06 Feb

The skin of these five kinds of vegetables and fruits must not be eaten!

Hurt is great!

The skin of these five kinds of vegetables and fruits must not be eaten!
Hurt is great!

The following five kinds of fruits and vegetables are almost always eaten by everyone. I did not expect the skin of these fruits and vegetables to cause chronic damage to the internal organs.

Let’s take a look at it, it’s all food.1.

Sweet potato skin injury liver sweet potato{also known as sweet potato, sweet potato}long-term direct contact with the soil, a lot of harmful substances will be washed in the sweet potato skin, its skin contains more alkali, too much use will cause it.

Moreover, the sweet potato skin with brown and dark brown spots was subjected to “sweet potato ketone”.

Entering the human body can damage the liver and cause poisoning.

In addition, in order to save the cost, some stall owners who operate roasted sweet potatoes replace coke as a fuel, and harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide are easily precipitated in the sweet potato skin.


It is very troublesome to peel the potato skin with chronic poisoning potatoes!

But don’t take it lightly.

Potato chips contain glycoalkaloids, and this toxic substance is almost exclusively concentrated in the potato skin, which can cause poisoning if eaten by mistake.

Due to chronic poisoning, temporary symptoms or symptoms are not obvious, often do not attract attention, but the danger to the body is still very large.

When the paint is finished, the skin-colored green potatoes contain higher toxins and should never be eaten.

In addition, some people like to use potatoes with skinned potatoes, and even if cooked with skinned potatoes, still retain sugar alkaloids!

Even if you peel and eat after cooking, the toxic substances will also cause food poisoning in the forest.


Persimmon skin injury medical research has proved that the implanted acid which can cause damage to the stomach and stomach is mainly present in the persimmon meat when the persimmon is immature. When the persimmon is mature, the acid is concentrated in the persimmon skin, so the mature persimmon skin feels.Oh.

Persimmon contains the acid implanted. Under the action of stomach acid, this substance will cooperate with the protein in the food. The precipitate is the persimmon stone, which is easy to cause excess, fullness, loss of appetite, etc.

Therefore, do not eat unpeeled persimmons, or eat persimmons on an empty stomach.


Ginkgo biloba injury nerve Ginkgo biloba contains the poisonous substance “barley acid” hydrogenated ginkgo acid, “hydrogenated ginkgoic acid” and “glycohol”, etc., which damage the central nervous system after entering the human body, causing poisoning.

In addition, cooked ginkgo meat is not easy to eat more.


There are parasites in the mink that are born in paddy fields. The molting is rich in parasites or eggs. If you eat unwashed cockroaches when you eat them, it will cause disease.

05 Feb

Black bad habits make children stupid

Black bad habits make children stupid

Bad habit 1: Long-term satiety. Modern nutritional studies have found that when you are over-satisfied, there are significantly more substances called “fibroblast growth factors” in your brain.

These fibroblast growth factors can increase capillary endothelial cells and small amounts, triggering atherosclerosis.

If you eat for a long time, it will inevitably lead to cerebral arteriosclerosis, premature brain failure and mental decline.

  Bad habit 2: Despising breakfast and not eating breakfast make people’s blood sugar lower than normal supply, insufficient nutritional supply to the brain, and harmful to the brain for a long time.

In addition, breakfast quality is closely related to intellectual development.

According to research, children who eat high-protein breakfast generally have relatively long periods of optimal thinking in the classroom, while vegetarian children’s mood and energy decline relatively quickly.

  Bad habit 3: Sweet overdose Children with overdose often have IQ replacements.

This is because children’s brain development cannot be separated from food poisoning proteins and vitamins, and sweets can damage appetite, reduce appetite, reduce the replacement of high protein and multivitamins, lead to malnutrition, and affect brain development.

  Bad habit 4: lack of sleep The main way the brain eliminates fatigue is sleep.

Lack of long-term sleep or poor quality will only accelerate the decline of brain cells, and smart people will become confused.

  Bad habit 5: There are leaf areas of specialized language in the brain. Frequent speaking also promotes brain development and exercises brain function.

There should be more words that are rich in content and have alternative philosophy or logic.

