31 Mar

Jierong Technology (002855): Strong certainty in second half performance conversion

Jierong Technology (002855): Strong certainty in second half performance conversion

In the first half of the year, the company’s actual net operating profit exceeded 深圳桑拿网 market expectations. In the first half of 19, it realized revenue13.

22 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years.

22%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is 0.

27 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

05%; comprehensive gross profit margin in the first half of 15.

95%, down 2 percentage points; net profit margin 2.

03%, content 0.

5 units.

In the first half of the year, the cost of equity incentives exceeded 10 million yuan, resulting in a company management fee of 1.

110,000 yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.

twenty two%.

Excluding the impact of equity incentive expenses, the company’s performance exceeded market expectations.

Driven by major customers such as OPPO, Huawei, and Samsung Electronics, the precision structural parts business achieved revenue12.

4 billion yuan, +31 per year.

62%; precision mold business achieved zero.

27 trillion, +52 a year.


Company revenue in the second quarter 7.

66 ppm, an increase of 20 in ten years.

04%, net profit is 0.

18 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.


The gross profit margin for the second quarter alone was 16.


The business resumed initially. The performance of the second half of the year is highly certain. The net profit of Q1-Q4 companies for the 18 years was 0.

0.8 billion, 0.

1.7 billion, 0.

06 ppm and -0.

02 million US dollars, the net profit margin fell, the first is the relocation of Samsung’s internal factory caused the company’s operating business revenue changes, in the process of opening new customers to face the painful period of increased expenditure costs.

With the improvement of overall efficiency, favorable factors such as the smaller impact of changes in the Samsung plant and the increase in profitability of metal structural parts have gradually transformed, and the company’s net profit margin is expected to return to normal levels.

Looking at each year, we believe that the company will achieve a gradual and rapid increase in net profit from Q3 of 19, and its 2019 performance will reverse the previous slump and rise again.

Actively improve the solution business, develop new business directions for data processing requirements, and significantly increase the demand for thermal management of consumer electronics terminals. Consumer electronics thermal energy management solutions have become one of the main directions for component suppliers in the future.

The company is actively deploying thermal management projects for consumer electronics terminals, which mainly provide one-stop overall solutions for heat storage and heat dissipation.

The company hopes that in the future, the advantages of infrastructure product products and services will integrate the heat dissipation module with the existing structural component business to provide comprehensive services for downstream customers.

Investment suggestion: Maintaining the “overweight” rating company’s profitability will be reversed, and the cooling business is in line with the future development trend of the industry.

We maintain the Air Force profit forecast and expect the net profit attributable to the mother to be zero in 19-20.


35/1.5.3 billion, a 10-year increase of 166% / 72% / 13%, corresponding to a PE of 40.



52 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: The macro economy continues to weaken, and intensified competition leads to continued decline in product profitability.

16 Mar

Zhejiang Longsheng (600352) Annual Report Comments: Performance Meets Expectations Leading Company Advantages Significant

Zhejiang Longsheng (600352) Annual Report Comments: Performance Meets Expectations Leading Company Advantages Significant

Investment highlights: Event: The company released the 2018 annual report, and the company achieved operating income of 190 in 2018.

750,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.

32%, achieving net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company.

110,000 yuan, an increase of 66 in ten years.


  The company’s performance has grown rapidly, and its safety and environmental protection advantages have become increasingly 厦门夜网 prominent.

The domestic environmental protection rectification continued in 2018. As a leading company that continues to improve safety and environmental protection, the company’s competitive advantages have further expanded. The company’s operating income and profits have achieved double breakthroughs, setting a record high.

  Chemical companies have increased their safety, and the company’s advantages have become increasingly prominent.

It is expected that the requirements of national chemical companies for safe production will be further strengthened in 2019.

The company dated DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS project) in safety management to prevent accidents from improving safety culture and controlling risk sources.

The company’s strong security advantages will gradually reflect its valuable value.

  Resorcinol anti-dumping continues, and the company’s products are expected to maintain a high level of prosperity.

On March 22, 2019, the Ministry of Commerce announced that the investigation authority ruled that if anti-dumping measures are terminated, dumping of resorcinol from Japan and the United States on China may continue or reoccur, and damage to China’s domestic industry may continue.Or it happened again.

The Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council has made a decision based on the recommendations of the investigating authority. From March 23, 2019, anti-dumping duties on imports of resorcinol from Japan and the United States will continue to be imposed for a period of five years.

Tax refund for Japanese companies such as Sumitomo 40.

5%, tax arrangements for US companies such as Intis Parker 30.


Resorcinol is expected to maintain a high boom.

  The company’s industrial chain has significant advantages.

The company has extended from a single dye product to other special chemicals, taking the integration of the industrial chain as the core to the production of related intermediates such as resorcinol, p-phenylenediamine, and the development and reduction of aromatic amine intermediates such as reduced compounds.And extend the upstream of the dye supply chain, strengthen the control range of strategic intermediate raw materials, thereby further improving the right to transform dye products, so that peer companies generate certain returns.

It is expected that the company will enrich its product line through continuous internal research and development supplements and external mergers and acquisitions, and will eventually become a world-class special chemical production service provider across multiple fields.

