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Selecting the Star View: The wisdom of Nan Huai, I will tell you!


“Selecting the Star View”: The wisdom of Nan Huai, I will tell you!

Mr. Nan Huaiqi (1918-2012) is a modern and well-known cultural writer at home and abroad, especially Chinese readers, and an active communicator of Chinese traditional culture.

He has experienced strange life in his life, and he is willing to do extraordinary. He has a history of sub-history, deep learning, and the essence of Confucianism and Taoism in traditional Chinese culture. He also has a hundred books, poetry and music, astronomical calendar, medical health, etc.Deep understanding.

1, the highest realm of life, the highest realm of life is: Buddha for the heart, Tao for the bone, Confucianism for the table, a big look at the world; skills in hand, can be in the body, thinking in the brain, calmly living.

Three thousand years of reading history, but not only fame and fortune; 90,000 miles of enlightenment, and ultimately to the poetry and wine garden.

2, Confucianism is a grain store, Taoism is a pharmacy, and Buddhism is a Chinese cultural history of department stores. Before the Qin and Han Dynasties, Confucianism, Mohism and Taoism shrouded all cultural thoughts.

After the Tang and Song Dynasties, they changed one and became the Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

These three have shrouded Chinese cultural thoughts until the early days of the founding of the Republic of China.

The May Fourth Movement occurred. At that time, I wanted to “fall down the Kongjiadian”. In the mainstream of Chinese culture, there was a burst of shackles that changed for a few decades.

Buddhism is like a department store. You can go shopping, go shopping, or shop. You don’t want to go shopping, but society needs it. Taoism is like a pharmacy. It includes the military, the thoughts of the family, and even the astronomy.Geography, medicine, a country, a nation’s illness, not to go to this pharmacy; Confucian Confucius and Mencius thought is a grain store, which is to be eaten every day. To understand the evolution of Chinese cultural history, how to do it in the future, we must study four books.

3, Chinese characters are the soul of Chinese culture. Our ancestors knew that the language changed in thirty-one years, so we separated the language and the text and turned the language into an independent text. Therefore, China’s five thousand years of culture, preserved with ancient Chinese, for two years, as long asLearn Chinese characters, up and down five thousand years, 100,000 miles, understand.

Chinese square characters, about 50,000 in the Kangxi dictionary, a Chinese, if you recognize 2,500, oh!

This learning is very big!

Professor Guo Wen also did not recognize 1500.

4, promotion and wealth is not necessarily a good thing as a Chinese, I often ask, what are you making for money?

In the concept of Chinese culture, any one who has made a fortune should pay attention to one thing: a family of people who have enough food and clothing, and a half-world name.

You have made a fortune, many ordinary people will resent, eyes look at it, how can you send it?

Reading out to be an official, making an official for decades, also created too many evils.

My old grandmother would not let me go to be an official. The first generation will be the official nine-generation cow (the nine generations will be born as cattle).

5. I still have a proposition for reading more history. I hope that everyone will study economic and political issues for the future of the nation, and read more history.

Looking at today’s Yijian ancient, no ancient is not a reality.

When we were young, reading history was the most important lesson.

To understand the trends of the present era, we must understand our ancient history.

Observing the failure of the success of a personal career, to take the ancient mirror, how failed in every era of ancient times?

How successful?

Nothing is gone now.

6, what is the Chinese Taoist reign, such as Mencius, the gentleman is poor, but the best.

Tell us an intellectual. If you are unlucky, you can manage yourself. Don’t worry about the outside world. As for what you can do in your profession, career and learning are completely separate.

Learning is not knowledge, and being a person is a matter of learning.

If there is a chance to ask you to do something, it is not for the individual, but for the entire national society.

This is the education of Mencius. 7 The flaw is that normal Buddhism calls the world “the world of aunts”, translated as “Korean”, saying that our world is a flawed world.

The Book of Changes also says that the world is flawed. If you have money, you will not be taught. If you have a scholar, you will have no money. If you give your children a full house, you will not give it a different look, so there will always be defects that are not satisfactory.

8, there is loneliness, there is a realm, a person must first develop to enjoy loneliness, then you are almost, you can understand life, only to experience a higher level of life.

9, Yi, Lao, Zhuang, Buddha, are all medical doctors “Zhuangzi” is a doctor’s heart, regardless of Western medicine Chinese medicine, are only medical body.

What is the heart?

The heart of thought and emotion is very difficult to heal.

. Lao Zhuang’s content is medicine.

All thoughts, diseases, political diseases, economic diseases, and various diseases are very much mentioned in “Zhuangzi”. I only see how everyone studies.

The Dharma of Sakyamuni Buddha, Lao Zhuang and Yi Jing are all medicines for treating the heart and also the method of treating the heart.Generally, doctors can cure the disease of the body, but they cannot cure the heart.

10, knowing the birth and death is the realization of life is like this, there is a spring every year, there is also a winter every year, this is the phenomenon of birth and death; thoughts, cells and even all matter is also alive and extinct, always this.

I found the root of life that can be destroyed. It is called a Buddha, and it is called Bodhi.

. Why is it easy for Buddhism to be absorbed in China?

Because the ancestors of Chinese culture, the Yijing, also said this truth.

11, life is the practice of practice is not only in the mountains, not only in the temple, but also in society.

To live in practice and practice in life.

12, the text to carry the road, the Taoist people in China, the ancients do not easily write articles.

Many articles, dramas, and news today are written on the bad side of society and have a bad influence on children. This kind of writing has a stronger impact on society than killing people.

In fact, people who write may not have the heart to teach people to learn badly, but also write positive, but the recipients do not look positive.

The ancients knew this kind of psychology very well, and the following pens were very rigorous.

13, whenever the times are hopeless, Taoism always comes out to bring things out of chaos. Anything is different for any thing, and the views are different.

The angles of your own stations are different, and the impressions you see are different.

When we look at the history of China, the heydays of Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Kaiji are all used by San Xuan.

Moreover, in the history and culture of China, there is a difficult rule. When the times are chaotic to the extreme, and when there is no cure, the characters who come out to “get rid of the righteousness” are Taoist figures.

However, they have their usual style – “work, name, retreat, and the way of heaven.”

Help people to fight the world, succeed, and then drift away.

For example, Yi Yin at the time of Shang Tang, Fu said that Jiang Taigong at the time of the founding of the Zhou Dynasty, Fan Wei during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Zhang Liang, Chen Ping at the founding of the Han Dynasty, and Zhuge Liang at the time of the Three Kingdoms were all Taoist figures.

Jiang Taigong and Fan Wei have completely achieved the “Heavenly Way” of “gongcheng, famous, and retired”. Zhang Liang is a little bit worse. In the end, he must retreat. The ability is not big.

There is also Zhuge Liang, his position is completely Confucian.

14, heroes and sages of other heroes can conquer the world, can not conquer themselves; sages do not want to conquer the world, and conquered themselves.

Heroes give their troubles to others to pick them up, and the saints themselves pick up the troubles of the world.

This is the traditional spirit of our Chinese culture. I hope that everyone can fulfill the responsibilities of the sages and become a great politician.

15, the ancient classics have to start from the beginning of the year when I read the four books and five classics, are all to be back.

The children are going to school, and they are happy. While you sing in your mouth, you push me. I push you.

Reading like this, I will remember that I will never forget it in my life.