Silent and unsmiling are not necessarily smart all day.

  Bad habit 6: The air is dirty. The brain is the most oxygen-consuming organism in the whole body, consuming 500-600 liters of oxygen per minute on average.

Only a large supply of oxygen can improve the efficiency of the brain.

When using the brain, it is particularly necessary to pay attention to air hygiene in the learning environment.

  Bad habit # 7: Unwillingness to think is the best way to exercise your brain.

Only by thinking hard and thinking hard can talents become smarter.

Conversely, unwillingness to use the brain can only accelerate the degradation of the brain, and smart people can become stupid.

  Bad habit 8: When the sick brain is unwell or sick, it is inefficient to stick to study or work, which is not only inefficient, but also easy to cause brain damage.

04 Feb

Soaking in hot springs needs symptom

Soaking in hot springs needs symptom

You need to learn how to choose the right hot springs 1.
Irregular menstruation: Qiquan Qi can enter the body and penetrate into the nervous tissue to adjust the nerve function. It also has a good effect on the human endocrine gland function, which can restore women’s menstruation and delay premature aging.
When using 最好 泉, it is best to maintain a water temperature of 38 ° C ~ 40 ° C and take a full body bath for 20 ~ 30 minutes each time, once a day.
Sensitive skin: bicarbonate springs Bicarbonate springs, containing bicarbonate such as calcium and magnesium, have a sedative effect, have a curative effect on allergic patients, chronic skin diseases, urticaria, and female patients with sensitive skin can choose.
Chronic skin diseases: Sulfur springs containing sulfur springs have the function of softening the stratum corneum of the skin, and also have the effect of antipruritic and detoxification. It is an effective method to eliminate acne, lighten pigmentation and treat chronic skin diseases.
Cold body and weak body: Simple carbonated spring, simple carbonated spring, the temperature of the spring is lower, which can promote the expansion of blood vessels in the body and help improve blood circulation. It is most suitable for women with heavy cold in the body. In addition, the temperature of the spring is lower, so women can bathe moreLong, physically weak women can soak.
Rheumatism: The radioactive spring is rich in radon and radium. It can be used for soup and drinking. It is effective for patients with diabetes, neuralgia, rheumatism and gout.You can choose a radioactive spring.

03 Feb

Aerobic combat to maintain your three-dimensional scale

Aerobic combat to maintain your three-dimensional scale

Aerobics popular in the United States, sports medical experts believe that this type of exercise combined with basic actions of beating, Tai Chi, and Taekwondo is not only a large amount of exercise, but also relieves physical and mental stress, which is suitable for modern people.

  This aerobic exercise that matches the rhythm of music with fists and kicks, because of the instantaneous explosive power, the proportion of limbs is large, and the amount of exercise is more than that of traditional aerobics. Jumping for 15 to 20 minutes is equivalent to about 30 minutes.Oxygen dance can consume at least two or three hundred calories. For young people who want to lose weight, it can be said to be an effective “slimming” exercise.

However, the human body must be in aerobic metabolism during exercise. The simple reflection of the human body is normal breathing without dizziness. It can also be measured by pulse: the heart rate per minute is 220 seconds and the actual age is multiplied by 60% to 80%Optimal cardio training status.

  In addition, boxing kicks and kicks also help relieve stress.

Modern people are generally under high work pressure, and sometimes it is inevitable to want to “thrill people”. This aerobic exercise requires the abdominal muscles to contract and yell when they punch out.Boxing and yelling are all good ways to relieve your emotions.

This way to vent your emotions and consume a moderate amount of energy, it is no wonder that many people who skip “fighting exercises” say that it is really pleasant.

If office workers want to try, they must pay attention to the use of sheaths at elbows, fractures, toes and other joints to protect tendons and ligaments and avoid strains.

In addition, warm up for 10 minutes before exercise to relax the joints and muscles before starting to punch.

If you notice muscle soreness after exercise, it is best to apply ice immediately.

So if you have a violent friend, this is the best move.

But it should be noted that: 1.

Although you can imagine an imaginary enemy when doing boxing, don’t be too resentful and your body is tight, or punches and kicks are too hard.