  Positive return on operating cash flow is of great significance.

In 2018, the company’s operating cash flow was a net inflow of 10.

7.6 billion, and -2 in 17 and 16 respectively.

5.9 billion, -60.

7.5 billion, operating cash flow is back to confirm that the company’s three major real estate projects in hand are nearing the harvest stage.

It is expected that the company’s operating performance will maintain rapid growth in 19 and 20 years, and the consolidated Datong Road real estate project will gradually enter the pre-sale repayment stage. The company’s net operating cash inflow is expected to show explosive growth.

In addition, the Huaxing New Town project has completed the relocation and overall design of all residents, and joined the 2019 major start-up project in Jing’an District.

  Earnings forecast and investment rating: We raise the company’s performance expectations. It is estimated that the company’s operating income from 2019 to 2021 will be 20.9 billion, 25.9 billion, and 36.2 billion, respectively; net profit attributable to mothers will be 5.5 billion, 6.4 billion, and 770,000 yuan; EPSThey are 1.

69 yuan, 1.

97 yuan and 2.

37 yuan, corresponding PE is 11X, 10X and 8X.

Maintain the “Highly Recommended” rating.

  Risk reminders: 1. Downstream demand exceeds expectations; 2. Raw material prices fluctuate significantly.

04 Mar

Three Trees (603737): Home improvement project continued to grow at a high rate, and net interest rate dropped significantly

Three Trees (603737): Home improvement project continued to grow at a high rate, and net interest rate dropped significantly

The event company released three quarterly reports and achieved operating income of 38 in the first three quarters of 2019.

390,000 yuan, an increase of 67 in ten years.

00%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

720,000 yuan, an increase of 110 in ten years.

80%, net profit after deduction is 2

31 ppm, an increase of 112 in ten years.

86%; comprehensive gross profit margin and net profit margin are 39.

09%, 7.


Among them, the company’s total revenue in the third quarter was 16.

37 ppm, a 68-year increase of 68.

17%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

54 ppm, an increase of 120 per year.


Opinions on home improvement projects are coming together, and high growth will continue in the second half of the season.

The company’s C-end products achieved high growth this year, and the sales growth rate in the first three quarters reached 43.

4%, significantly higher than the same period last year, mainly due to the following reasons.

First, the company expected the quality of the dealers instead of the number when it expanded the channel last year, soliciting outstanding and strong dealers; second, the company set up a marketing center in Shanghai this year to accelerate its entry into the first and second-tier cities; finally, the industry demand has recovered, and real estate completion dataThe month-on-month improvement was the traditional peak season in the second half of the year. The “Golden Nine Silver Ten” was also the time for the concentration of real estate sales and house 重庆耍耍网 decoration, so the C-end achieved rapid growth.

The engineering side also continued to maintain high growth, with sales increasing by 67 in the first three quarters.

48%, large real estate customers and b-end dealers continued to increase volume.

At the same time, the old renovation this year has become an important milestone for the government. It is a major livelihood project and development project. The renovation of the old community will be fully promoted.Significant growth, good for the company’s engineering end business.

Scale effect increases the level of net interest rate.

In order to seize high-quality dealers, the company is currently giving some profit and actively lowering product prices, while the prices of C- and B-end products have fallen by 11 respectively.

96% and 3.

83%, but the raw materials 北京夜生活网 have also dropped significantly. The prices of major dairy, pigments, fillers and resins have also fallen by more than 10%, so the gross profit margin has been slightly reduced.

Net margin increased by 1.

The 81 single ones have improved significantly. The company finally expanded its sales staff ahead of schedule, which led to a rapid increase in expenses. This year ‘s performance has increased significantly and expenses have been diluted. It is expected that the scale of input revenue will further expand and the net interest rate will continue to increase.

The industry has large space and long-term growth can be expected.

The concentration of the coatings industry has decreased, and consumers ‘demands for environmental protection and health have increased, and consumers’ choices have also focused on their heads. As a domestic coatings leader, the company is expected to benefit in the long term.

In addition to the C-side, the company also seized the opportunity to increase the concentration of real estate leaders and strengthened its cooperation with the leading real estate. The scale of the B-side has further expanded and it is one of the few high-quality enterprises in the country that has continued to grow its home improvement and engineering coatings.

Investment suggestion: Thanks to the reduction in the scale effect cost rate and the gradual release of the waterproof business, the net profit attributable to the mother in 19-21 will be 3.

15, 4.

28, 5.

8.3 billion raised to 4.

13, 5.

43, 7.

42 trillion, EPS is 2 respectively.

21, 2.91, 3.

98 yuan, corresponding PE is 30X, 22X, 16X times, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk warning: the price of raw materials increases; the expansion of dealers and large real estate customers is less than expected.

12 Feb

What is the bottom line that an affair woman can tolerate

What is the bottom line that an affair woman can tolerate

Everything outside the marriage of men, love and body, love and organs, the boundaries between them may be clear.

Under various objective reasons of “involuntaryness”, some women sighed and accepted, some women repeatedly weighed and hesitated, while some women chose to declare loudly that they did not agree.

  So, will you accept it?