When I think of it, I meditate in my heart, and the reason is pondered again.

. I am often asked if I can have such a good study. I really tell people that this is the effect of me reading these ancient books before I was thirteen years old.

16. Everything is reasonable. Everything between the avenue and the Jane universe must have its own merits. If there is such a thing, it must have its principle. It is only that our wisdom is insufficient, the experience is insufficient, and the principle of it cannot be found.Only.

The simplicity of the Book of Changes is also the highest principle. No matter how wonderful the universe is, when our wisdom is enough, after understanding it, it becomes ordinary, the most ordinary and very simple.

17, if you have suffered hard, you can enjoy the blessing. In fact, good things and pain are two sides. One is the back of the hand and the other is the palm of your hand.

If you say that good things can really be thrown away, the pain can be thrown away, so pain is also a good test.

If a person encounters troubles, pains, and difficulties in adversity, it is impossible to say that he can lose good things when he encounters good things.

18, the Buddha only said two words – why the impermanence of Buddhism is impermanent?

Because things in the world are not eternal.

Human desires, forever eternal greed, and want to remain forever, it is never possible, it is stupid, it is made by people who see clearly.

Therefore, the Buddha tells you that the accumulation must be dissipated, the sublimity must be degraded, and the union must be separated from the end. that is the inevitable truth, and this is the principle.

19. The basic model of Chinese civilization Our past cultural history has always spent more than two thousand years under the model of 鈥渋mperial use of Huang Lao and external Confucianism鈥?in the imperial autocracy.

It also allowed Confucius and Mencius’s Taoist spirit to adhere to the imperial government under the grass, and it lasted for more than two thousand years.

20, the sense of urgency is a tradition of Chinese culture. Our traditional Chinese culture, most afraid of a lifetime of happiness, too smooth, too safe.There is no sense of urgency, like poisoning a poison, killing himself.

21, do people well, do things right, that is, learning is not literature, the article is good for this person’s literature; knowledge is profound, this person’s knowledge is profound; as for learning, even if you don’t know a word, you may also have knowledge.- Be a good person, do things right, absolutely good, absolutely right, this is learning.

22, can talented people be a career what is a business?

Confucius’s “Book of Changes” is called: the people of the world who are taking measures, that is, the cause.

A person, for a lifetime, doing one thing, contributing to the public, is a contribution to the nation and the whole society, and this is a career.

23, the gentleman does not blame everyone in the sky can really learn to learn for learning, do not blame the sky, not particularly people, they ask themselves, why can’t I stand up?

Why didn’t I achieve this goal?

It is a question of self-study, cultivation, and practice.

I am painful to reflect on myself, and I don’t have the thought of blaming others in my heart.

Take the current concept that this kind of psychology is an absolutely healthy psychology, so that is a gentleman.

24, to read history, but also to read the history of the novel to read the positive history is not enough, but also to read the novel.

The so-called history, often the name of the person, the place name, the time is true, the content is not reliable; and the novel, the name, the place, the time are fake, but the story is often true.

25, doing good is a bodhisattva. I often say that after the Chinese Song and Ming dynasty, the philosophers are behaving in a proper manner, and they are the Buddhist sects; the Lao Zhuang Taoist is the Zen of Buddhism, explaining the liberation.

With these examples, where do you say Bodhisattva is?

Not necessarily in the temple, not necessarily in religion, many people in the society are Bodhisattva.

But people who wear religious cloaks, people who often hear Dharma, can’t do it.

Many people in the society who do not believe in religion, I saw awe-inspiring, they are really Bodhisattvas.

26, learning Buddha is a big husband. The ancients said: “Learning Buddha is a great husband, non-emperors will do what they can.

“Because of his realm, style, and mind are different.

Where does this different realm come from?

It comes from the reality, it is produced by the Tao, and it comes naturally.

Therefore, the people who truly understand the Tao, the development of wisdom is endless, the name of Buddhism is called no teacher, also called natural wisdom.

Your own intelligent warehouse is open, not taught by the teacher, but your own inherent wisdom has broken out, and the world is omniscient.

This is the realm of the realm.

27, do everything there is a realm of one person to practice, or to read, one step at a time in different realms.

Like a person who studies art, today has a new inspiration, or draw a picture, especially a kind of experience, that is, it has its realm.

A cement worker, suddenly a brick down today, with a touch of cement, especially flat, my heart is very comfortable, it is good to build this way, this is the realm of his time as a cement worker.

Therefore, the realm contains all realms, and the monks have the achievements of the division. The realm is different. There are two points of difference, and there are two differences.

In addition, people have cultivated a certain realm, and the realm of life is cheerful to a certain extent.

28, all methods of cultivation, are just three words, regardless of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and all other religions, all human cultivation methods are these three words – good care.

Take care of your heart and mind, and take care of your own thoughts.

29, people have three basic mistakes. Can not commit crimes. There are three basic mistakes that can’t be committed: one is to be thin and the other is to be respected, the other is to be small and to seek big, and the third is to be small and to be heavy.

30, the birth is not important, the degree is important to grow up in the hardships of success, often due to psychological shadows, can lead to abnormal deviation.

This kind of deviation is that there is always a hostility to the society for people, and they do not believe in any one person, and they are more sympathetic to any one person.

The love of money is like a fatal phenomenon, or a secondary phenomenon in psychopathy.

On the contrary, there are people who have a good knowledge. Although he grows up from hardships, he is more compassionate and generous.

Because he knows life, knows the hardships of the world.

銆€31, to do it yourself is enough “lifelong ignorance, I do not know the honor and disgrace in the other, in me too”, this is the philosophy of life.

Why do people want to talk to you outside, do you think you are good?

It doesn’t matter to me outside. On my own, I think it’s good, I laugh and laugh, cry when I cry, and have nothing to do with others.32, only indifferent to quiet and quiet Zhuge Liang’s famous saying “indifferent Mingzhi, quiet and far away.”

Only when you are willing to be indifferent, but will be indifferent, and even enjoy the indifferent, so that Confucius said “unjust, rich and expensive, like me,” can achieve a peaceful realm.

33, people do not deceive themselves, the world is invincible, no one, only three things in life, they died: self-deception, deception, being deceived.

that is it.

The world is smart and similar. No one can deceive anyone. Others look at you. If you look at other people, it is very obvious. In particular, you can’t pretend to be fake. If you look at it, you will see your heart, lungs and lungs.

People, because they have “self-deception,” will “deceive people.” In the end, of course, they must be “being bullied.”

People don’t lie, who can lie to you?

In essence, people must love themselves to love others, and in the end they can naturally be loved.

It can also be said that people must be self-respecting in order to respect people, so that people can respect you.

34, good mood is the best theory of health and wellness theory, “angry hurts the liver, fears hurt the kidneys, good music, sadness, suffering from lung injury.

That is, people who are prone to anger, who are prone to temper or have bad temper are the phenomenon of liver stagnation.

It is easy to be afraid, timid and afraid of things, it is the unevenness of the kidneys.

Excessive hobbies, especially as a diet, excessive men and women, causing problems in the heart.

Sentimentality, or family problems, other accidents, and many other problems, will start from the unevenness of the lungs and affect the health of the internal organs.

35, the ancient sages are lonely in ancient and modern China and foreign countries, many people who are considered by the later generations to be great, can affect the ages of the world, at that time, most of them are so desolate and lonely.

