 times.


Congress lifted the exercise site – elbow 2-1.

Stand with your feet wide and shoulder width, hold the dumbbells with both hands, and hang down beside the hips. The elbows are slightly bent and the palms are facing each other.

Close the lower abdomen, blood pressure slightly bent.


Raise your arms to the sides parallel to the ground and then slowly lower them.

Repeat 8-15 times 3 times.

Volley to the body part of the exercise – chest + head + arm 3-1.

The feet are in a high kneeling position and the upper body leans forward.

The arms are slightly wider than the shoulders and are supported on the ground.

Face down.


Bend your elbows and press the entire body down so that the upper arm is parallel to the ground.

Repeat 8-15 times 4 hip push up exercise part – waist abdomen + hip 4-1.

Place the pillow on the floor with the head, head and upper back resting on it.

The toes are bent and the entire sole is placed on the ground.


Use the power of the waist, abdomen and chest to push the body up.

Remember to clamp the chest.

Repeat 8-15 times 5 times.

Sit-ups exercise part – waist and abdomen 5-1.

Lying flat, feet wide open shoulder width, aligned, and the soles of the feet flat on the ground.

Lift your hands, bend your elbows, and place them on the back side of your head.


Exhale, leave your head, neck, and shoulders off the ground, pause for a moment, then inhale and slowly let yourself lie back to the ground.Repeat 8-15 times 6 times.

Front end screen exercise site – lower back 6-1.

The sorghum is on the ground, the upper body leans forward, the arms open slightly wider than the shoulders, and are supported on the ground, facing down.

Suck your stomach inward.


Straighten your right hand forward and straighten your left foot backwards, all parallel to the ground.

After 5 seconds of silence, go back to the original position.

Repeat 8-15 times each time