There is a saying circulating on the rivers and lakes, “Extramarital affairs is a popular lie.

Those who can and cannot afford to play do not need to take it seriously.

“Extramarital affairs and extramarital sex are nothing new.

Every third time, a friend will tell you this or that extramarital story.

It is always the man who is in trouble, the woman who is always injured, and the plot is always the same.

  Recently, some scholars have analyzed the divorce caused by extramarital affairs and third-party involvement in Shanghai.

The results showed that more than 60% of the plaintiffs were women, and 51% of men who had divorced due to extramarital affairs had premarital sex.

  Sex, in the context of an irreversible society, the Yellow Lady Army blooms everywhere.

The “entertainment” of men’s mouths turned into a shield for their dignified body betrayal.

Faced with such extramarital sex, women who look forward to the success of their husbands are helpless.

  Love is the foundation of the original family and the important factor of long-term harmony and harmony. However, human instincts like the new and hate the old, so that the most advanced science and technology must also recognize it in an official manner: feelings will never marry the marriage ceremony once and for all.

  For this family, for the children, I am more accustomed to retaining the man we once loved and swore together.

Women lowered the bottom line they could tolerate again and again.

So the judgment question becomes a multiple choice question: more and more questions focus on physical derailment and emotional derailment, which is the bottom line?

  From 20 to 50, four married women of different ages, here to tell you their choices.

  It is a fact that women accept extramarital sex. If we must choose between the two, I think extramarital affairs are even more unacceptable.

  Because accepting extramarital sex, I think this is the reality that women have to accept.

  Because of doing business, he often entertained outside, and every time he went to the concert hall, he looked for the same lady.

He said he didn’t like her, he just played at the scene.

But he was getting too much.

Once our baby was having a fever, and I was the only one in the family, but he went to the karaoke hall until four or five, and then went to supper before dawn came back.

This situation continued until the “July 7” of that year, Chinese Valentine’s Day.

I couldn’t bear it, let him come back early, but he came back at two o’clock in the night, said hello, and went out for supper again until four or five.

I saw that there were dozens of text messages of that lady on his mobile phone. He quibblely said that the woman was sending it, and he didn’t reply. He was forced to ask. There was no other way.The connection was broken, otherwise she would go around.

Later, my husband’s sister advised me to look after my man, saying that he was fascinated by the woman and would give her something.

I called to question him. He had a hard mouth and was fierce to me.

I really regretted marrying him at the time.

Later he and the lady still broke.

I also know that he won’t really replace me with that woman.

We have a common home and children, and he still loves me very much, every time he will come back and talk sweetly.

But who else is in the business field, who knows, which one is next?

  Occasional derailment can be forgiven for things like men, first of all an animal.

Since it’s an animal, he can’t resist the temptation of a beautiful girl who is still shy and smiles at me.

  So if I love this man, I will forgive his raw impulse.

  Of course I mean by accident.  If a man is obsessed with a woman and often goes to bed with her, I would not believe it even if he said that he was obsessed with only her body.

Being obsessed with the body is also a kind of love, which has feelings, and it is unacceptable to be emotionally derailed.

  My husband and I are not too restrained by each other, because we have the same views on extramarital sex, so once there is an episode, they will be hidden well.

  After all, if you let the other party know, you still feel a little uncomfortable.

We also rarely suspect and probe each other too much. I once saw pictures of him and another girl. They are known to be close, but I know they are friends who have known each other for a long time, so they are much lazy and want to ask more.

  In fact, this is like people eating. His wife is like rice, but bland but essential. A man may need some other flavors to adjust his mood and find a little freshness, but he will never give up rice.

  Man’s nature must not be condoned. Someone told me at the beginning that my husband would take other women home and would make all sorts of love while traveling on business. I would shut up the gossip.

I never ask my husband if those rumors are true, I just do my wife’s duty as always.

My husband and I are both Uighurs. In our nation, men will never do housework, and it is the responsibility of a woman to take care of everything outside the house.

We were together for 13 years, and in the 11th year, he went abroad to work.

Although all insiders have confirmed to me that he has another woman, he still keeps his teeth shut.

He quibble argued that his wife had not been around for a long time, and he just asked a woman to help him do the laundry and cook.

I know he is lying, but I choose to be silent.

I do n’t want to talk about a woman who is suspicious, and I do n’t want him to think that I do n’t understand him. I ‘m a woman without measurement, and I do n’t want to be troubled by the city. I would rather look for problems from myself, and more importantly, stillConsider how our daughter feels.

And I swallowed and pretended to be dumb in return, that is, he transformed extramarital sex into extramarital affairs, and then carried out extramarital affairs to the end.

Throughout, he never admitted to me that there was another woman.

Until one day, the woman appeared in front of someone with a big belly, and the reality of her six-month pregnancy made it impossible for anyone to keep silent and continue pretending to be calm.

So my husband became my ex-husband.

  All the reasons for an affair are excuses. For those of us born in the 1950s, extramarital affairs and extramarital sex are equally unacceptable.

  It can be conservative or principled. In short, my husband and I have never betrayed each other, whether physically or mentally.

  My husband and I have been married for 24 years. At that time, we were all in love for the first time. Even now we are still very good.