Because they did not know the short-sighted profit-making before they were alive, they were personally and personally responsible for their national personalities.

銆€36. In any era, there are many people who are surpassed by reality. Many people are lamenting this society. This era is too realistic.

In fact, in any era, any region, people living in the world, they must survive; gradual, slowly, unconsciously will realize the reality.

Only a few people can surpass reality, work hard for lofty ideals, give up on themselves and think for the world, regardless of the reality of their short-lived life, and look for the future.

Therefore, it is also subject to a reverence of people, calling him a “sage.”

37, stubborn, can’t do big things. We study the character of some successful and failed characters in history and find interesting comparisons.

Some people’s personality, like to accept others’ better opinions.

However, Liu Bang is one of the few people who can change immediately and immediately withdraw their opinions and switch to other people’s better opinions.

And Xiang Yu will never change his mind, and he will never accept the opinions of others.

38, success or failure, just natural, to the life of the “Book of Changes” to see life, every move, there are relative, positive and negative, staggered, smug is frustrated, some people have proved that there is opposition.

Personnel physics must be like this, and it is inseparable from the great principle of the universe.

39, less blowing cowhide, more practical things in ancient and modern China and foreign countries, human psychology is the same, mostly love bragging, rarely seen in facts; ideals are very high, it is difficult to make it in action.

Therefore, Confucius said that the true gentleman should talk less and do more things.

40. If you have an attitude first, then you have to learn to learn. You need two things. One is to learn, the other is to ask.

Ask more people to ask, learn from others, accept the experience of predecessors, and learn from their own experience, it is learning.

The knowledge of Confucius mentioned here is not knowledge, or doing things for people. It is necessary to take life to experience and to study anywhere, anytime.

Literature, science, and philosophy are knowledge.

To do it, “read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, pay thousands of friends.

41, good teacher is a big problem Mencius has a very good saying: “People are good at being a teacher.”

“Everyone has the psychology of arrogance and triumph, wants to be better than others, wants to teach others, and wants to guide others. This is a human problem.”

42, the highest wisdom of the people, “I Ching” tells us two key points, science is good, philosophy is good, people are good, do anything to pay attention to two things, that is, “time” and “bit”, time andspace.

Very good things, great talents, if not at the right time, everything is useless.

There is also a “bit”, such as something is very expensive, but it is useless on a certain occasion; if a vase of jade is placed in the toilet, this position is not right.

Everything in life is best to get it right.

Time is luck.There is luck, no place.

It is equal to the people to eat, please come to you on the invitation, you ran the wrong place, the room did not have your seat, still can not eat.

The highest wisdom of man is to do it to himself, to man, to things, to know that the opportunity is here, to seize the opportunity, and to do it.

43, the leaders of all religions are Orientals. I often tell Westerners, you talk about religion, and where is your religion in the world?

The five leaders are all Orientals!

Confucius, Lao Tzu, Sakyamuni Buddha, Orientals; Jesus, Muhammad, is a Middle Eastern and an East, not a Westerner.

You in the West are desperately opposed to the East. In fact, most of your cultural thoughts are given by the Orientals.

44, the most important thing to pay attention to is the aging of the soles of the feet. The death begins with the soles of the feet. Previously, “the cold was born from the soles of the feet”. In the winter, the soles of the feet are still hot, and they will live longer.

Therefore, I often ask you to add clothes, especially women, pants should be thicker.

When we were young, we saw the grandmother, and the two trouser legs were tied up, so the gynecology was less ill.

Now wearing a pair of briefs and wearing a skirt, to be beautiful, not afraid of freezing, so gynecological diseases are particularly high.

The cold is born from the soles of the feet, and the essence is also born from the soles of the feet. The legs and the two feet are very important.

45, the two forgotten is the true paradise is good, and some people are not dying to hell.

The world of bliss is enviable, and the heart longs for it, but some people are willing to bathe in the boundless sea forever, and enjoy the pain.

Taking one with the house, it has already run counter to one another.

It is better to forget each other, not obsessed with true and false, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, and become a wonderful and free.

46. The true meaning of Chinese traditional education The purpose of Chinese education for thousands of years is not to make a living, to teach us to be a person, and to learn other skills.

And education begins with prenatal education, tutoring is the most important, and then it is to learn from Mr. teacher.

Personality education, learning and cultivation is a lifelong connection.

Therefore, in addition to political power and wealth power, the society must also be independent and independent, and the character of the individuality is cultivated as the mainstay of society.

47. It is not unusual to be a true person. It should be high, but some people are begging for a high, or to flaunt their own high, so they have to sacrifice.

That’s not necessary, it’s not ordinary, it’s not ordinary, it’s not the spirit of true conservation.

48, the key to opening the door of Chinese culture, the property of Chinese culture is too big, the ancient text does not understand, the traditional Chinese characters do not know equal to the lost key, the door of this treasury can not be opened.

49. The highest self-cultivation of Chinese culture in Chinese culture One of the principles of the highest self-cultivation in life is: Lotte knows.

Lotte is to know the laws of the universe and to conform to nature. To know life is to know the truth of life, the true meaning of life, and even the value of one’s own life.

50, fate can change life can not change, the method is very simple, one German, two life, three Feng Shui, four accumulation of yin, five reading.

People will win the day, and fate depends on their own.

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How to do a digestive ulcer?


How to do a digestive ulcer?

Peptic ulcer is a chronic ulcer that occurs in the mucosa of the stomach and duodenum. Its formation is related to infection, pepsin, environment, stomach acid, heredity, constitution, diet, living habits, neuropsychiatric and other factors.

Severe cases can lead to bleeding, perforation, pyloric obstruction and cancer.

Mastering the disease’s diet plays an important role in the treatment of peptic ulcers and the prevention of recurrent ulcers.

So what is good for peptic ulcer?

The following article has recommended several suitable medicated diets for everyone, so try it out.

娑堝寲鎬ф簝鐤$殑鍥涚鑽喅鎺ㄨ崘鑽喅1锛氫箤璐濇暎[鍘熸枡] 涔岃醇楠?0鍏嬶紝娴欒礉姣?0鍏?
[鍋氭硶] 灏嗕簩鑽爺鎴愮粏鏈紝娣峰寑鍗冲彲鏈嶇敤銆俒鍚冩硶] 姣忔棩2娆★紝姣忔6鍏嬶紝娓╁紑姘撮€佹湇锛孾鍔熸晥] 闄嶄綆鑳冮吀娴撳害鍜屼繚鎶よ儍鐔熻啘銆侷ndications of peptic ulcer gastric acid.

Medicinal Diet 2: Yinlian previous rice porridge[raw material]20 grams of white fungus, 10 grams of lotus seeds, 5 red dates, has been 100 grams of rice.

[practice]1 soak the white fungus with water soaked, cut; lotus seeds (to the heart), red dates (nuclear), glutinous rice washed; 2 put all the raw materials together, add the right amount of water, simmer into porridge, seasoning can be eaten銆俒Eat]Take breakfast early and late.