The body is relaxed during exercise, even if a hand punches, it will drive the waist movement.


During exercise, do not lock your elbows and joints, and do the same when kicking. Do n’t stretch too tightly to keep fit without harm.


Kickboxing exercise intensity. If hypoglycemia occurs, take a break before deciding whether to continue.


If you have any of the following situations, you can stop practicing: fatigued legs, painful discomfort in the body, dizziness, and excessive heart rate.

Well, start your next beautiful sport from now on!

02 Feb

Homemade masks make you a low-carbon beauty


Homemade masks make you a low-carbon beauty

Nowadays, people have been living a low-carbon life. In this era, they advocate a fashionable and healthy lifestyle, and many women also pay more attention to skin care and want to be fashionable low-carbon beauty.

Xiaobian recommends several methods of homemade masks for you, let you diy masks to create beautiful beauty.

  What is a milk-made mask?

The following editors will teach you: first of all, you must have a glass of fresh milk. In summer, you can wrap it with fresh milk and then refrigerate it in the refrigerator.

Then use steam to steam the face, and then use a cotton pad to fully absorb the fresh milk, then apply it on the face, apply it for about 15 minutes, then remove it and wash the face with water.

If you have a slender diy mask, your skin will become fair and soft.

  How to make a papaya mask?

First, peel the papaya, then mash it until it becomes muddy, then apply it on the face, apply it for about 15 minutes, and then wash it with water.

If you cut the papaya into pieces, then gently massage and knead, this papaya mask can effectively exfoliate.

In addition, papaya can effectively fade spots and make the skin whiter.

  Egg homemade mask method: Prepare a fresh egg, a small tablespoon of honey, mix the eggs and honey together, and stir evenly. When you are ready to sleep, use a small cleanBrush (soft), apply an appropriate amount of the material just stirred on the face, and then gently massage the face, so that the cells of the skin are stimulated, and the blood circulation is smooth.

Then wait for it to air dry, and then wash it with water.

It is recommended that you use this mask twice a week.

01 Feb

Winter Gold Detox Partner Recipe Mushroom Fungus

Winter Gold Detox Partner Recipe Mushroom Fungus

Nutrition experts recommend that you often eat fungal plants in winter, which is beneficial to maintaining your body, especially the special ingredients of shiitake mushrooms and black fungus, and has the functions of cleaning blood and detoxifying.

  In addition, fungi are rich in selenium.

Taking it regularly can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, prevent vascular sclerosis, improve the body’s immune function, increase the content of immune globulin in the body, stimulate the proliferation of hematopoietic function and smooth intestines, and increase intelligence.

Then let me recommend a beautiful match with mushroom fungus!

  Shiitake Mushroom Fungus Tofu Shiitake Mushroom Fungus Tofu making material: Main ingredients: Tofu (North) 150g Accessories: 30g (fresh) mushroom, 30g fungus (water), 15g enoki mushroom, 20g vermicelli: 5g spring onion, 3 grams of ginger, 3 grams of salt, 15 grams of vegetable oil.


Wash the shiitake mushrooms, fungus and enoki mushrooms and soak in water for 3 hours.


Cut the tofu into pieces.


Lift the oil pan, fry the tofu, add the right amount of water, add the mushrooms, fungus, enoki mushrooms, and simmer for half an hour, then add the fans, onions, and seasoning.

  Health Tips: Nourishing the lungs and stomach, widening the intestines and reducing turbidity (lowering blood lipids); Diabetes are those with lung and stomach yin deficiency, and those who have burned the lungs due to virtual fire., Dry cough without sputum, red tongue, thin white fur, and thin pulse count, especially suitable for diabetes complicated with pulmonary tuberculosis or bronchitis belong to lung and stomach yin deficiency; if there is no white fungus, bamboo shoots can be used, no mushrooms, straw mushroom can be used.

  Fungus food with grams of fungus fungus (water hair): Fungus should not be eaten with snails. From the medicinal properties of food, cold snails encounter smooth fungus, which is not conducive to digestion, so it should not be eaten together.

  Patients with hemorrhoids should not eat the same fungus and pheasants, pheasants have small poisons, and the same food can easily induce hemorrhoid bleeding.