I think when a man loves a woman with admiration from beginning to end, his heart cannot fall aside.

For the views of extramarital affairs and extramarital sex, we once sat together and paid careful attention, and we could not accept each other’s derailment, whether physical or purely emotional.

We all think that infidelity in marriage is the difference between love and dislike, but a matter of character.

You have deceived your closest person in the world, betrayed this person who is cuddling with you and will go through life.

What else can you trust?

  If there is a betrayal, the end can only be a divorce.

  As adults, we should always know what we want in a marriage and what we should do?

If a man doesn’t even know this, then he is too immature. If he knows why he committed it, it is a bad personality.

  Whether it’s extramarital affairs or extramarital sex, it’s not worth the risk to the one you love, it’s too expensive.

  Love and sex are not a free lunch. Psychologists say that men, no matter how old, hide a child deep inside, a wayward child.

  So they will face the temptation to weigh their hands, find excuses for what they want and should not, and face pampering again and again.

  When he tells you that he and the woman are just playing in the field, and I hope you don’t be so careful, it is tantamount to erecting the image of the main house of the old society in front of you alive, even if you endure it, it is full of grievances, right?

When he justified that he only had a pure affection for her, but no skin blind date, your direct association was a noble Plato love, or a dog and a man with good looks?

  Fewer and fewer people mention the word “loyalty”.

These two words, which are crucial in the wedding oath, are gradually piled up and replaced by the various excuses that men look for for themselves.

Can the heart be disloyal?

Or can the body be disloyal?

Before the minefield danger line that destroyed the marriage, the man would have been a categorical rejection, and twisted a tentative step forward.

  Rachel in “The Six” said to Rose, who had a one-night stand: One is a cheater, always a cheater (once a thief, a thief for life), and when we encounter real dilemmas in life, what we hearMost of the seemingly intimate persuasions are that women have to endure a moment of calm, to change the calm, to open one eye, and to close one eye at the same time, they must focus on the family and children.  But few people will tell you directly: Give up this man, he is not worth forgiving, and stop deceiving himself, he will not repent because of your tolerance.

But if we can work hard to shop around for a skirt, then what reason can we let the quality of our emotions go back and forth without asking?

  Don’t believe those lies from the erring child, who can completely separate their body and heart without a trace of implication, who can guarantee that men’s so-called “next example” can really be replaced.

The vow must not be scattered with the wind and fog. Tolerance towards him is also a renunciation of the quality of feelings.

Men are not grateful for this, and you can only verify your weakness and compromise.

11 Feb

Defend a slim waist with fitness exercises

Defend a slim waist with fitness exercises

Having a slim waist is the dream of every woman, and fitness experts have examples of this: Compared to the legs, the waist and abdomen are the easiest to lose weight.

The most practical way of slimming waist is to exercise. As long as the action is in place and combined with diet control, one month will have obvious results.

  Turn around and practice the internal and external obliques: 1.

Lift your right foot with your left foot, twist your body with both hands holding your left elbow, and touch your right knee with your left elbow.


Alternate left and right 20 times.

  Simple abdomen exercise: Although this exercise is simple, it is very effective. Lay on the ground, straighten your feet and lift, put it back, do not touch the ground, repeat 15 times.

  Exercise density: 3-4 times a day, 15 times each.

  Sit-ups to train right abdominal muscles: 1.

Bend the positive electrode to 60 degrees and pad it with pillows.


Place your right hand on your left knee, and at the same time, lift yourself up to the ground and do it 10 times, then change hands and do it 10 more times.

  Breathe side abdominal muscles: 1.

Relax your body, inhale a lot of air with your nose, and slowly exhale with your mouth. After exhaling about 70%, hold your breath.


Shrink the lower abdomen, the qi rises above the chest, and then bulge the abdomen to lower the qi to the abdomen.


Raise the qi to the chest, lower it to the abdomen, and exhale slowly with your mouth. Repeat this step 5 times.

29 Jan

Black skin care habits help you develop good skin_1

Black skin care habits help you develop good skin

Everyone likes fair and translucent skin, but with the increase of age, UV exposure and darkening, annoying dullness, uneven ethnicity, or varying degrees of melanin deposition on both sides.

Don’t be a faceless, yellow-faced woman who feels resentful, and that person would like it?

Therefore, women’s skin care is imminent. In fact, skin care is not difficult. It is easy to develop good skin care habits to develop good skin. How many diabetes skin care habits do you have?


The best temperature for washing your face is 38 ℃ -40 ℃. The compactness brought about by washing your face with lukewarm water and cold water lasts for at least 30 minutes, and the face will be flushed after the sudden cooling stimulus. In the long term, it will cause microvascular expansion and thickening.

Therefore, you need to wash your face with lukewarm water at 38 ° C-40 ° C.


A cotton pad that is saturated with water is hard and hard to stop using it to slap the skin. A cotton pad that absorbs water will become thin and hard. Use it to pat your face, just like tapping a thin bamboo sheet on your jacket.

It is especially irritating to the cheekbones, because the bones are under the skin, and the microvasculature is re-expanded for a long time.

To use the lotion correctly, you can choose a wet compress or lightly block with a cotton pad.