鑽喅3锛氱櫧鑺ㄧ播[鍘熸枡] 鐧借姩绮?0鍏?绮崇背100鍏嬶紝澶ф灒5鏋氾紝铚傝湝25鍏嬶紝鐧界硸灏戦噺銆俒鍋氭硶] 灏嗙朝绫炽€佸ぇ鏋?鍘绘牳)娲楀噣锛屽悓铚傝湝涓€璧蜂笅閾讹紝鍔犻€傞噺娓呮按锛岀叜鑷崇播灏嗙啛;鈶″皢鐧藉強绮夊姞鍏ョ播涓紝娣峰寑锛屾枃鐏◢鐓墖鍒伙紝寰呯播The soup is sticky and ready to eat.

[鍚冩硶] 姣忔棩2娆★紝閫傞噺娓╂湇锛?0鏃ヤ负1涓枟绋嬨€俒鍔熸晥] 姝㈣锛屼績婧冪枴鎰堝悎銆傝嵂鑶?锛氬弬榛勭孩鏋g渤绫崇播[鍘熸枡] 鍏氬弬20鍏嬶紝榛勮姫10鍏嬶紝绾㈡灒10鏋氾紝绮崇背100鍏嬨€俒鍋氭硶] 鈶犲皢鍏氬弬銆侀粍鑺?鐢ㄧ罕甯冨寘濂?銆佺孩鏋?鍘绘牳)銆佺渤绫虫礂鍑€锛屼互鍐锋按娉¢€?鈶℃妸鍏ㄩ儴鐢ㄦ枡涓€榻愭斁鍏ラ攨鍐咃紝鍔犳竻姘撮€傞噺锛屾枃鐏叜鎴愮播锛孌iscard the sassafras and season it.

[鍚冩硶] 姣忔棩1鈥?娆★紝娓╃儹鏈嶇敤銆俒鍔熸晥] 澧炲姞绮樿啘鍓嶅垪鑵虹礌鐨勫惈閲忋€侷ndications for peptic ulcer.

The above medicated diet does not hinder the trial, and there is no side effect anyway.

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How to lose weight in Chinese medicine recommended 5 homemade slimming tea


How to lose weight in Chinese medicine recommended 5 homemade slimming tea

For lazy people, exercise is a weight-loss exercise that has always been difficult to stick to, and traditional Chinese medicine slimming tea has become their best choice. The following people share homemade Chinese medicine slimming tea, which is most suitable for lazy people to lose weight quickly and effectively.

銆€銆€Kelp 鏋告潪 slimming tea material: 20 kelp knots, 3 plums, 20 glutinous rice.

銆€銆€Method: 1. Pour all the ingredients into 400 ml of water, boil for 10 minutes, then pour out 2, filter out the broth, and then directly, of course, you can also use the raw materials directly.

銆€銆€Effect: Kelp helps to lower cholesterol and eliminates mild effects.

In particular, it can help prevent thyroid disease.

It has a good effect on beautifying the body and allowing the body to be perfectly shaped.

銆€銆€Chrysanthemum 鏋告潪 slimming tea material: June snow, ebony, 3 grams each, 5 grams of chrysanthemum, 鏋告潪 10 tablets Method: first add 500 ml of water to the pot, then pour all the ingredients into it, cook for 20 minutes and then filter outThe soup comes out, the effect: this slimming tea, which contains the effect of quenching thirst, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, especially the chrysanthemum can also be eye-catching.

At the same time, the effect of reducing fat and detoxifying is also very significant.

銆€銆€Orange peel lotus leaf hawthorn slimming tea material: 10 grams of orange peel, lotus leaf 15 grams, fried hawthorn, raw malt each 3 grams.

銆€銆€Method: 1. After squeezing all the materials, cook with 500 ml of water, 2, remember to cook 20 minutes of porridge with simmer, and finally pour out, filter out the juice to replace.

銆€銆€Effect: Hawthorn itself is a sweet and sour ingredient that can appetize and promote digestion, plus the lotus leaf can detoxify and lower the fat, and the orange peel can also clear away heat and detoxification, and this slimming tea has a good effect on the strong spleen.
銆€銆€Cellulite and oil-discharging tea: Polygonum multiflorum, Hawthorn, red coix seed, 10 grams each.

銆€銆€Practice: brew the medicine in 500 ml of hot water.

銆€銆€Role: cellulite, oil.

銆€銆€Note: Because of the effect of Shouwu has the effect of scraping the stomach and draining oil, people with stomach ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux should pay special attention. Do not take too much.

In addition, this tea drink is expected to be excreted smoothly, and if it is severe diarrhea, it stops.

銆€銆€Weight loss fitness tea medicinal materials: 20 grams of honeysuckle, 20 grams of chrysanthemum, 50 grams of hawthorn, honey content.

銆€銆€Practice: Add honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, hawthorn to the pot, add 2000 ml of water for 30 minutes, then filter the juice.

Add boiled water once, then filter the juice, heat the filtered juice on the fire, heat it to a slight boiling and let it cool. Add honey to replace it.

銆€銆€Role: to remove fat, laxative, blood pressure, weight loss.

03 Dec

Winter food supplement is most beneficial to gain weight and gain weight


Winter food supplement is most beneficial to gain weight and gain weight

Because the winter climate is very cold, most people’s activity is significantly reduced, the body’s calorie consumption is also small, it is easy to cause excess nutrients and increase body fat; winter sweating is reduced, and digestive juice is increased, sustainable function is the mostGood state, better appetite, digestion and absorption ability is also the strongest season in the whole year, because winter is most beneficial to thin people to gain weight!

銆€銆€The “fat and sweetness” in the diet is also easy to change the adult body; the cold stimulation in winter will also reflexively cause the increase of the human aunt’s aunt, because the aunt is the body’s resistance to the cold.

All these internal and external environmental factors have created favorable conditions for the thin people to gain weight and gain weight in winter.

銆€銆€If the thin person can participate in bodybuilding activities in the winter, it is easy to receive the fattening effect by paying attention to diet conditioning.

The main methods for dieting in the winter are as follows: 1.

Increase the absorption of heat This is the material basis for thin people to gain weight and gain weight.

Because the cold and stimulation in winter can increase the secretion of thyroxine, adrenaline, norepinephrine, etc., the reaction of body type is more intense.

The result of increased secretion of these hormones will promote and accelerate the decomposition of thermal energy to meet the transformation needs of the body to protect against cold.

The body weight loss is reduced in the body, and the heat energy required for this heat production process is mostly replaced by food.

Therefore, lean people must absorb more heat than ordinary people, in order to have excess heat energy into body fat.


Appropriately increase the amount of nutrients that can enhance the ability to protect against cold and disease. Because the body weight loss ability is better than that of fat people, if you do not pay attention to increase the substitution of certain nutrients, the body is in cold attack, and the disease is stalked passively.In the situation, even if the nutrients are fully absorbed, the effect of gaining weight and gaining weight will not be obtained.

The nutrients that can enhance the cold and disease resistance in daily life are as follows: 1 The heat nutrient is especially suitable for protein replacement, such as lean meat, eggs, fish, milk and soy products, which is easy to replace digestion and absorption.It may also require essential amino acids, especially methionine, to have a penetrating effect on enhancing the body’s ability to withstand cold.

Because methionine can provide a variety of methyl groups necessary for cold resistance through methyl transfer, such as an increase in trace metabolism under low temperature conditions, fatty acids and phospholipids require a methyl group in the oxidative release energy.

In addition, the supplement of high-quality protein will certainly improve the body’s disease resistance.

銆€銆€2 increase the intake of inorganic salts.