  Fungus should not be eaten with wild ducks. Wild ducks are sweet and cold, and easy to digest.

31 Jan

9 Tips For End-of-Year Syndrome OUT

9 Tips For End-of-Year Syndrome OUT

The end of the year is the most difficult time for most OLs. Although the party activities are coming one after another, the pressure of work is also piled up in front of you. Want to quickly get rid of tiredness at Christmas and New Year’s parties?

These nine tricks will definitely help!

  How can the key moments of carnival make the dim crowd disappointed? Let ‘s do your homework one week before carnival night, and brighten up your skin with 9 tricks to save the scene quickly!

  1. Immediately after staying up late, greet the study with a live skin mask. It was found that when staying up late and the pressure increasing sharply, it will give a strong signal to sebaceous adenosine, a large amount of oil production will cause keratin accumulation.

After staying up late, cleanse with cleansing oil, oil soluble oil, and then quickly follow up with a peeling mask with exfoliating effect, the face is still fine.

  Recommended item: Luzhen New Spot Coffee Mask 108 yuan / 120g coffee extract with 1,000mg soft, cleansing mask that thoroughly removes dirt and excess keratin from the skin. Coffee extract brings skin elasticity and comfort.We can use.

  2. Clean up emotional melanin every 7 days. Many people think of whitening as seasonal homework, but the appearance of melanin may not be regular, especially when the pressure increases sharply at the end of the year.

At present, there is a new concept of balanced whitening, that is, to focus on whitening care every 7 days, and regularly remove the dark spots under emotional stress, and use the whitening ingredients to absorb energy.

  Recommended item: Yuxi Fu Yan Whitening and Firming Essence Milk 390 yuan / 30ml night essence to absorb the glory of “yin”: reverse the aging phenomenon.

Rare extract of Rhodiola rosea, a natural medicinal botanical ingredient, infused with Pro-Xylane, a pioneer anti-aging ingredient?

With the magical whitening ingredient kojic acid, it gives birth to the new life.

Skin is instantly clean and firm, fair and bright; night after night, spots and wrinkles are reduced, contours are bright, and youthful radiance blooms every day!

  3, try the foundation and then apply makeup before the milk this trick is particularly suitable for winter use.

Beijing style is big, and I will feel dry soon after applying loose powder or powder. Usually I will apply a thin layer of makeup before the foundation.

Because the top just has an oil control effect similar to loose powder, and keeps the skin moisturized.

Even in the afternoon, the skin still retains clear natural light.

If you are lazy, you can achieve a similar effect by blending the make-up milk and liquid foundation at a ratio of 1: 1.

  Recommended single product: Dior Charm Silky Liquid Foundation Charm Silky Liquid Foundation is a little thin and natural. After coating, it feels like nothing. It can quickly and effectively faint, not dry and greasy, and has good breathability.

It has a good covering effect, effectively controls the secretion of oil, and can keep moisture for a long time.

  4. Scan the highlight powder in the W area around the eyes. This is the simplest and most effective way.

Use the foundation to make a thin and complex complex skin tone, and then the contour of the lower eye socket to the temple is exactly a W-shape. Sweep it here with highlights to brighten your eyes quickly.

The entire spirit of Qi was quickly raised.

  Recommended single product: Sun and Moon crystal mining Yingcai high-gloss powder 180 yuan can create four-color shading high-gloss powder for three-dimensional face.

  5, the magical use of night cream blacks the next day to score the beauty leader Niu Er’s method is particularly different, for example, such as the beauty of the night before the skin cream, he will be used particularly thick.

Initially massage the face with night cream, and then take a layer after absorption.

Then apply a layer of lip balm to the entire face. Don’t be surprised, just use the wax on the lip balm to make an invisible sealing film to ensure that nutrients are absorbed completely.

This trick is especially suitable for skin that is extremely dehydrated, tired, and free of acne and small wounds for a long time.

  Recommended item: Biotherm Deep Sea Source Whitening and Repairing Cream 680 yuan / 50ml Renew skin: Bio-Peeling technology, gentle and effective, activate natural skin renewal mechanism, rough, dull, fine lines, pores, acneScars, five major skin problems are wiped away at once.