Do not let the spots appear, rely on whitening and maintenance to prevent the skin is always good, everyone can not hide such things.

For prevention, daily use of whitening and maintenance can indeed delay the formation of new spots.

Remember, it is really about the “concentration of ingredients”. Japanese products usually advertise a certain concentration of “medicine”. If they are European and American products, it does not prevent them from reading the product labels or asking counter service personnel.


Regular exercise at least 2 times a week, from inside Huanhuan “I usually work too tired, I just want to spend my holidays lazily.

“With this in mind, those muscle soreness, calf edema, and poor sleep quality will only get worse.

Exercise can improve blood circulation, relieve the above symptoms, make the skin glow, and also help to secrete endorphins, which makes the mood cheerful.

The simplest exercise is walking. People who don’t have any exercise habits usually start from 30 minutes of walking twice a week.


Makeup remover does not rub on the skin for too long. For 40 seconds, no matter which formulation is used, in order to emulsify, the makeup remover contains a surfactant, which is like a star-absorbent method, which dissolves the key keratinocyte lipids that maintain skin hydration.

40 seconds is enough to bring out the dirty makeup and rub it for too long, like washing your face directly with detergent, the skin can be imagined to be dry.


Push your fingertips gently, pulling the skin without over-massage. The fibrous mesh composed of collagen and elastin is imagined as an elastic band built into the skin. The tension caused by excessive massage will accelerate the relaxation of the elastic band.

However, it is not necessary to completely abandon massage. Moderate massage can activate the transfer of nutrients from blood vessels to the skin.

During the massage, the magnetic field must be applied with a layer of oil essence or cream, and the middle finger + ring finger can be used to gently slide the fingertips.


Help the skin to function normally. Anti-ageing in its early twenties. It is not too early to worry that anti-aging products are too moisturizing in the early twenties to nourish the skin’s appetite. In fact, worrying about it, anti-aging products can help the skin restore normal functions.

For oily skin, choosing a lighter serum will not cause skin burden.


Sleep cannot be advanced or healed. If you sleep enough for 6 hours a day without eating, there will be no obstacles. The nutrients in the body can be stored, but if you don’t sleep overnight, you will definitely be tired the next day.of.

After we sleep for 3 hours, the body secretes growth hormones, and the body and skin regenerate in a day, which takes about 6 hours.

It is recommended to go to bed before 12:30.

24 Jan

Pork kidney porridge


Pork kidney porridge

Pig kidney is also called pork loin. Pig loin contains protein, trace amounts, calcium, phosphorus, impurities, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin A, ascorbic acid and other ingredients.Effect, and the effect of kidney qi.

  Pig waist has the effect of nourishing kidney qi, eliminating stasis, passing through the bladder, and quenching thirst.

Can be used to treat kidney deficiency, low back pain, edema, and deafness.

The general population eats one.

Suitable for people with kidney deficiency, backache, low back pain, nocturnal emission, night sweats; suitable for elderly patients with kidney deficiency, deafness, tinnitus;

Those with high blood lipids and those with high cholesterol should not eat.

  The nutritional value of pig kidney is 100 grams of protein containing 15.

5 grams, aunt 4.

8 grams of cobalt.

7 grams, thiamine 0.

38 mg, riboflavin 1.

12 mg, Niacin 4.

8 mg, ascorbic acid 5 mg.

  [Sexual taste]The taste is salty and the sex is flat.

  Efficacy and role of pig kidney in treating kidney deficiency and low back pain, body edema, nocturnal emission, night sweats, and deafness in the elderly.

  [Expert advice]Pig kidney cholesterol is high, it should not be eaten frequently and frequently.

  But if it is not cleaned, it will have a bad smell. How to clean the pork loin?

  Fresh pork loin has a layer of film that is lustrous and moist.

  First, peel off the pork waist film, cut open, remove the white tendons, rinse it many times, cut into the required pieces or flowers, rinse it with water, remove and drain.

  2. 1000g pork loin is mixed with 100g shochu, squeezed, rinsed with water two or three times, and then boiled with boiling water again to remove odor.

  Kidney medicinal diet is a traditional Chinese medicine supplementing kidney qi, warming kidney yang, and nourishing kidney yin.

It has the effects of warming the kidneys and aphrodisiac, filling the spermatogenic pulp, and is suitable for kidney deficiency syndrome.

  2 pig kidney porridge, 50 grams of rice, light green, allspice powder, ginger, refined salt each amount.

Wash the pig kidneys, remove the fascia, and cut them. Wash the rice before, and cook them in the same pot to make porridge. Add the shallots, ginger, salt and allspice when cooked.

Take breakfast.

  This porridge has the effect of nourishing the kidney and strengthening the waist, and is mainly suitable for middle-aged people who suffer from soreness and pain in the waist and knees due to lack of kidney qi, difficulty in walking, and deafness.

13 Jan

Introduction to the time and place of yoga meditation

Introduction to the time and place of yoga meditation

Chapter 6:29 of “Bhagavad-gita” says, “. Yoga can stop the rushing heart, then the rushing heart will be surrendered.

“Chapter 6 and 18 also say,” If a yogi can control his inner activities, remove all material desires, and achieve transcendence, then he is the highest state of yoga.