Some minerals are substances that are not metabolizable by the body. For example, calcium can directly affect the body’s myocardium, blood vessels and muscles’ elasticity and excitability, while the robes affect the body’s cold tolerance.

Sodium, potassium, iron, etc., winter body weight loss is also easy to lack.

Because the amount of urine in the human body increases in winter, and these inorganic salts also increase with the urine, which also reduces the ability of people to keep cold.

According to the study, women are therefore more afraid of cold than men because they lose too much iron during the menstrual period; when sodium is transferred out of the cell, sodium needs ATP decomposition, which is also the process of heat production.It will reduce the body’s heat production and reduce the body’s ability to keep out the cold.

Therefore, body weight loss should pay more attention to calcium, iron, sodium and other mineral foods, such as shrimp, shrimp skin, animal internal organs, bone soup.

銆€銆€3 Vitamin C can improve the body’s ability to adapt to low temperature, especially the acute low temperature exposure tolerance; according to research, the human body vitamin B1, B2 and niacin storage is also reduced in the cold, therefore, to improve the bodyThe cold tolerance of the lean person must also increase the intake of vitamin supplement foods, such as animal offal, fish, milk, egg yolk, fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

銆€銆€In addition, the supply of winter vegetable varieties in the conventional northern regions is often insufficient, and vitamin supplements can be supplemented to supplement the deficiency of vitamins in the body.

Also pay attention to the mix of acid and alkali food.

銆€銆€All in all, the thin man scientifically arranges the diet in the winter, which can not only gain weight and gain weight, but also enhance the ability of cold resistance and disease resistance.

02 Dec

Have a cold in the fall?


Mostly it hurts the lungs!

These 8 lung injury hazards can hide and hide.

Have a cold in the fall?
Mostly it hurts the lungs!
These 8 lung injury hazards can hide and hide.

The lung is the most delicate organ of the human body. It is easily damaged by internal and external factors; it is the first line of defense that the human body is most vulnerable to, but it has protective coverage for other organs.

In the autumn season, there are more haze and the lungs are particularly vulnerable.

Lung injury, people are vulnerable to the lungs of many middle-aged and old friends, regardless of men, women and children, should raise lungs.

1, a woman who hurts the lungs, a person who is old and has a bad lung is not radiant in the skin, but also particularly loves allergies.

Because the lung has a function, it is to declare the qi, the effect is equivalent to a layer of “protective cover” of our body.

The lungs are qi, the skin and skin are protected by the qi, and then suffering from cold, heat, and pollen stimulation, it is prone to allergies.

2, men hurt the lungs, susceptible to cancer men often have the habit of smoking, which is very harmful to the lungs.

A large number of studies have shown that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer. Compared with non-smokers, smokers are 4-10 times more likely to develop lung cancer, and heavy smokers can reach 10-25 times.

3, the elderly are injured in the lungs, the disease is riddled with high incidence of respiratory diseases in winter, too much old and slow, and the condition of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is repeated.

Old people often feel short and weak, but this is one of the symptoms of decreased respiratory muscle strength and even impaired lung function.

“Main Breathing” is the most important job of the lungs. It communicates with the nose and mouth, and the gas can enter the lungs directly.

Lung gas injury, cough, asthma and other respiratory symptoms, resulting in bronchitis, pneumonia, lung cancer and other diseases.

4, children hurt the lungs, cough is not stop in autumn and winter, children are particularly susceptible to cold and cough, because the lungs are not good, and autumn is the best time to raise the lungs, then not to raise the lungs, it is equivalent to buried a health hazard, childrenIf you don’t agree, you will cough.

The lungs are 8 afraid, avoiding the need for 1, after the fall of the autumn, the climate gradually turns to dry, easy to consume the body fluid, so the common dry nose and nose in the fall, dry cough without sputum, dry skin and other symptoms.

2, fear that the cold lung is located in the chest, the meridian is connected with the throat and nose.

Cold evil is most likely to cause lungs through the nose and mouth, so that the lungs can not diverge, and the body fluids condense, thereby inducing respiratory diseases such as colds.

3, fear of hot lungs are prone to cough, asthma (tracheitis, pneumonia) and other symptoms, if the lungs and stomach heat may also lead to facial acne, rosacea and so on.

4. I am afraid that sadness and sorrow are different, but they are all repeated emotions.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “Sorrow is anger”.

Explain excessive sorrow or sorrow, the most vulnerable to lung damage.

5, fear of fog and lungs as “clean and dirty”, but fog, long-term smoking, second-hand smoke, indoor pollution from time to time hurts it, causing stagnation in the alveoli, blocking the airway, clear gas can not be inhaled, turbidCan not be discharged, the upper and lower air is not circulating, the blood can not be circulated normally.

6, fear of bowel movements, Chinese medicine believes that the lungs and the large intestine meridians are connected, the smooth stool is conducive to the lungs down.

7, afraid of taking the wrong medicine is an important factor in the lung injury, such as penicillin can cause low fever, headache, cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and more symptoms, most of which can only disappear after stopping the drug.

8, fear of diseases such as colds, bronchitis, high blood pressure, emphysema and even lung cancer, these diseases can accelerate lung function damage to varying degrees.

In the autumn, the lungs are well-bred, and the winter disease avoids the principle of “autumn and winter yin” proposed in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”. In autumn, you should pay attention to protecting the yin and moistening the dryness, and raise the lungs first.

1 Chang Xiao – Xuanfei Chinese medicine has a “normal smile Xuanfei” said.

Laughter can make the lungs expand. While people are laughing, they will unconsciously take deep breaths, clean the respiratory tract, and make the breathing smooth.

2 regular massage – protect the lungs according to Yingxiang points, the outer side of the thumb of both hands along the bridge of the nose, massage the sides of the nose up and down 60 times, and then massage the Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose 20 times, each morning and evening to do 1-2 groups.

3 often active cough – net lung industrial pollution and car exhaust gas damage to the lungs, therefore, should pay attention to open windows ventilation in the autumn, choose the air freshening every morning and evening to actively cough, remove lung lesions.

4 often take the initiative to drink water – benefit the lungs and drink plenty of water to benefit the lungs, the autumn climate is dry, so that the body loses a lot of water.

To replenish these losses in a timely manner, drink at least 500ml more than the other seasons.

5 frequent deep breathing – moderate lung deep breathing helps clear the lungs.

Abdominal breathing: Extend the vein and expand, then use the abdomen to drive the breath, which can increase lung capacity.

Respiratory lip breathing: Take a quick breath and exhale as slowly as you whistle. The purpose is to let the air stay in the lungs and allow the lungs to exchange enough gas.6 regular exercise – Jianfei more chest exercise, outdoor aerobics: running, climbing, swimming and so on.

7 regular porridge – Yangfei Chinese medicine believes that the white fungus can nourish Yin and lung; Lily can clear the heart, lungs, Ningshen; yam has Jianpi stomach, Yifei kidney, you can drink some Tremella lily porridge, yam porridge and so on.

8 regular diet – Runfei Sydney, white fungus, honey, lily, white radish, etc. have the effect of moistening the lungs.

01 Dec

Women need to pay attention to six major problems in spring health


Women need to pay attention to six major problems in spring health

There is a saying in the joint problem that the spring breeze blows the bones, so don’t use the temperature for the wind in the spring, because it will affect our health.