Soothing and relaxing: The biological soothing complex biological soothing factor contains natural precious ingredients, as if gently massage the skin, soothing the pressure accumulated during the day, so that the skin can also enjoy deep sleep.

  6, only take care of nutrition, cell hypoxia is particularly harsh before staying up late, I feel distressed and waited for the skin with a sky cream, as a result, people did not appreciate it, and refused to absorb it like plastic cloth!

Maybe you have experienced this too. This is the lack of oxygen in the cells, and even the absorption of energy is gone.

In this case, you must first replenish your skin, apply high-performance makeup lotion, and fill your cells with fullness.

  Recommended single product: Magnolia oil Magnolia oil rejuvenating gold pure active energy water 220 yuan / 150ml can not be missed beyond the work, Magnolia oil regenerating gold pure active energy water.

From then on, your lotion goes beyond simple hydration, reduces fine lines and activates skin firmness!

Beyond the formula, contains nearly 90% essence, a bottle of high-performance lotion containing nearly 90% of cell vitality essence, combined with high-concentration “light texture essence” amino acid peptide complex, “high moisturizer” hyaluronic acidAnd six popular skincare ingredients such as marine protein and green tea extract, which penetrate the skin quickly in liquid form.

Beyond its effectiveness, the multiple anti-aging essences at the cell-level firmness of the new deep-cell level restore hundreds of millions of epidermal cells to a plumper and youthful state, effectively diminishing fine lines and reappearing no trace of firmness.

Beyond the group, improve skin absorption.

Experiments have proved that the transcending water can improve the skin’s absorption of subsequent skin care products. When used in conjunction with OLAY’s new face cream, the firming effect is significantly improved.   7, the use of blush cream to replace the rouge powder in the first aid of tricks, quickly boost the complexion is indispensable.

At this time, it is recommended to choose a liquid blush to play a lot of tricks.

First blend a bit of liquid blush in the foundation and spread it under the cheekbones to reach the temples. Then take a few drops of liquid blush directly under the cheekbones to get a gradually ruddy complexion, super natural.

  Recommended item: Clinique solid rouge cream blush, Clinique cream blush, stylish and simple appearance, the internal cream looks good and easy to color, it can create the most perfect face in the most convenient form!

Just apply a small amount on the face, and then lightly smudge it with your hands to instantly show the most natural and perfect look.

  8. How to describe the lackluster skin with coral color isolation, just like the yellow and green dishes in general?

This complexion alone cannot be covered by foundation, and the isolation of purple and green is also limited, but the isolation of coral color can well shield the cyan and yellow, creating a matte feeling like if it penetrates through the skin, without reconciliation., Can be done in one swipe.

  Recommended item: Biotherm BIO Rouge Rejuvenating Night Cream 420 yuan / 30ml Biotherm professional word-of-mouth star product, has received countless praises since its birth, it is the consecutive winner of major beauty awards, and it is also the travel of many starsA must-have item, newly upgraded in 2009, bringing deep sea source whitening and repairing cream.

5 updated colors to meet the needs of different races, repair and polish, instantly brighten the complexion, long-lasting beautiful appearance, the skin finds its own perfect color.

Patented Mexoryl SX / XL, fully isolate UVA / UVB ultraviolet rays, prevent the generation of stains.

The star component Strechfiber stretch silk fiber has extremely soft and delicate orientation at the touch of a finger, and has a color reflection factor, the skin is significantly more shiny and translucent, bright and white.

(New) Coral Powder: Reconciles dull, dull skin, giving skin a translucent, translucent glow.

Soft light purple: Tones yellowish skin tone, removes “yellow air”, and makes the skin tone pale pink.

Clear and green: Tones reddish complexion, leaving skin clear, pure and naturally fair.

Standing white: Tones darker skin tones, making skin tones fair and more matte and matte.

Ivory white: Regulates uneven skin tone, conceals, touches up, protects, isolates in one step, effectively covers dark circles.