“From a psychological perspective, 80% of the behaviors we engage in happen unconsciously, and one of the advantages of meditation is that it can make the unconscious field work, and then understand ourselves and change our personality.

  Our inner dynamics include the conscious action of new leather, the unconscious action of old leather, and the actions that character produces.

And meditation can have an effect on the character of old leather and easily correct abnormalities.

  Some experiments have shown that after 8 weeks of meditation training, the brain wave pattern of the subject has changed significantly. From the brain awake, the brain wave during consciousness is transformed into the brain wave occupying the dominant part during deep relaxation of the brain.Relaxation has increased and worries have diminished.

  Living in a stressful modern society, the best way to gain the natural power to overcome depression is to meditate.

Depression and internal tension and irritability can also cause abnormal hormone secretion, eliminate immunity, and overcome the power to overcome.

  All in all, meditation can improve the stability (constancy) of the internal environment and restore physiological and natural abilities.

  Time for meditation Fasting and fullness can easily make people want to fall asleep, so the fasting time of pursuing qi in the body is most suitable for meditation.

  In the morning, this was the fullest episode of the day.

That is, the fog is clearing, the sun is shining on the earth, and the vitality and freshness are arranged. Sit down towards the horizon where the sun rises and meditate.

  In the middle of the day, this is the strongest schedule of the day.

It can bring the vitality of physical tranquility due to work tiredness, disease, and weakness, so that people can feel strong qi.

  At dusk looking at the sunset, while meditation, a belief in the hope that rests on the rising sun will be born in the heart. At this time, the soul is extremely superior in comfort.

  Meditating late in the night, the best time to calm down and change yourself.

  Places for meditation Calm places are best places for meditation, but you don’t need to deliberately avoid natural sounds.

For example, the sounds of insects, wind, waves, gurgling water, birds, etc. are the ideal yoga meditation if they can be integrated into them.

  When you meditate, relax and choose a place with stable brightness and temperature.

  The above are the prerequisites for just starting to practice meditation. Once there is progress, it can be performed anytime, anywhere, regardless of time, place, brightness, temperature, etc.

04 Jan

Four types of topics not to talk about in the office

Four types of topics not to talk about in the office

Topic one: family property and the like are not your candidness, frankness is to divide people and things, there has never been no candidness of principle, what you say and what should not be said, you must have a spectrum in your heart.

Even if you just bought a new villa or took a trip to Europe during your holiday, you don’t need to show it in the office. It’s a little joyful, and the smaller the sharing circle, the better.

The feeling of being jealous is not good, because it is easy to hire people to calculate.

  Corresponding countermeasures: Regardless of revealing richness or crying poorly, in the office repeatedly contrived, accompanied by suspicion, it is better to be more interesting, do not say what should not be said.

  Topic 2: Questions about salary: Can salary issues be communicated?

  Many companies don’t like to ask about salaries between employees. Because the salary of colleagues is often not small, the boss intentionally makes a single-line contact when making a salary, not revealing the amount, and tells others not to know.

Different pay for equal work is a common method used by bosses. When used well, it is a great magic weapon for rewarding good and punishing bad, but it is a double-edged sword. If it is not used well, it will easily lead to conflicts between employees, and it will eventually turn around.Pointing upwards, pointing directly at the boss, which of course he did not want to see, so always be extra prepared for people like “Bag Inquiry”.

  Corresponding countermeasures: If you meet such a colleague, it is best to plan early. When he refers to the salary, you should interrupt him as soon as possible, saying that the company is disciplined and not talking about salary; if he is unfortunate, he speaks quicklyI said everything without waiting for you to stop it. It doesn’t matter. I used diplomatic rhetoric to cold-speak: “Sorry, I don’t want to talk about this.

“If you come back once, there will be no next time.

  Topic 3: Questions about private life: Can private life be said in the office?

  Any love affair is still in love. Don’t bring emotions to work, let alone stories.

It’s easy to chat in the office. When talking about it, it’s just happy, without looking at the object, and often remorse afterwards.

It’s a pity that the water spilled out of the mouth can never be recovered.

  There are a lot of harms to using a colleague as a confidant. The workplace is a cashing field. Everyone may be your opponent, even a good partner, or you may suddenly change your face. He knows that you are more likely to attack you, and you are exposed.The more you get, the easier it is to get hit.

  For example, you told her boyfriend to be okay with others, and she said at this time: “People who can’t even get a husband, how can the company’s affairs be assured?”

The ups and downs of the workplace and the dangerous environment make you harmless. At the same time, you have to defend yourself. Circle your privacy as a restricted area in the office. It ‘s actually very wise to prevent people in the public domain from entering.One measure is self-protection under competitive pressure.

“Do what you want, don’t do it to others.” If you don’t first ask about the private affairs of others, your secret will not be easy to inquire.

  Corresponding countermeasures: Don’t talk about personal issues, and don’t discuss the short and long in the company.

You think it’s okay to talk about other people, you can get around your head in a few rounds, set yourself on fire, and then you will be passive when you run away.

  Topic Four: Ambitious Words Question: What threats does ambitious words turn into for you?