Skin problems in the spring due to the wind, so the skin is prone to dry and peeling problems, so be sure to choose a skin care product to protect your skin.

The problem of body shape is warm in the spring, people are easy to be sleepy and lazy, so don’t forget what you should do, it is very important to keep fit.

When you are in a mood, you smile at the flowers, the flowers smile at you, and maintain a good mood, so that you can feel that everything is handy and live.

Psychological problems tend to be irritating in the spring, don’t affect your physical health because of your mood. If you live a good day, you will be happy every day.

Eating and drinking problems in the spring when the absorption of strong digestion, less greasy food, eat more vegetables, can maintain the body, and is conducive to good health.

It is best to eat a few red dates every day, which can supplement blood, and can also promote blood circulation, which is conducive to human health.

30 Nov

Fast-moving exercise for the busy people


Fast-moving exercise for the busy people

Want to lose weight, but too much work makes you have no time to exercise?

Don’t have time to control your diet?

Just do the fitness exercise as follows, as fast and thin!

銆€銆€What busy people do sports really busy to have no time to exercise?

Be careful to keep your muscles down, causing the basal metabolic rate to drop. It’s easy to make you fatter at once. In fact, taking 30 minutes of noon break time, you can do more exercise. Here are some tips and time exercises for making good use of time.The prescription should be introduced to the six curves of the muscles under the exclusive curve sculpture movement of the busy people. When and wherever you can do it, you can take a break at noon, or sit in the gap, go to the pantry orEmpty meeting rooms can do it!

It is not necessary to finish 6 movements once. If you don’t have time, you can take it apart and do some exercises. You need dumbbells. If you are in trouble, you can use 2 bottles filled with water.

銆€銆€The following set of prescriptions is done twice a week, each action is done 8-15 times for 1 group, and each time you start doing 1 group each time.

If you practice for a long time, you find that after finishing this prescription, you don’t sweat, and your muscles don’t feel tired or sour. You can increase the number of exercise groups, do 2-3 groups each time, and do 3 times a week.

銆€銆€In 6-8 weeks, you can feel the muscles getting tight and licking the exercise area – leg 1-1.

Stand with your feet and shoulder width, place your center of gravity slightly behind your heel, straighten your back, narrow your abdomen, straighten your arms forward, parallel to the ground.


It will be like sitting on a chair, sitting back towards the end, still straight ahead.

Repeat 8-15 times.


Congress lifted the exercise site – elbow 2-1.

Stand with your feet wide and shoulder width, hold the dumbbells with both hands, and hang down beside the hips. The elbows are slightly bent and the palms are facing each other.

Close the lower abdomen, blood pressure slightly bent.


Raise your arms to the sides parallel to the ground and then slowly lower them.

Repeat 8-15 times 3 times.

Volley to the body part of the exercise – chest + head + arm 3-1.

The feet are in a high kneeling position and the upper body leans forward.

The arms are slightly wider than the shoulders and are supported on the ground.

Face down.


Bend your elbows and press the entire body down so that the upper arm is parallel to the ground.

Repeat 8-15 times 4 hip push up exercise part – waist abdomen + hip 4-1.

Place the pillow on the floor with the head, head and upper back resting on it.

The toes are bent and the entire sole is placed on the ground.


Use the power of the waist, abdomen and chest to push the body up.

Remember to clamp the chest.

Repeat 8-15 times 5 times.

Sit-ups exercise part – waist and abdomen 5-1.

Lying flat, feet wide open shoulder width, aligned, and the soles of the feet flat on the ground.

Lift your hands, bend your elbows, and place them on the back side of your head.


Exhale, leave your head, neck, and shoulders off the ground, pause for a moment, then inhale and slowly let yourself lie back to the ground.Repeat 8-15 times 6 times.

Front end screen exercise site – lower back 6-1.

The sorghum is on the ground, the upper body leans forward, the arms open slightly wider than the shoulders, and are supported on the ground, facing down.

Suck your stomach inward.


Straighten your right hand forward and straighten your left foot backwards, all parallel to the ground.

After 5 seconds of silence, go back to the original position.

Repeat 8-15 times each time

29 Nov

The symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis have some common manifestations


The symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis have some common manifestations

If you have an ankylosing spondylitis disease, the patient’s condition will continue to be severe, often involving the patient’s body joints, thus affecting the patient’s normal life and activities, leading to the patient’s loss of self-care ability, the mostA good way is to find early, early treatment, then the patient will have obvious symptoms in the early stage after suffering from ankylosing spondylitis!

What are the symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis?

Symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis 1. Symptoms of active period Symptoms of this period tend to be more obvious, lumbar joint pain, spinal pain, obvious symptoms when going upstairs or long-term fatigue, patients sometimes can not stand because of painCome.

Some patients may develop acute spasms at this time, and they are bedridden due to pain.

2, the symptoms of the quiescent period of the patient’s paraspinal fissure next to the sacral spine knot, stiffness, displacement, hip mobility.

The patient is basically because the joints of the whole body are sore, can not be placed on the ground and bedridden, and sometimes bring the harm of disability. For the treatment of this period, it is mainly to relieve the joint pain of the patients.

3, the development of symptoms of the development of ankylosing spondylitis, the development of severe sciatica, and alternating left and right pain, gradually spread to the patient’s lumbar vertebrae, stiff, sporadic oppression, and increased erythrocyte sedimentationthe trend of.

4, the symptoms of the extremities Ankylosing spondylitis caused by joint pain often manifested in the large joints of the extremities, joint swelling and pain, long-term formation of joint deformity fractures, and will extend upward to the and the fracture, eventually leading to spinal deformity andThe phenomenon of scoliosis.

Tips: Ankylosing spondylitis requires a shortened period of treatment, but as long as patients can adhere to treatment, these symptoms will be relieved and gradually eliminated, so patients do not have to give birth too much.

I wish you all a speedy recovery!

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Ankylosing spondylitis has some kind of harm prevention methods

28 Nov

Commonly used massage massage health care methods


Commonly used massage massage health care methods


According to the law, the thumb or the palm root and the like are gradually pressed down at a certain part or acupuncture point, and then left, and can not be dull. This is an induced method, which is applicable to all parts of the whole body.

Clinically, according to the law, it is divided into the law, the palm according to the law, the elbow flexion according to the law, and so on.

銆€銆€Refers to the law.

The contact surface is small, the intensity of stimulation is easy to control and regulate, and it can open occlusion, dispel cold and relieve pain, and can be health care beauty (beauty food), which is one of the most commonly used health care (health food) massage techniques.

As usual, the acupuncture points on the face and eyes can be used for both beauty and vision protection.

銆€銆€Palm according to the law.

Contact surface contact, the stimulation is also moderate, and it is suitable for treating areas with a slight displacement of the area, such as lumbar vertebrae, abdomen and so on.

銆€銆€Flex the elbow according to the law.

The part of the olecranon that protrudes when the elbow is bent is inserted into the body surface. This method of pressure (pressure food) is large and strong, so it is only suitable for thick parts of muscles, such as the waist and legs.

銆€銆€When working according to the law, the force should be close to the body surface, not movable, the force should be light and heavy, and the violence can not be stopped.

According to the law and the method of sputum, combined with the method of squatting, the compounding method of 鈥減ressing 鎻夆€?is formed, that is, when the pressure is increased to a certain depth, the small swaying is performed slowly, so that the tactics are soft and soft, both powerful and soft.