  9. In the morning, use the 28-pattern aerobic absorption method to keep the skin in the morning sun. A very simple method is to pour the toner on the palm after cleansing. The entire palm is repeatedly patted on the face, including the essence, lotion orCreams are absorbed this way.

This is also the method that Clarins especially recommends, like actively helping the lack of exercise to exercise.

It only takes 1 minute to slap each layer, which is almost 28 times.

The cells are stimulated in this way, as if they were stretched out and glowed with energy.

  Recommended item: La Mer Aquamarine Revitalizing Moisturizing Formula 650 yuan / 200ml LA MER Aquamarine Revealing Moisturizing Formula (moisturizing formula) uses the negatively charged water molecules in the magnetized water as the main component, which can neutralize the skin surface with positiveElectric free radical substances (the main cause of skin aging).

The Aqua Mystery Revitalizing Skin is also infused with collagen mineral water extracted from the high mountains of Utah, USA, to provide the skin with excellent moisturizing and calming effects.

Aqua Mystery Revitalizing Toner (Hydrating Formula) is specially added with gorgonian ingredient, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, sudden acne on the face, acne, etc. Use this refreshing toner with paper film for facial treatment., Acne and other phenomena can be greatly improved and restored.

30 Jan

Three Steps to Telling Toddlers

Three Steps to Telling Toddlers

Recognized: Language is an important sign of early childhood intellectual development.

Children have been sensitive to adults since they were young, and they like to watch and listen.

This is why the teacher in the class often uses stories to attract children.

So, how can storytelling be loved by children?

in practice.

There are three steps to telling stories to young children.

  First, children who read books are still weak in their language comprehension. Their thinking is intuitive and action-oriented, and they have specific images.

When telling a story to a child, the teacher should first consider reading and telling, and it is best to tell the children in groups. Children should be surrounded by the teacher. The children can listen to and watch the pictures. They can get emotional satisfaction from the adults,The child observes and imitates the adult speech up close and understands the story.

You can also make small stories into one or several large books, which the whole class of children will appreciate together.

In addition, there are puppet shows, adult shows and table teaching aids are also a good way to tell stories to children, which can be interspersed.

  Second, repeating that children like to hear stories that have been “rotten”, because when children are familiar with these stories, they can get the satisfaction of understanding and feel very kind.

Therefore, the second step for the teacher to tell the story to the child is to repeat it.

Before speaking, the teacher should pay attention to the child’s preferences. The short content can be repeated to the child’s preferences at intervals. The short content can be repeated to the children at intervals.

Gradually make them learn to repeat one or two sentences, some fragments in each iteration.

Teachers should pay attention to telling children stories at least twenty minutes a day. This kind of linguistic stimulus is very important for mobilizing the internal motivation of children’s language and developing their language.

  Third, tell yourself (see) that the teacher prepares sufficient books suitable for the child’s age characteristics for the children, and also makes some simple books for children.

After the teacher tells the children stories, and some children have the requirement to read books, they can encourage the children to go to the book corner to see for themselves. When observing the children’s books, we find that the children are very excited about the familiar content, or talk to themselvesOr show it to children and companions. This is the bud of children’s interest in reading. Teachers should give care and training to it.

Teachers should pay more attention to the poor persistence when reading books.

When organizing children to read books, pay attention to more copies, one manual, and shorter time to prevent children from sitting still and damaging the books.

  Listening to stories is a major characteristic of young children. Only when teachers understand the characteristics of young children can they tell stories well, help young children understand the content, and promote their development.

I believe that everyone will get a certain degree of inspiration after reading it. Compared with the storytelling for children, we can grind our deficiencies.

I would also like to add here that an excellent kindergarten teacher once said to me, “If you want to fully attract the attention of young children when telling stories to young children, you must speak like” neuropathy “, with an expression of expression, and soundTo suppress frustration.

“In fact, this is not an exaggeration. The so-called children’s world is such a fantastic idea. A good teacher must do this.

29 Jan

Black skin care habits help you develop good skin_1

Black skin care habits help you develop good skin

Everyone likes fair and translucent skin, but with the increase of age, UV exposure and darkening, annoying dullness, uneven ethnicity, or varying degrees of melanin deposition on both sides.