  Talk about the dreams of life ideals in the office, work with peace of mind, go back to family with ambition, friends said.

In the company, if you are okay all day saying “I want to be the boss, I will settle the property by myself”, it is easy for the boss to be regarded as an enemy, or to be subdued by colleagues.

If you say “I’m at least a vice president at the company” or “I must be a department manager at the age of 35”, then you can easily put yourself on the opposite side of your colleagues.

  Countermeasure: Because everyone has ambitions, but limited seats.

When you open your own initiative, you openly challenge your colleagues in the company.

There are too many monks and few porridges, and there is a great deal of arrogance. He is being watched everywhere and regarded as a threat by colleagues or supervisors.

Being a low person is a good way to protect yourself.

Your value is reflected in how many things you do, when you should perform, and if you shouldn’t, it’s not bad at all. You can do big things, not big words.

27 Dec

Analysis of Difficulty in Choosing Spouses among Older White-collar Women in Shanghai

Analysis of Difficulty in Choosing Spouses among Older White-collar Women in Shanghai

“For your career, you can know how much you pay and you can keep working hard.

However, feelings are hard to come by.

Therefore, we are not unable to marry, or because of higher requirements for relationships.

“Happy single women say so.

  These single women, if they give them a focus, are women over 27 years old, white-collar workers, single or divorced women.

  This crowd has reached hundreds of thousands in large cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

Moreover, most single women in cities have the characteristics of “three highs”: high education, high income and high social level.

  So what is it that makes these excellent women closed and emotionally stuck in a situation where it is difficult to find an ideal partner for the time being?

  Therefore, the reporter talked with Lian Li, a marriage consultant of “Happy Life”, with a view to making some analysis of the “difficulty of mating” phenomenon of older women.

  High-quality determines their “better shortage” reporter: When did the “difficult to choose” phenomenon of older white-collar women appear?

  Leng Li: I have been engaged in white-collar marriage introduction for 8 years.

There is a number that illustrates the problem.

Eight years ago, the ratio of men and women who came to the marriage agency to find a spouse was 11: 1, but now the ratio is 1: 2, and women are almost twice as men.

This ratio has increased particularly rapidly in two to three years, and has continued to rise.

In other words, the “difficult to choose a spouse” phenomenon of older white-collar women began to appear two or three years ago.

  Reporter: Is this phenomenon common in Shanghai?

  Leng Li: Because of my work, I have contacted the personnel department or labor union of some companies, and made some investigations and statistics.

In the survey, we found that among some white-collar women aged 25-30 in foreign companies, more than 60% of them were not married or in love.

There are also some emerging industries, such as IT, biotechnology and other fields. Since the introduction of talent accounts for a large proportion, and these imported talents have less concern from parents and friends than ordinary Shanghainese, so they are unmarried and have no love object.The proportion is even higher, and some reach over 80%.

  Reporter: What do you think is the most important thing for older white-collar women to have difficulty choosing a spouse?

  Leng Li: Some people have summarized the four major characteristics of current white-collar workers: small mate selection circle, less leisure time, high work pressure and high personal vision.

These four characteristics actually determine the confusion and hardship of modern white-collar workers in love and marriage.

  As a result of my white-collar matchmaking and emotional counseling work, I have contacted too many white-collar women. In the age when they are most likely to encounter love, they are willing to give up everything in order to develop their careers.

But when his career was slightly successful, he found sadly that he was trapped in a small social circle, and it was not easy for him to walk out and for others to walk in.

But they are looking for love in such a small and narrow social circle, and will be subject to other restrictions from time to time in the future.

For example, some large companies have an unwritten agreement that prohibits employees in the same department or the same company from falling in love, or one of them must leave the department or company.

There are still some women who finally broke down into important positions after struggling. In order to maintain their image among the company’s employees, they dare not find friends in the circle.

And these white-collar women’s own high education, high quality, high salary, and determine their “preferring spouse” mentality.

  Part of the “feminine” journalist was lost due to professional characteristics: Are there other reasons that make it difficult for white-collar women to choose a spouse?

  Leng Li: Yes, another priority is that they have lost part of their “femininity” due to their professional characteristics.

There are often white-collar women wearing a professional suit to come to me for consultation. Their uniforms are generally not as nervous and shy as other girls, and some are even aggressive, asking me a lot of sharp questions.

I was secretly worried about them in my heart, wasn’t it the same when they fell in love?

  Reporter: Based on your experience, what kind of girl is easier to graft on?

  Leng Li: You know that the girls who come to register with us are generally required to have a college degree or above, but a friend recommended a girl with a college degree.

We talked for 5 minutes and I knew she could find the right partner soon.

Sure enough, within a month, she found a master’s boyfriend.

Speaking of which, she is the kind of girl that is particularly “feminine”: the little bird relies on people, behaves quietly, and is understanding.

  Reporter: How do you think “femininity” can play?  Leng Li: Actually, “femininity” is a kind of self-confidence, tolerance and selfless devotion from the heart of women.

Women in the new era usually tend to be independent, equal and sharp, willful. In fact, women’s independence should be a manifestation of spirituality, rather than external publicity and cares.