Mofa is attached to the surface of the acupuncture with a palm or a finger, and the wrist is connected to the forearm to make a clockwise or counterclockwise circular rhythmic movement.

The law is divided into the law of the law.

The palm of the law, the palm of the law and so on.

銆€銆€Refers to the law.
Use the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger to attach to a certain part, centered on the wrist joint, and palm, referring to the rhythmic ring motion (sports food).


Attached to a certain part with the palm surface, centered on the wrist joint, plus the palm, refers to the rhythmic ring motion.

銆€銆€Palm refers to the law.

Use the palm roots, small fish and other forces to move on the body. When the motor is moving, the fingers are slightly tilted. The fingers and the palm joints are slightly flexed, and the wrists are swung left and right. The operation can be alternated with both hands.

銆€銆€In the use of the law, the elbow joint is naturally flexed, the wrist is relaxed, the palm is naturally straightened, and the movement is moderated and coordinated.

The frequency is about 12
0 times per minute.

This method stimulates gentle easing, and is a commonly used technique for chest and abdomen and flank.

If you often use Mofa to rub the ribs and ribs, set up a popular air machine, tandem wide chest and qi, spleen and stomach, increase appetite.


Push method.

The four fingers are close together and cling to the skin, pushing the muscles up or to the sides.

The push method can be divided into a flat push method, a direct push method, a spin push method, a combined push method, and the like.

It is only explained by the flat push method.

The flat push method is divided into the flat push method, the palm flat push method and the elbow flat push method: (1) refers to the flat push method.

Use the thumb to face the force, and the remaining four fingers to separate the force, according to the meridian or the parallel direction of the muscle fibers.

This method is commonly used for the shoulders, chest and abdomen, waist and hips and limbs.

銆€銆€(2) Palm leveling.

With the palm of your hand lying on the skin, with the palm of your hand as the focus, advance in a certain direction, or you can push the palms of both hands to advance in a certain direction.

This method is often used in areas where the area is fractured.

銆€銆€Elbow push method.After bending the elbow, use the olecranon to push forward in a certain direction.

This method is powerful and can only be applied to the developed parts of the muscles, such as the buttocks and the back of the spine.

銆€銆€When using the method of pushing, the fingers, elbows should be close to the body surface, the force should be steady, and the speed should be slow and even.

In essence, the technique can be used in various parts of the human body, which can enhance the excitability of the muscles, promote blood circulation, and have the effect of relaxing the muscles.


Take the method and pick it up.

This method uses the thumb and food, and the middle finger is placed on the affected part or acupuncture point to make a symmetrical force.

When using the method, the wrist should be relaxed and flexible, with a finger on the face.

The movement should be moderate and coherent, not intermittent, the force should be light to heavy, and then from heavy to light, not suddenly force.

This method is also one of the commonly used health care techniques. It has the functions of hurricane and cold, Shujintongluo, opening and relieving pain, etc. It is suitable for neck, shoulder, limbs and other acupuncture points, and is often used as the end method of massage.


The method of sucking on the acupuncture points with the ribbed surface or the palm surface of the finger is used for a gentle and gentle rotation.

The law of defamation is further divided into: the method of squatting, the method of squatting, the method of squatting, and so on.

1 refers to the law.

Use your thumb or middle finger or index finger, middle finger, ring finger or fingertip to gently press on some acupuncture points or parts for gentle and small amplitude rotation.

2 fish intercourse.

The large part of the palm of the hand is adsorbed on a certain part or acupuncture point for a gentle circular motion.

3 palms of law.

With the palm of the hand, the wrist is relaxed, and the wrist and the forearm are used for a small amount of gyration.

The sputum method is one of the common methods of health massage. It has the functions of wide chest, qi, stagnation, blood circulation, swelling and pain relief. It is suitable for all parts of the body.Good health care.


The large fish in the palm of the hand is attached to a certain part of the palm root or the small fish, and directly rubs back and forth to make a certain extent.

This method of strengthening Qi and nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation and collaterals, removing wind and dehumidification, warming and dispelling cold, has a good health care effect.


The point method uses the front end of the thumb, or the middle finger, the index finger, the middle section of the thumb, clicks on a certain part or acupuncture point, and has the functions of opening and closing, activating blood circulation and relieving pain, adjusting the function of the viscera, and the like, and is often used for treating complications such as abdominal pain, waist and leg pain.

The hitting method uses the back of the fist, the root of the palm, and the small side of the palm.

Fingertips or mulberry sticks can be divided into rugby methods, small fish strikes, fingertips, and sticks.

The method of striking has the effect of relaxing the muscles and collaterals, reconciling the qi and blood. When using it, the force should be fast and short, and the body surface should be beaten vertically. When the body surface is beaten, there must be no dragging action, and the speed should be uniform and rhythmic.

The baseball method is often used for the waist; the palm stroke method is often used for the top of the head, waist and hips and limbs; the side impact method is often used for the back and limbs; the fingertip method is often used for the head, chest and abdomen; the bar striking method is often used for the top of the head and the back.And limbs.

銆€銆€9.The squat method uses a palm of your hand or the palm side to hold a certain part, and makes a quick squat relative to the force, while simultaneously moving up and down.

This method has the functions of reconciling qi and blood, relieving meridians and meridians, relaxing muscles, etc., and is applicable to limbs and flank.

When using this method, the two hands should be symmetrical, the movement should be fast, and the movement should be slow.


The thumb and forefinger ribbed face of one hand, pinching the finger of the other hand, and twitching with symmetry.

This method has the functions of ribbing and collaterals, smooth joints, and is suitable for fingers, back of hands and toes.

When using, the action should be flexible, fast, and hard to stay stagnate.


You can use your thumb or forefinger nails to repeatedly press on a certain acupuncture point.

Often used in conjunction with the law, such as the monk, you must first squat.
This law has the function of dredging meridians, calming, soothe the nerves, and reclamation.
The shaking method refers to holding the upper limb or the lower limb of the patient with both hands, and using the micro force to make continuous small-scale continuous vibration of the upper and lower sides, so that the joint has a loose feeling, and the upper limb shaking method and the lower limb shaking method can be divided.

This method has the function of loose veins and smooth joints, and is often used in combination with the sputum method. As a method of ending, the patient has a feeling of relaxation.

When you practice repeatedly and master the above techniques, you should also understand the main contents of self-massage care.

Usually divided into the following actions, it is best to use them sequentially.

銆€銆€(a) Net mouth.

After the lips are lightly closed, use the tongue to forcefully roll between the lips, turn right, and turn left 30 times each.

銆€銆€(b) Dental caries.

When the lips are lightly closed, the upper and lower teeth are slammed 35 times to the left (c).

Use two palms to forcefully move, slow and fast, about 30 times?
It’s hot.

銆€銆€(d) Mo face.

Wipe your face with a hot palm, your fingers are slightly bent, and the five fingers are close together. The two hands are lightly covered, and the face is squatting down, and the face is washed 30 times.

銆€銆€(e) 鎻?the sun.

Use the two fingertips, press the temples at both ends to rotate, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, each 7?
8 times.

銆€銆€(f) Point to the eye.

Use the index finger of both hands to point the two eyes to the point, for a total of about 20 times.

銆€銆€(g) Blinking.