Don’t be a faceless, yellow-faced woman who feels resentful, and that person would like it?

Therefore, women’s skin care is imminent. In fact, skin care is not difficult. It is easy to develop good skin care habits to develop good skin. How many diabetes skin care habits do you have?


The best temperature for washing your face is 38 ℃ -40 ℃. The compactness brought about by washing your face with lukewarm water and cold water lasts for at least 30 minutes, and the face will be flushed after the sudden cooling stimulus. In the long term, it will cause microvascular expansion and thickening.

Therefore, you need to wash your face with lukewarm water at 38 ° C-40 ° C.


A cotton pad that is saturated with water is hard and hard to stop using it to slap the skin. A cotton pad that absorbs water will become thin and hard. Use it to pat your face, just like tapping a thin bamboo sheet on your jacket.

It is especially irritating to the cheekbones, because the bones are under the skin, and the microvasculature is re-expanded for a long time.

To use the lotion correctly, you can choose a wet compress or lightly block with a cotton pad.


Do not let the spots appear, rely on whitening and maintenance to prevent the skin is always good, everyone can not hide such things.

For prevention, daily use of whitening and maintenance can indeed delay the formation of new spots.

Remember, it is really about the “concentration of ingredients”. Japanese products usually advertise a certain concentration of “medicine”. If they are European and American products, it does not prevent them from reading the product labels or asking counter service personnel.


Regular exercise at least 2 times a week, from inside Huanhuan “I usually work too tired, I just want to spend my holidays lazily.

“With this in mind, those muscle soreness, calf edema, and poor sleep quality will only get worse.

Exercise can improve blood circulation, relieve the above symptoms, make the skin glow, and also help to secrete endorphins, which makes the mood cheerful.

The simplest exercise is walking. People who don’t have any exercise habits usually start from 30 minutes of walking twice a week.


Makeup remover does not rub on the skin for too long. For 40 seconds, no matter which formulation is used, in order to emulsify, the makeup remover contains a surfactant, which is like a star-absorbent method, which dissolves the key keratinocyte lipids that maintain skin hydration.

40 seconds is enough to bring out the dirty makeup and rub it for too long, like washing your face directly with detergent, the skin can be imagined to be dry.


Push your fingertips gently, pulling the skin without over-massage. The fibrous mesh composed of collagen and elastin is imagined as an elastic band built into the skin. The tension caused by excessive massage will accelerate the relaxation of the elastic band.

However, it is not necessary to completely abandon massage. Moderate massage can activate the transfer of nutrients from blood vessels to the skin.

During the massage, the magnetic field must be applied with a layer of oil essence or cream, and the middle finger + ring finger can be used to gently slide the fingertips.


Help the skin to function normally. Anti-ageing in its early twenties. It is not too early to worry that anti-aging products are too moisturizing in the early twenties to nourish the skin’s appetite. In fact, worrying about it, anti-aging products can help the skin restore normal functions.

For oily skin, choosing a lighter serum will not cause skin burden.


Sleep cannot be advanced or healed. If you sleep enough for 6 hours a day without eating, there will be no obstacles. The nutrients in the body can be stored, but if you don’t sleep overnight, you will definitely be tired the next day.of.

After we sleep for 3 hours, the body secretes growth hormones, and the body and skin regenerate in a day, which takes about 6 hours.

It is recommended to go to bed before 12:30.

28 Jan

Test your best partner

Test your best partner

When you find out the reasons for your unwelcome, you have to change them one by one, so do n’t think too much, do n’t be busy introspecting yourself, or patiently complete the comprehensive identification test of this happy girl and then prescribe the right medicine!


Do you think you are better than a good friend?

  Yes → 2 → No → 3 → Q2.

Do friends have fun things to share with you?

  No → 4 → Yes → 5 → Q3.

As long as a good friend speaks, you will accept even the most difficult things?

  No → 5 → Yes → 6 → Q4.

Don’t like interacting with strong and competitive people?

  Yes → 9 → No → 7 → Q5.

Even if I meet with my good friends every day, I will go to QQ to chat with my friends after I go home?

  Yes → 9 → No → 8 → Q6.

Like to go to school with good friends?