Mrs Thatcher always has to do some housework in addition to her accelerated work. She said, “Doing housework is a manifestation of family love. The biggest mistake a woman makes in her life is forgetting she is a woman.

“So,” femininity “is not that women have no principled obedience and accommodation to men in the traditional sense, but that modern women have melted their wisdom and wisdom in endless gentleness, so that they have a unique charm and ability.Win the favor of men.

  The outstanding “he” is not in a hurry to get married. Reporter: Compared with women, is there any new trend in male white-collar workers choosing a spouse?

  Leng Li: Yes.

Corresponding to white-collar women’s “difficult to choose a spouse,” white-collar men with better conditions easily refuse to marry, and it seems to have become a common phenomenon.

This in turn exacerbates the shortcomings of “difficult to choose a spouse” for white-collar women.

  Reporter: What causes white-collar men not to marry easily?

  Leng Li: There are usually many reasons why men want to get married. According to sociologists, human marriage has four purposes.

First, the biological purpose is to reproduce; second, the economic purpose, where two people share the family; third, the social purpose, which is recognized by the society; fourth, the psychological purpose, to satisfy loveDesire to gain a sense of belonging.

In the unopened era, everything was done step by step, perhaps for any of these purposes, it turned people into marriage.

With the opening of society, the improvement of material life and the continuous pursuit of spiritual life, people have more thoughts about the purpose of marriage.

Men find that the four purposes of the so-called marriage do not necessarily have to be achieved through marriage, so that they no longer easily enter the marriage for a reason.

At the same time, in the face of some utilitarian and practical girls in choosing a spouse, white-collar men are even more afraid of marriage.

Therefore, like women, men do not need a marriage, or a more sane and perfect marriage. The more successful a man is, the more he can demand from a girl, the more from his marriage.

  Put down the shelf, expand your horizons, and take the initiative to attack reporters: Finally, do you have any suggestions for marriage and love of older white-collar women?

  Leng Li: Recently, there is a very gratifying phenomenon. In our matchmaking agency, several couples of women earning more than men have succeeded.

Civil servants Mr. Wei and Miss Yang who work in foreign companies are typical examples.

Ms. Yang is the director of a computer company with monthly salaries of over one million.

When she first came to register, the staff recommended her some men with the same background and high income, but she broke the concept of the staff, and she frankly lowered: “I am an educated youth. I hope to find a stable home.So I don’t care much about the other party’s income. I value the other party’s character, quality, and whether they can have a cherished relationship with me.

“I believe that as long as Ms. Yang lowers the shelf, expands her field of vision, and takes the initiative to take the initiative, older white-collar women will surely find the other half they are satisfied with.

Economic analysis of single women From the perspective of economics, marriage is a product that requires a lot of investment, including the loss of certain personal freedoms, time spent, capital investment, the cost of searching for the ideal person in the vast crowd, and the cost of communication after finding itWait, in addition to cultivate feelings every day after marriage, you need to add some working capital.

While most women choose to enter the siege of marriage, there are still a few women who choose to be single or to remain single for the time being.

The article “Economic Analysis of Single Women” by Dr. Zhao Xiao, a domestic economist, targeted the group of 27-year-old, unmarried or divorced women.

  Older women’s “path dependence” This may be a vicious circle and is called “path dependence” in economics.

That is to say, a woman misses her marriage age because she loves her career, and because she can’t let go of her career, she goes longer and longer on the road of being single.

In addition, many women have been hurt by excessive feelings. Some people think that the feelings are not secure. Because of their rehabilitation, they have seized their careers more tightly.

So you see they are always busy.

But the smaller they get, the less likely they are to get affection, and eventually they may be locked in the path of being single.

This is the “path dependence” effect of single women.

 Economic independence is a white-collar woman over 27 years of age. The income of this group is generally not low.

It is precisely because of their economic independence that they do not need to rely on men, but choose between marriage.

In the old days, women were rarely single, because women had nothing and had no economic structure at all. Marrying a man would lose freedom but get a job.

In modern society, an excellent professional woman is faced with many choices. She has good job opportunities and a great future.

If the marriage is going to pay too much, she will be reluctant; if the marriage is going to pay too much, she will be reluctant.

It can be predicted that the more jobs and development opportunities provided to women by society, the more single women will emerge.

  Considering the “opportunity cost” of marriage, single women are often not looking for men, but because the opportunity cost of marriage is too high.

Single women who choose a career will have a higher “sunk cost”, which makes the choice of marriage more difficult.

For example, investing in a project may take 100 million yuan to complete. After investing 50 million yuan, you start to wonder if this project is worth doing, but if you give up, 50 million yuan will “sink”, then you often try to stick to this project.A girl who fell in love with someone in college can follow him to the ends of the earth. At that time, she had no “sunk cost” or the cost was very small.

However, a woman who has finally set foot in Shanghai and was entrusted with a heavy task by the unit, her sunk costs are high, and it is difficult for her to give up everything and follow love to other places.

Unless she can recoup her investment in her career, she will not let go.

Therefore, the stronger the single woman’s career, the more she hopes to have a good relationship and go beyond compensation.

However, it is also at the time when expectations are high that marriage becomes more difficult.