Use two hands to eat, medium, and three-finger knuckles. Rotate along the two eye frames, first from the inside to the outside, then from the outside to the inside, each 7?
8 times.

銆€銆€(h) Press the sun.

Use the index finger ends of both hands to press on the bilateral temples, 15 times in the forward and counterclockwise directions.

銆€銆€(i) combing hair.

Ten fingers slightly curved, with the fingertips touching the scalp, from the front of the forehead to the pillow, “comb”, about 25 times.

銆€銆€(j) Ming Tiangu.

First press the two ear holes with both palms, and the occipital bones 15 times when the middle finger of the two hands is lightly hit.

Then the palm of the hand concealed the ear hole, the occipital bone does not move when the finger is pressed tightly, and then suddenly lifts off, and then opens and closes for 15 times; the last two middle fingers or forefinger are inserted into the ear hole for 3 times, and then suddenly open.

So a total of 3?
5 times.

銆€銆€(k) 鎻?chest.

Press the palms of both palms on the top of the two breasts, rotate them in a swaying, shun, counterclockwise direction for 10 times.

銆€銆€(l) Grasping the shoulder muscles.

With the right thumb and the food, the middle finger is used to pinch the left shoulder muscle, and then the left thumb, food, middle finger and the right shoulder muscle are squeezed together, so the left and right hands cross, each pinch 10?
15 times.

銆€銆€(m) Rub the Dantian.

Use your right index finger, middle finger and ring finger to rub the small abdomen, centered on the Dantian point, generally 30?
50 times.

銆€銆€(n) Waist.

First, rub the two hands together, press the waist tightly, and push down to the tail. Pull the left and right hands up and down simultaneously, for a total of 30 times.

銆€銆€(o) Point loop jump.
First press the left hip ring at both ends of the left thumb to jump, then use the right hand to press the right hip ring to jump, crossover, 10 times on each side.

銆€銆€(p) Rub the thighs.

Hold the thighs tightly with both hands, rub them tightly under the force, then rub back the thighs and rub them back and forth 20 times.

銆€銆€(q) 鎻?calf.
Use both palms to tighten the calf calf, rotate and move, and shake each side 20?
30 times.

銆€銆€(r) Wipe the spring.

First heat the hands together, then use the middle finger of the right hand to rub the left foot, centering on the Yongquan point, generally 30?
50 times, to rub until the left foot is hot; then use the middle three fingers in the left hand to rub the right foot.

銆€銆€The above massage actions have various health effects, such as dental caries can promote blood circulation around the teeth, help to strengthen the teeth, prevent certain dental diseases; transfer tongue, have the effect of massaging the oral mucosa and gums, and can stimulateSaliva secretion to help digestion; rubbing face, can promote facial blood circulation, help to maintain the skin’s elasticity and tension; 鍛滃ぉ榧? help prevent dizziness, Xiangqiang embolism; abdominal abdomen, can improve abdominal bloodCirculation, promote peristalsis of the intestines, promote digestion (digestive food) function; wipe the springs, which helps to improve walking by improving local circulation, and also helps prevent insomnia, palpitations and other symptoms.

It can be seen that daily practice of the above-mentioned actions is of certain value for health care and prevention of disease.

In addition, Li Yezhen also has a certain reference value in his book 鈥淪elf-healing Massage鈥? which is described in the book 鈥淪elf-healing Acupoint Massage鈥? The following is an excerpt:

Deep breathing exercise more than 10 times, so that the whole body is smooth; 2.

鎻?Double eyes each 20 times; 3.

The double-eye satellites are 10 times each;

鎻?Press Yintang 20 times; 5.

鎻?Press the double sun for 15 times; 6.

The forehead is pushed 20 times; 7.

Push double incense each 20 times; 8.

Push the double listening palace each time 20 times;

Push up the double-sided Bly each 20 times; 10.

鎻?Baihui, 20 hands each time; 11

Press 鎻?double wind pool 20 times each; 12.

Rub the vertebrae left and right hands 15 times each; 13.

Press 鎻?double lung Yu each 20 times; 14.

Press 鎻?double spleen each 30 times;

Hey, rub the double Shenshu each 40 times;

Rub the waist around 30 times each time; 17.

In the middle of the hand, the left and right hands are 20 times; 18.

Mo Zhong 鑴?left and right hands 40 times each; 19.

The suffocating sea has 30 hands each; 20.

Rub the chest about 20 times each; 21.

Wipe the double chapter door 30 times each time;

Rub the lower abdomen 30 times each; 23.

Hey, take the shoulders 20 times each; 24.

Take your shoulders.

27 Nov

Can you eat gallbladder polyps?


Dietary principles of gallbladder polyps

Can you eat gallbladder polyps?
Dietary principles of gallbladder polyps

Can you eat gallbladder polyps?

Gallbladder polyps are caused by chronic inflammation. In addition to early surgery, you should pay attention to regular diet in the diet on weekdays. Do not eat greasy and high cholesterol foods.

Let’s take a look at what can’t be eaten with gallbladder polyps?

And what are the dietary principles.

Can you eat gallbladder polyps?

1, avoid alcohol.

Alcohol is mainly decomposed and detoxified in the body by the liver. Therefore, alcohol can directly damage liver function, cause liver and gallbladder dysfunction, and cause bile secretion and metastasis, thereby stimulating gallbladder to form new polyps and or increase the original polyps., increase the carcinogenesis coefficient of gallbladder polyps.

2, eat high feces, high cholesterol foods, such as egg yolk, caviar, animal liver, brain, intestines and so on.

Increased cholesterol in bile, easy to form cholesterol stones.

Vegetable oil can reduce cholesterol and initiate the conversion of free radicals into bile acids to prevent the formation of gallstones. Therefore, vegetable oil should be the main.

Deep-fried, fried foods are best not to eat, so as not to induce biliary colic.

Try to cook light, less oil, avoid frying, and frying.

3, reduce the high cellulose content, less slag diet, reduce the stimulation of digestion.

Dietary principles of gallbladder polyps 1, pay attention to ensure vitamin supply.

B vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and niacin, as well as vitamin C, play an important role in improving symptoms.

In addition to foods that choose these vitamins, you can also take a multivitamin preparation.

2, pay attention to the method of eating, enhance the color, aroma, taste, shape of food to promote appetite.

Avoid sulfuric acid, fried and other strong irritating foods, and limit foods with high nitrogen-containing extracts such as broth and chicken soup to reduce the cholesterol burden.

3, pay attention to ensure adequate speed supply, generally 8400 per day?
10500 kJ (2000?
2500 kcal) is more suitable.

High-metastatic therapy for hepatitis in the past is not advisable, because high-grade changes can improve clinical symptoms, but eventually lead to fatty liver, which in turn leads to worsening of the disease, which is more harmful than good.

4, glucose, generally can account for 60% of total heat?

The high-sugar diet used in the past should also be corrected, because high-sugar diets, especially excessive glucose, fructose, and sucrose can affect the appetite of patients, increase the injection of inflation gas, increase the accident in the body, and cause obesity and mild liver disease.

The glucose supply should mainly pass through the staple food.

All in all, after the experts talked about some of the knowledge about the daily diet of patients with gallbladder polyps, in daily life we should pay attention to the balance of nutrition of patients, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and do not eat some sorghum things, diet shouldTry to stay light.

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