  No → 5 → Yes → 9 → Q7.

Like to mingle with same-sex friends during breaks?

  No → 8 → Yes → 10 → Q8.

Do you miss your friends all day long during the summer or winter vacation?

  Yes → 11 → No → 10 → Q9.

It seems like there are endless conversations with friends?

  Yes → 12 → No → 8 → Q10.

Will she criticize her partner in front of a good friend?

  Yes → 1 → No → 1 → Q11.

Do you feel guilty after a little friction with friends?

  No → 10 → Yes → 14 → Q12.

Are your hobbies or interests similar to good friends?

  No → 11 → Yes → 15 → Q14.

Your friends will be generous in sharing newly purchased discs or books with you?

  Yes → 17 → No → 19 → Q15.

As long as it is a good friend, you will also feel good?

  Yes → 19 → No → 14 → Q16.

Do you feel uncomfortable when you know the news of a good friend’s love?

  Yes → 21 → No → 20 → Q17.

Do you admire the advantages or strengths of your friends? Can you say that you admire yourself?

  Yes → 16 → No → 18 → Q18.

For your friends, aren’t you afraid of being attacked by everyone?

  No → 23 → Yes → 22 → Q19.

When shopping, do you like to hold your good friend’s hand or carry the other’s shoulder?

  No → 17 → Yes → 18 → Q20.Do you often show off newly bought stationery or clothes in front of friends?

  No → 23 Yes → 21 Q21.

Do you think that even some of your best friends can’t tell him / her?

  Yes → 23 → No → 18 → Q22.

Are you and your good friend both the ones who keep their promises?

  No → 24 → Yes → 27 → Q23.

Do you think it is better not to tell a good friend, so you will lie to him / her in good faith?

  No → 25 → Yes → 26 → Q24.

Do you have a title at school?

  No → 23 → Yes → 26 → Q25.

When your friend gets good grades or is praised by the teacher, are you really happy for him / her?

  Yes → 29 → No → 26 → Q26.

Can you deal with different types of people flexibly?

  Yes → 29 → No → 28 → Q27.

When you were at school, were you and your good friend an independent gang?

  Yes → 28 → No → 26 → Q28.

Would you like to tell a good friend some secrets that only you know?

  Yes → 33 → No → 30 → Q29.

Is your friend willing to review your homework with you?

  Yes → 31 → No → 30 → Q30.

You are willing to partner with a bulb when dating a friend!

  No → 31 → Yes → 33 → Q31.

If a friend gives you a gift or helps you, you will surely find a way to thank each other?

  All Yes → A Type No → B Type Q32.

Are there any secret or special terms between you and your good friend that others don’t understand?

  Yes → Type C → 31 Q33.

Even if you do n’t talk to a good friend, you know what they mean?

  Yes → D type No → 32 Test result: Type A, suitable for your partner is a caring and good person. You are a smart and emotional person, confident in yourself, methodical, and like to interact with people who are mature and independent.

There is no better match with you than your intimate and independent friends. Everyone has something to discuss, overcome difficulties together, can grow up together, broaden their insights, and even meet very good friends of the opposite sex through each other’s introduction!

  Type B, suitable for you is a curious little warrior. Regardless of your temperament, in the process of interpersonal communication, you like to be friends with people with completely different personalities, hobbies, and family backgrounds. The only thing you are the same is that there is a curiosity.Mind, maybe you do n’t know yourself. In the subconscious you are a person with a sense of competition. You have to prove your strength by dealing with various types of people.

  Type C, your partner is a super naughty bag. You are a simple person. It is enough to have laughter all day long. Your goal in life is to be happy and comfortable. You are not suitable for interacting with excellent people.Too deep-hearted, you are not their opponent, so only people with a lively personality and a little playfulness are best suited to be your partner. It can be seen that friends who are purely playful are your best choice.

  D-type, suitable for your partner is a personality match. You do not use specific standards to go to the person next to you. It is suitable to be your friend, because you are easy-going, do not criticize or even look at others, you are very simple, soPeople with similar personalities or hobbies are best for you!

No matter where you are, you are welcomed by the audience. As long as you are more generous, maybe you can make more friends!